13 Best Sites to Watch Movies for Free Legally!

13 Best Sites to Watch Movies for Free Legally!

There are various websites that provide free movie streaming. Unfortunately, some require registration or are riddled with popup ads that impede viewing experience.

YouTube is an extremely popular choice because it hosts an array of home videos uploaded by its users as well as classic films available under public domain license.

What to Expect From Free Movie Streaming Sites?

The top free movie streaming sites feature both mainstream movies and lesser known fare, original content and amateur films, with some offering both. Unfortunately, they often rely on advertising revenue, which may be illegal in some countries; therefore it’s recommended that visitors use a VPN such as NordVPN when browsing these websites to ensure maximum protection against data snooping and malware attacks.

YouTube offers a great starting point for penny-pinching cinephiles looking for affordable cinematic experiences. The site hosts a selection of major films with cast details, Internet ratings, and reviews easily accessible within its film summary section. Plus it is accessible from multiple devices!

Crackle offers another free movie streaming service supported by advertisements. Their website hosts both syndicated and original content from movies from the 50s as well as some current favorites.

Bounce TV is a free streaming service with a niche focus: movies and shows related to African-American culture. Unfortunately, its only available within the US; NordVPN may help bypass geo-blocking restrictions on this site.

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest video content platforms online, offering access to both public domain films and independent productions. There is also an official section where ad-supported movies can be watched free-of-charge; though you may need some patience in finding them all!

Shout Factory-owned website features genre films and cult classics for free streaming on their free section, along with commentaries by such notable directors as John Carpenter about Body Bags horror anthology or creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 discussing Q: The Winged Serpent movie.

Vudu’s free section works similarly to Crackle and offers full movies with limited ads for you to watch for free – as well as some original content! It’s a great way to catch some of your favorite flicks at no cost and features some quality original programming as well.

2. Crackle

Crackle is a free streaming service offering movies and TV shows. In addition, Crackle creates its own content; one such original series being Salvage Marines set in a dystopian future where lower classes can escape poverty by joining a deep space marine platoon led by Sean Bean, Martin Freeman and Ron Perlman. Other Crackle original series include On Point which follows three high school basketball players striving to join an NBA career; Yelawolf: A Slumerican Life featuring Cherokee rapper Yelawolf as well as reality-tinged documentaries about his life; Crackle original content has included On Point which follows three high school basketball players trying to join an NBA career; as well as reality-tinged documentaries like Yelawolf: A Slumerican Life documenting his life and career starring Sean Bean Martin Freeman as well.

Crackle can be found on most Android devices and Roku sticks, smart TVs and set-top boxes; iOS mobile device users may also enjoy its services. Unfortunately, however, its access is geo-limited to the US and its regions; to bypass this barrier users may utilize VPN services that connect them directly to US server locations so they can gain access to Crackle’s library of TV shows and movies.

3. CONtv

CONtv offers a vast catalog of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime, grindhouse and cult content across sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime, grindhouse and cult genres, with paid subscription allowing access to it all with no ads included! Available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, iOS Android Xbox and Smart TVs from LG Samsung Sony Vizio

Cinedigm and Wizard World collaborated in 2015 to launch CONtv as a joint venture, offering an impressive array of original programming and acquired content, such as Fight of the Living Dead – an original horror competition series featuring digital celebrities in an authentic zombie scenario, Last Fan Standing with Bruce Campbell as host and My Morphing Life which follows Jason David Frank through his convention experiences.

CONtv has teamed up with some of the most acclaimed distributors to bring you a selection of genre films and popular television series from RLJ Entertainment, Full Moon Films, The Jim Henson Company and Sentai Filmworks – each carefully chosen for CONtv’s passionate fan base.

4. Vudu

Vudu is one of the premier movie streaming services available with an expansive library of films and TV shows to rent or buy – everything from new releases and favorite classics alike are included! Movies can be watched in HD, 4K UHD, Dolby Vision quality. Plus there’s free content galore; plus there are no subscription fees or permanent storage options. (There may be fine print disclaimers regarding missing or damaged content being replace by Vudu.)

