What Is BetterDiscord and How to Install It?

What Is BetterDiscord and How to Install It

Discord is an amazing communication platform with many features built right in, yet if you want to take it even further there is an array of tools at your disposal that can make it even better.

BetterDiscord provides themes and plugins to enrich the Discord experience, with ways to easily install it as well as its key features. In this blog post, we’ll cover how to do just that!

What Is BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord is a software program that enables users to customize Discord’s features. This includes themes to optimize its appearance as well as plugins that add extra functions and capabilities. BetterDiscord makes Discord more functional and enjoyable for gamers alike!

BetterDiscord’s themes offer an easy and efficient way to customize the appearance of your Discord client. There is a selection of basic text and background changes as well as more intricate customizations that change how your interface looks; some come equipped with additional features such as emotes or fonts for even further personalization.

BetterDiscord provides access to an extensive collection of community-developed plugins which can enhance your Discord experience, from changing friends lists to providing Spotify volume control. Downloading and installing them is simple; simply go to the Plugins tab of the user settings menu, click “Open Plugins Folder,” and drag in each JAR file for each desired plugin.

Top Features of BetterDiscord

BetterDiscord is a Discord add-on with an extensive set of features designed to enhance user experience. Available for download from its official website and installed as a plugin in Discord servers, BetterDiscord aims to improve both user satisfaction and server stability.

Once installed, BetterDiscord can be found under the server settings menu as BetterDiscord. Here, a variety of settings can be adjusted and applied directly to channels to provide for a more tailored experience. This section also houses a library of community-made plugins which can be activated for various quality-of-life improvements.

Plug-ins can be added to a library by either clicking on the plugin icon in the settings menu or visiting BetterDiscord’s website, then dragged onto Discord’s plugins folder for activation. Be wary, though: discord may detect users using BetterDiscord and may ban them; therefore it is wise to only utilize plugins and themes from trusted sources, and avoid sharing screenshots or videos of user settings to third parties as these could potentially lead to your banning from Discord’s services.

How to Install BetterDiscord?

Before installing Better Discord, first make sure that no other discord processes are running. Next, go to the official Better Discord website and download an installer specific for your operating system. When your download completes, double-click it and follow its prompts to complete installation of Better Discord.

Once your installation process is complete, open Discord and navigate to its BetterDiscord option in the navigation panel. From here you can customize themes and plugins as desired.

BetterDiscord offers several extensions you can use to enhance your Discord experience, such as adding larger text messages for those with impaired vision and disabling mute buttons so users don’t use it to harass others.

BetterDiscord allows you to easily add new plugins by selecting the Plugins option in its Settings section and dragging-and-dropping any downloaded ones into its folder. To activate a plugin, use the toggle button in its respective BetterDiscord Settings section.

Is BetterDiscord Legal?

BetterDiscord is an add-on for Discord that offers many features to customize the appearance and functionality of its client, including themes for customizing how the Discord client looks as well as plugins to add extra features. However, some users worry that using third-party modifications such as BetterDiscord violates Discord’s terms of service and could result in being banned from the platform.

No evidence suggests Discord has taken any actions against users who use BetterDiscord, an add-on which does not collect user data or contain malware. Furthermore, Discord provides end-to-end encryption on voice calls and direct messaging for added protection against snooping or hacking.

If you are concerned about your security while using BetterDiscord, installing a security program such as BitDefender may help keep your computer free from malicious software. Furthermore, to protect your privacy it is wise not to send screenshots of your BetterDiscord account out as this may breach it; also avoid sharing any NSFW content and it is smart practice to implement two-factor authentication to stop strangers accessing your account.

Is BetterDiscord Safe?

BetterDiscord is a Discord server designed to give users a superior user experience, including improved performance, custom themes, desktop notifications and plugins that enhance its functionality – although they may not always be checked manually by contributors of BetterDiscord before downloading.

Though betterdiscord is safe for download and use, it does violate Discord’s terms of service as it modifies how the app looks and functions – potentially leading to unwanted behavior or even compromised data such as revealed deleted messages. While Discord has yet to take action against those who have utilized betterdiscord, its use should be reserved for sensitive conversations only.

If you would rather forgoing BetterDiscord installation, simply uninstalling it using Discord client should take only minutes. Simply launch Discord application and go into its Add-Ons menu before clicking “Remove BetterDiscord”. Upon completion of installation your account should be ready for use without BetterDiscord installed.

How To Use BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord is an extension for Discord that extends features and allows users to tailor their experience, offering themes, fonts and colors as well as customization tools and organization features for improved organization and customization. Furthermore, BetterDiscord includes an advanced moderation tool as well as improved server management capabilities for optimal experience.

To use BetterDiscord, begin by downloading its extension from its official website and installing it via the app. When complete, go back into User Settings on BetterDiscord’s homepage, choose Plugins then Open Plugin Folder at the top, drag-drop your downloaded plugin file into this folder then click its toggle switch next to each plugin to activate them all.

Note, however, that BetterDiscord is not officially supported by Discord, meaning it may be subject to bugs and errors. Furthermore, Discord could detect your application and ban it, so for best results use trusted sources when installing plugins.

Changing Themes With BetterDiscord

BetterDiscord offers many themes for you to choose from. Some are straightforward while others feature special designs or features not found anywhere else, like Nocturnal by Spectra which changes Discord from its usual color of light purple to dark purple and also resizes some things. Another popular theme by Gibbu is Horizontal Server List which places server lists at the top of your screen.

To install a theme, navigate to the User Settings of BetterDiscord and click ‘Open Themes Folder.’ Drag and drop the CSS file for your chosen theme into its respective slot; once done, enable it in BetterDiscord for it to affect your Discord server app.

BetterDiscord offers more than themes; you can also use it to add plugins to your Discord client. These plugins can make modifications to everything from your friends list to Spotify volume controls. To install one, visit User Settings’ Plugins Tab and click “Open Plugins Folder,” where any downloaded.jar file can be dropped directly into it to activate it. However, please keep in mind that BetterDiscord is an unofficial program and violates Discord’s terms of service as well as having some known bugs which cause crashes of its own – make use of it at your own risk!

Better Customizability With BetterDiscord

BetterDiscord is an unofficial modification of Discord that extends its capabilities through plugins and themes. Offering customization options for servers, emotes and display modes as well as an in-built CSS theme loader and JavaScript plugin loader so users can create customized themes or write new plugins – BetterDiscord has all that users need for optimal social communication experience!

At its heart, Discord offers software without altering your account name or any information provided about yourself or anyone else. However, be mindful that if Discord discovers that you have violated their Terms of Service they could block you from using their program altogether.

Start off by downloading and installing the BetterDiscord plugin from its website into your Discord server, selecting one of its many themes from its selection and toggling it on. Enjoy an enhanced Discord experience immediately! You can even customize more features like window corners, member list opacity/brightness etc for even further customizability! BetterDiscord can enhance both gaming and chat experiences!

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