The Place of Free VPN Chrome in the Fight Against Cybercrimes

Free VPN Chrome in the Fight Against Cybercrimes

The Place of Free VPN Chrome in the Fight Against Cybercrimes – It’s not an understatement to say that the human race is not equally endowed financially to wage the raging war against cybercrimes. Some countries and organizations can muster adequate resources for the fight while developing nations and some startups find it difficult to raise enough resources to tackle the menace of cybercriminals.

From ransomware to phishing, trojans, Bots, and spyware, cybercriminals are not relenting; they target innocent people for financial gains. Hackers know that data has become crucial to our daily activities, so the series of data breaches compromise our sensitive information.

Experts and professionals in the cybersecurity industry recognize the vital role the virtual private network (VPN) plays in mitigating cyber breaches and attacks. VPN can be an app or a browser extension; it can also be paid or free.

A premium VPN subscription comes with some cost, and individuals or organizations who can’t afford it can subscribe to a free VPN Chrome.

What is a free VPN Chrome?

A free VPN Chrome is a specific VPN browser extension for Google Chrome you don’t pay for; it’s different from a VPN app since you can only use it to secure the browser and no other traffic on your device. Apart from the difference, a free VPN Chrome has all the features you leverage from a VPN app to enhance your privacy, security, and protection whenever you log into the internet.

A free VPN Chrome is easy to install, and other benefits you derive from the browser extension include:

1. Multifactor authentication

Accessing your network shouldn’t be easy for a hacker or third party; relying on that assumed strong password you think you can use to ward off intruders is not the solution. Hackers can now deploy brute force attacks to crack strong passwords; they have the technology to do so.

You must fortify your network multifactor authentication from a free VPN Chrome; you can add biometric identification such as fingerprint, facial recognition, and an eye scan to your strong password. If anyone tries to access your network unduly, such individual or corporation must provide biometric identification for verification. Incidentally, it’s almost impossible to fake an eye scan.

2. Masking of IP address

Whenever you log into the internet, your internet service provider (ISP) assigns an internet protocol (IP) address; anyone who accesses your IP address can track your online activities. Your ISP tracks your browsing history with your IP address and can hand over your information to any bidder or government agency.

A free VPN Chrome browser extension will hide your IP address and assign another one to your browser from any of the servers of the VPN provider. VPN service providers locate their servers across the length and breadth of the world.

If a hacker, your ISP, or a third party attempts to trace your online activities, the search will end at the server of the VPN. You can browse anonymously and securely without any interference from prying eyes.

3. Encryption of logs

Information you may have in your system may include credit card details, browsing history, and other critical data; hackers crave your sensitive information for ransom or damage your reputation. A free VPN Chrome browser extension will encrypt your data; if hackers manage to intercept your sensitive information, they can’t decipher the meaning.

Your VPN and computer have the key to transcribe the encryption into meaningful information. To a hacker, your ISP, or a third party, it will be gibberish, useless, worthless, and meaningless.

4. Bypassing geo-restrictions

Some countries determine what content, such as movies and online games, they can allow crossing their borders for streaming and downloading; such countries restrict content they may consider unhealthy to their cause. Organizations can sometimes deprive access to their websites for competitive reasons.

A free VPN Chrome browser extension enables you to bypass such geographical restrictions and access content you require or visit any website you choose. You must refrain from using content you lift from websites for illegal activities; if you misuse any content, you are not different from the hacker you are trying to put at bay with a free VPN Chrome browser extension.

5. Killswitch

Tools can suddenly break down or experience downtime; a sudden breakdown should not compromise your data, files, and documents. The kill switch feature of a free VPN Chrome ensures you can quit some preselected programs to minimize the risk of compromise.

6. No IP/DNS leaks

An IP /DNS leak is a cybersecurity flaw, such as denial-of-service (DoS), distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), DNS hijacking, or DNS spoofing, that allows the revelation of DNS requests to ISP DNS servers even when you subscribe to a VPN. A reputable free VPN Chrome browser extension will ensure your protection and security from DNS leaks.


A free VPN Chrome has some disadvantages if you want to compare it to a VPN app; for individuals and organizations, such as young startups, that need to conserve financial resources for other pressing or vital issues, comprehensive VPN subscriptions may deplete their resources. A free VPN Chrome can be the magic wand because the servers are spread across international locations to enhance bypassing geo-restrictions.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.