Movies and TV shows can be rented or purchased per title with rental charges ranging from $0.99 to $5.99, making this service compatible with most smart TVs, internet-connected Blu-ray players, game consoles, streaming devices like Roku or Nvidia Shield; its mobile app also works well on iOS and Android devices; VPN services may provide an effective means of bypassing ads such as Private Internet Access’s global network of servers offering 30-day money back guarantees for Vudu subscriptions.

5. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a free, ad-supported streaming service offering star-studded blockbusters, cult classics and foreign films as well as binge-worthy TV series – with filters for family/kids films, comedy drama thriller and Spanish language films available.

Popcornflix provides an impressive library of movies and television shows at no monthly fee, updated daily so it is easy for viewers to find new releases. Both website and apps allow easy navigation between titles for easy discovery.

Popcornflix takes measures to ensure the streaming process runs as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, unlike many services which ask users for personal details or pop-up ads that disrupt viewing experiences.

Popcornflix may not be available in all locations due to licencing restrictions, but using a VPN with Popcornflix makes it possible to unblock it from anywhere around the globe. Simply connect with one of their US servers before launching their media streaming app on an Android phone or iPhone/iPad device.

6. Tubi

As with Crackle, Tubi provides free movie and TV streaming on multiple devices with ads as the revenue source, but to access tools such as watch lists and AI-assisted recommendations (something only paid subscription services offer). However, an account will need to be created in order to gain access.

The library here features films from big studios like Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM; however, its selection leans more heavily toward older titles. You can sort content according to Collections, Cult Classics, Award Winners & Nominees as well as family movies for an enjoyable group-viewing night experience.

Tubi offers not only low-budget films, but also unique pieces and imperfect passion projects from across the world – perfect for those wanting a break from Hollywood releases every month – legally accessible without pop-up ads that plague other free streaming services.

7. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of the more well-known free streaming services, providing access to movies and television shows from brands such as Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV (plus Spike). Their site is organized into categories like News + Sports, Movies, Comedy Classic TV & Home + DIY; each section provides easy navigation through subcategories that help locate what you’re searching for. Their on-demand section contains both newer films & recognizable titles like Netflix or Amazon Prime; its On Demand selection updates regularly with both new & old movies & shows from ViacomCBS ownership; their TV lineup boasts channels from Paramount Pictures Nickelodeon Comedy Central MTV (Plus Spike) plus additional channels owned by ViacomCBS that allows access to channels like Paramount Pictures Nickelodeon Comedy Central MTV (plus Spike).

Pluto TV provides on-demand series from Showtime. Like other free streaming services, it relies on advertising revenue for support; users don’t need to register or enter credit card info before watching. Paramount Plus remains active within Pluto TV though and should always be considered an option as well.

123Movies is one of the premier movie streaming sites with an excellent selection. However, it can become quite intrusive with popups and ads from time to time; using a VPN helps eliminate this nuisance.

Vudu offers movies that would normally cost money elsewhere and is an excellent solution for people seeking free movie streaming online without subscription costs.

8. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online offers free movie streaming of classic movies. Additionally, they have an unparalleled collection of old serials and television series you won’t find elsewhere. Their user-friendly site boasts large movie thumbnails along with their name, release year and subtitle availability information.

Tubi is another fantastic free movie streaming service with an excellent selection of both new and older films from different genres like westerns, zombie flix movies, war dramas and sci fi. In addition to full-length films there is also an entire section for shorts films and cartoons on Tubi.

YouTube and Vimeo offer you access to free movies online, the former featuring ads but offering an impressive collection. Download their mobile apps so you can watch movies even when out and about!

Documentaries and independent films can also be found here, along with public domain movies that might not meet expectations in terms of quality. While you might enjoy browsing some films here, others might disappoint with low production values and disappointing cinematic experiences.

9. Hoopla

Hoopla is a free media streaming service for libraries offering movies, TV shows, audiobooks and ebooks for streaming across web, mobile devices and TV streaming boxes. Users must create an account with Hoopla to gain access to its selection of new releases as well as classic films – offering plenty of content all year round!

Crackle is an established online video site founded as Grouper Movie Website before it was acquired by Sony and features new release and classic movies, original content, as well as fan-made movies based on popular video games like Portal and Watch Dogs.

