20 Websites With Free Game Assets for Unity

20 Websites With Free Game Assets for Unity

Unity is one of the leading game engines, providing developers with an immersive gaming experience. However, creating high-quality games requires accessing a diverse collection of assets.

20 Websites With Free Game Assets for Unity

Sketchfab is an online 3D model repository, which enables users to upload and share models. With thousands of high-quality models both free and paid available for sale, Sketchfab provides users with access to an immense selection of high-quality models.

1. Unity Asset Store

Developers find the Unity Asset Store an invaluable source of resources, with 3D models, audio packages, game templates, editor tools, visual effects and shaders (such as those made by van Immerzeel) all available at their fingertips.

asset store unity

As you search the Asset Store, keep these three factors in mind when searching for assets: purpose, quality, and licensing terms. While most items on sale in the Asset Store are licensed for commercial use only; those marked as such on their product pages may feature a bold warning to alert users.

Additionally, it’s wise to consider the resolution of assets you seek when searching the Asset Store. Low-resolution assets such as 2D sprites can easily fit on mobile devices without using too much memory. Finally, be sure to visit the Sales & Promotions section where discounts may be found on certain products – this can save a significant amount in long run. These deals can especially come in handy for projects on tight budget.

2. PNG Tree

PNG Tree

Stick PNG is one of the best websites to visit if you’re searching for various logo PNG files, offering numerous images to choose from and being user friendly. However, take note that its pages display advertisements.

The site offers a large variety of high-quality images and graphics with clear licensing terms that make it a valuable resource for designers and bloggers.

PNG files differ from JPEGs by being lossless and supporting transparency, making them ideal for creating game assets that can be utilized across platforms. Furthermore, PNG supports various color depths.

Pixels in PNG images consist of one or four numbers representing either palette indices or sample data, encoded within the PLTE chunk and any of its allowable bit depths.

VectorSquid also boasts an expansive library of free vectors and PNG images. Their website features an organized interface where content is divided into relevant categories; unfortunately they require you to wait a countdown timer before downloading images.

3. TurboSquid


TurboSquid is a 3D model marketplace offering millions of models. From characters, weapons and vehicles to textures that allow users to personalize their games – TurboSquid provides all sorts of models!

TurboSquid is an invaluable source for video game props and characters, offering high-quality models available for free download on its site. Furthermore, its search function and extensive database make this an invaluable tool.

TurboSquid stands out from its peers as one of the largest online communities for 3D models with over one million active users and provides access to tutorials and how-tos on this subject matter.

Turbosquid’s current business strategy of creating a 3D market monopoly by acting as middlemen between content developers and customers and reaping maximum profit is alarming, yet understandable. One such example would be their recent changes in publishing rules which require artists to sign a special artist agreement stating they will only sell Ford-related 3D models through their platform is further evidence of this threat to competition in this space.

4. Freesound.org


Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed audio samples and non-profit organisation. With its vast library of sound effects that you can use without cost (provided the license allows it), keeping track of attribution requirements can be an onerous task, so Freesound’s automated list generating capability makes things much simpler. Furthermore, its RESTful API enables third party applications to search its database and retrieve sound metadata files and audio samples themselves for audio visual projects.

This website boasts an incredible library of high-quality music and game sound effects for your games. There’s everything from action, fantasy, sci-fi, chiptune, urban puzzle sounds and nature sound effects available for download and attribution – there’s even 8-bit video game explosion SFX that would fit right in with retro titles! Check out their blog for further details regarding usage terms.

5. Vecteezy


Vecteezy is an emerging independent creative marketplace. Offering millions of free and affordable photos, vector graphics and 4K video files from designers, photographers, videographers from around the globe – its community includes everyone from designers to videographers!

Vecteezy provides the essential 2D game assets needed to create any arcade, strategy or RPG game imaginable – character sprites, kits, backgrounds tilesets icons as well as 2D user interface elements such as buttons and scroll bars are available here.

Vecteezy provides its free assets under a Creative Commons CC0 license, so they may be used commercially without incurring fees or providing credit. For enhanced benefits, an optional Pro subscription may also be purchased.