MoviesFoundOnline is another free movie streaming website offering an aggregate of content hosted across various sources, making it a good resource for finding older or cult classic films that may be hard to track down elsewhere. Unfortunately, however, its navigation can be complex and contains numerous advertisements.

Public Domain Torrents is an expansive collection of videos released into the public domain for free viewing, featuring thousands of films from B-movies to big budget releases. Browse by genre or use their search function to quickly locate what you’re searching for.

10. Yidio

If you don’t want to sign up for a streaming service or pay for TV and movie rentals, Yidio provides an excellent resource. With its search feature you can locate movies available for streaming for free; unfortunately though it does not host the content itself – acting merely as an aggregater of sources.

FilmStruck provides access to films from major studios as well as independent filmmakers. Their collection offers genre films like sci-fi/horror/film noir/documentaries/art films as well as television broadcasts/newsreels – making this an excellent source for movie enthusiasts who wish to watch legal and free flicks online.

Popcornflix provides a great service with good speeds and no ads; plus it’s available worldwide so no worries about region restrictions are present like Crackle does.

Public Domain Torrents offers another great resource for downloading rather than streaming, offering both old and classic movies for free to watch on any device. Simply make sure that your VPN and internet connection is secure before starting to download anything!

11. The Roku Channel

Roku Channel is a free streaming service offering an impressive selection of movies and TV shows to watch. With an intuitive user interface and user-friendly categorization for its large catalogue of titles – both old and obscure titles as well as popular and well-known ones are present – this streaming service stands out among others due to its user experience and selection. As with other free services there will also be advertisements present.

Roku Channel may not offer quite the same range of streaming services on this list; however, it remains a reliable solution for watching free movies online. Although its library isn’t as expansive, you’ll still be able to find some classic and recent hits here – as well as TV shows which complement its main offering of movies.

Like Yidio, Open Culture specialises in public domain films. Their collection of over 4,000+ movies covers various genres including westerns, noir and indies. Their user-friendly interface makes searching movies simple; plus there is even a “Leaving Soon” category to help users prioritize those set to expire soon.

12. Amazon Freevee

If you prefer free streaming sites over paying services, or aren’t willing to part with any money in exchange for movies, there are still countless sites where you can watch movies legaly without worry of malware or viruses.

YouTube provides access to public domain films without needing an account, while Big Five Glories features classic Hollywood films from the 1930s and 1940s, in addition to home videos, newsreels, and stock footage.

Crackle offers a more contemporary alternative, featuring both syndicated movies and original productions from Crackle Studios. Ads may sometimes be distracting; however, its quality remains adequate and selection robust overall.

13. Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema is an indie and short movie streaming site offering independent and short movies from westerns to zombie flicks and documentaries – not forgetting fan-made films based on popular video games such as Portal or Watch Dogs!

Website is user-friendly and boasts an excellent selection of content. Although its library may be smaller than some others on this list, its engaging user interface keeps people coming back for more. In addition, movies and videos from different languages such as English, French, Russian and Arabic can all be found there.

Sites such as YouTube are ideal for comic and horror movie fans alike. YouTube provides access to an incredible selection of both independent and mainstream comics; horror fans will especially love their selection. Furthermore, this service is widely accessible so viewers don’t need to worry about copyrights or legal issues when streaming films online; but for your own security and privacy it is recommended that a VPN be used while visiting such websites.


Free movie websites online offer many enticements for users to watch movies online for free; however, some require users to download suspicious files or enter personal data, while some contain advertisements which resemble malware. Therefore, when browsing these websites it is advisable to use a VPN like NordVPN in order to protect data theft and viruses.

The Internet Archive is a free streaming website offering a vast collection of classic movies. Additionally, documentary films and multimedia productions with historical value can also be found there. Ideal for watching old B-movies and independent flicks but less suitable for current blockbusters.

YouTube is another free movie site worth checking out, best known for its wide range of cat and dog videos and clips, but also boasting a selection of full-length movies across a variety of genres that is compatible with Apple TV and Chromecast devices.

YouTube is home to Crackle, a free movie service offering both syndicated content and original programming. Crackle was initially known as Grouper until Sony acquired it and changed the name. One of few free movie sites offering genre-spanning movies.

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