Vecteezy also offers helpful tutorials and a blog that covers the latest in design, technology and business. The voice is confident yet authentic, reflecting both customer passion and expertise. Vecteezy strives to assist designers on their creative journey with an on-going stream of fresh content via an easy platform with worry-free licensing agreements.



CGTrader is an online 3D model marketplace for computer graphics, virtual/augmented reality/gaming and gaming designed by professional designers. This platform brings designers together with customers in order to provide high-quality digital assets that reduce project development time while saving resources.

CGTrader provides designers with access to an expansive catalog and user-friendly platform, making it easier for them to quickly locate what they need. Furthermore, its stringent vetting of designers and artists, secure payment processing system, transparent rating/review system and legitimate marketplace status make CGTrader an attractive online marketplace option.

CGTrader also provides customization options and other services to meet the individual needs of its users, such as 3D models optimized for AR/VR experiences that allow customers to seamlessly incorporate digital assets into interactive experiences.

CGTrader also holds regular challenges and competitions to foster creativity and innovation among its designers, offering them a chance to show their work while gathering recognition and feedback from peers, all while giving them access to an easy platform from where they can easily sell their models.

7. Artstation


This website boasts an expansive library and offers high-quality art brushes, tutorials, 3D models, 2D graphics, pictures and comics for purchase.

Unity Game Engine also offers free game assets that can be used commercially. Simply download Unity, access their store, download an asset that meets your criteria, and save it into your project folder.

Although this site doesn’t offer many game assets, they do provide several useful ones that may make your life easier – for instance a tool to rig wheeled vehicles and another to create suspension for physics-based wheel colliders are just two such examples of useful assets available here.

Reddit is an invaluable source for community-curated resources in many areas, including game assets. One such collection can be found in the /r/GameAssets subreddit which boasts an expansive library of 2D and 3D game assets submitted by members under GNU or Creative Commons licenses – so before downloading any assets from these websites it is wise to read through and understand any applicable license details before doing so.

8. Craftpix


This site provides a diverse selection of 2D game assets, such as character sprites, icons, tile sets and user interface elements for free or purchase. Their library is updated frequently with new items; free assets can be used in any project that doesn’t require 3D models or animation. In addition, the website provides premium game assets for sale.

Reddit’s /r/GameAssets community provides another great resource for finding game art: free game assets available to indie developers and graphic artists to bring their game concepts to life. You’ll find everything from side scroller sprites, music tracks and backgrounds right through to top down RPG designs here!

Super Game Asset has quickly become a go-to site for indie game developers seeking high-quality game assets: offering both free and premium 2D graphics for games such as isometric RPG game maps, character animation sprites, and icons; its library is continually being added to and members can access them at their leisure.

Unity is one of the leading game engines used for developing games on various platforms. It boasts many high-quality resources that help developers get up and running quickly.

Some of these resources are free while others require credit to the artist. Be sure to read and understand any license agreements before downloading assets so they can be used in your project.

9. Defold Assets

Defold Assets

Defold is a free game engine from the creators of Candy Crush and Bubble Witch. Specifically optimized for 2D games and supporting multiple platforms (mobile, desktop and web), Defold utilizes LUA programming language with visual editor for game scenes programming. Defold allows developers to quickly test and iterate ideas as it helps build prototypes for structures, levels and game mechanics quickly and iteratively.

This library features 3D models, pathfinders, sprite sets, example projects and scripts as well as various techniques for moving and animating game objects. Furthermore, the library provides a simple text editor for creating game messages and instructions while enabling players to communicate directly with one another through its chat function.

The library features a plugin for the Defold editor that enables it to directly import map files, as well as modules that streamline input operations such as gesture detection, user configurable key bindings and input state handling. Furthermore, modules exist that support using named colors when defining pixels as well as tools that help create texture atlases for Defold.

10. OpenGameArt


An active community of users have contributed 2D game assets for Unity into this repository, featuring everything from icons and background environments to UI elements that you need for creating your own two-dimensional game. No matter if it is side-scrolling platformer or top-down RPG-related, there’s sure to be assets here that meet your needs!

OpenGameArt provides access to various 2D graphics sets free for use, such as character animation sprites and hand-painted game maps in isometric view. Furthermore, this site boasts other gaming assets, such as music and sound effects.

This website features a selection of free game graphics for Unity, mostly in pixel art style. These assets are licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0), making them suitable for personal and commercial projects alike. In addition, several plugins such as DOTween (a tweening library optimized for C# and nicely integrated into Unity) as well as shaders like toon shader and metaball-based renderer are provided – ideal for any personal or commercial endeavor!

11. ShareTextures


This site offers a selection of free game assets for Unity. Most are 3D assets, though there are some 2D textures and sprites as well. Part of Mixamo, there are even high-quality characters from Bad Piggies created specifically for this collection of game assets.

Kenney offers an excellent collection of free Unity game assets. This site contains 2D sprites, UI packs, and 3D models; though smaller than some others on this list. Still worth taking a look!

Noteworthy assets found on this site include a planet earth package, physics pack and free particle effects. Reiners Tilesets and Pixel Art Icons assets provide 2D textures; additionally there’s also a procedural cave generator, simple modular street kit and Sci Fi Officer Captain models available to add multiplayer gaming experience into your games easily with this networking solution. Photon Unity Networking can help bring multiplayer into any of your games quickly with its simple networking solution – perfect for adding multiplayer to games easily!

12. Bevouliin


This website boasts an expansive library of 2D game assets. These assets range from characters and backgrounds, marbles and illustrations to obstacles, ornaments and other things that can be used within games. What sets this platform apart is how well they separate free assets from paid ones – with free assets licensed under Creative Commons 0 license for both personal and commercial use.

The Unity Asset Store is an all-inclusive destination for Unity assets. Boasting an expansive database, they offer high-quality assets at competitive prices while providing customers with support services and hosting a community of game developers.

This website boasts an expansive library of 2D and 3D models for both commercial and non-commercial uses, along with tutorials to get started with Unity. You can search by category, pricing or publisher to filter by filter options that suit you best. There is even a wide variety of game genres to browse! Furthermore, its search filters enable users to easily locate what they’re searching for quickly.

13. Game developer studio

game developer studio

Video game development takes time and iterations before its ready for release, including testing different gameplay mechanics and visual styles to make sure they work as intended. Video game prototypes help accelerate this process by enabling studios to test and refine designs more rapidly – particularly helpful for new game developers who may not know if their vision will play out in reality.

Free assets can help elevate creative projects without the hassle of handcrafting pixel art by hand, freeing game designers up to focus their energies on designing immersive gameplay experiences for players.

No matter the setting for your game – whether that be sprawling landscapes, treacherous dungeons or bustling cities – there are numerous free resources that can provide the ideal setting. Some of the top websites for finding free game assets include Kenney, OpenGameArt and Scirra; each features characters, plants weapons visual effects tilesets licensed under either GNU or Creative Commons licenses (please read descriptions to make sure).

14. 3DModels.Org


This website offers an assortment of free 3D models suitable for Unity projects. Their selection includes cars, buildings and weapons as well as textures you can use with them.

At first, this website may seem difficult to navigate; however, it offers some great assets. Unfortunately, they tend to use an unusual art style which might not suit every project.

If you are in search of high-quality 3D models, CGTrader should be your go-to site. With over two million free models to download in various formats such as FBX, MAX and OBJ; as well as free tutorials to teach how to work with these 3D models; this site offers it all for your pleasure!

15. Gamedevmarket.net


Gamedevmarket is an art store with an expansive selection of free and premium 2D game graphics for characters, backgrounds, tiles, interface elements and icons covering an assortment of themes. Most images are vector based and resolution independent; additionally the author offers complete game asset packs at a low price with their patreon account.

This site offers 2D character sprites, animations and user interface kits ideal for platform games. As it’s run by users under various licenses, graphics submitted are free-for-use. There’s a large selection of cartoon-inspired assets worth taking a look at when prototyping games.

At Unity Store you will find an impressive variety of assets such as music, SFX, textures, models and sprites ranging from music and sound fx to textures, models and sprites – its user interface (UI) and character assets are extremely well designed; growth of this store is rapid – their only drawback being legal matters related to selling these assets – hopefully that will change as their store does as well as supporting other game engines such as Godot and Unreal Engine!

16. Itch.IO

itch io

Leaf Corcoran founded Itch in 2013 as a gatekeeper-free distribution platform where creators could host games, zines and books without interference from gatekeepers. It supports HTML5, Flash and Java games to be embedded directly in browsers; and offers downloads in Unity format up to 1gb. Unlike Steam which has come under fire for allowing offensive games onto its storefronts despite measures in place by Itch to curate communities and content it hosts.

An ever-expanding creative community utilizes Itch to host workshops, make games and share game assets. Some self-publish zines or books about game development while others sell audio and visual assets to support their projects.

Free game assets can make the process of game development far simpler, from smooth character animations and stunning backgrounds and cutscenes, all the way down to smooth character animations and gorgeous cutscenes.

Unity Asset Store is one of the leading commercial game asset sites, yet you don’t have to use their engine in order to access their free game assets.

17. Gameassetsfree

Game assets free

This site boasts an immense library of game assets spanning everything from graphics and music, all available free-of-charge! Some items require credit; most come with a creative commons license that permits commercial use.

Here you will find a variety of resources, such as 3D models and 2D sprites, as well as various themes such as fantasy and sci-fi.

Utilizing ready-made game assets can save both time and money during the creation process, as well as help new developers test out an idea before investing in a full production. However, free assets could impact performance so always check their poly count and shader performance prior to adding them into your project.

18. freemusicarchive.org

free music archive

The Free Music Archive (FMA) is an interactive library offering high-quality, legal audio downloads. Managed by WFMU in collaboration with artists, curators, netlabels, venues, artist collectives, museums and music festivals; this non-profit platform serves to facilitate musical sharing while compensating artists directly while making it easier for people to easily locate and use music from its vast catalogue. As well as helping people easily locate music in this way it also acts as a hub for artists & listeners that helps promote their work; podcasters may incorporate audio/video files hosted here into podcasts or webcasts by adhering to terms set forth by Section [11] below.

19. AmbientCG


Visual effects in games can be time-consuming and costly to create, but with free assets designers and developers can skip this tedious work to create one mesmerizing effect from multiple individual elements.

No matter the effect, Unity offers plenty of free assets that can help create amazing explosions, fiery fireballs or mesmerizing particles – including plenty of user interface resources to craft user-friendly menus and interfaces.

AmbientCG is an online resource offering a vast array of textures, including 3D models and high-quality maps, for free under Creative Commons Zero license. There is also a Patreon account where you can support their creators who will continue creating free game assets – making AmbientCG an invaluable resource for those on tight budgets!

20. Gameart2D


An exceptional game would not be complete without eye-catching animations that bring your virtual protagonist to life. From smooth character movements to action-packed combat sequences, free assets help create a more immersive and memorable experience for players.

Level design is at the heart of any great game, and free assets can help you easily craft intricate yet visually captivating worlds with minimal effort. From modular tilesets to scalable textures, these resources make adding depth and realism to your games effortless.

Gameart2D, an up-and-coming asset site, boasts an impressive library of free Unity game assets for side scrollers. Ranging from casino GUIs to 2D backgrounds for side-scrollers, their selection offers something for every need imaginable – along with premium assets that may even be licensed for commercial purposes!


Game development requires numerous assets that can be time- and cost-consuming to produce from scratch, which can become expensive over time. Luckily, there are websites offering free game assets for Unity which can save both time and money while making your game look great!

Some websites provide a wide array of 2D game assets, while others specialize in specific genres or game types – for instance, platformers may require specific sprites that fit with their art style.

Other websites provide shaders to add special effects to your game. One website offers a free toon shader, which enables you to render 3D models in cartoon-like form. Other available shaders include screen space multiple scattering, temporal SSAO and rim light options.

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