Getting The Most Out Of AWS For Your Business

Getting The Most Out Of AWS For Your Business

Amazon Web Services or AWS provides cloud computing services for publishers, software producers, and private consumers. Besides being the world’s biggest online retailer, Amazon accounts for one-third of all cloud-based services. 

To be plugged into the Amazon cloud is like connecting the backbone of the global economy. We’ll show you how you benefit.  

The benefits of AWS Consulting during your cloud migration journey are so staggering that businesses fast-track their operational and technical capabilities to grow like never before.

Four Measurable Ways That Companies Extract Maximum Benefits From AWS

AWS offers one of the fastest routes to digitize, modernize and transform your digital business and seriously upgrade the customer experience. And the benefits are fourfold.  

Cost Savings: You Moderate Service Usage, Optimize Resources, And Curtail Costs

You only pay in proportion to what you use with the cloud, and fewer resources get tapped during low usage. When demand peaks, the system scales to deliver performance matching the demand. 

Consider the fact that the cost of owning and managing IT infrastructure is no longer a challenge when you migrate to the cloud. 

In one stroke, you avoid unnecessary expenses and marginalize the capital expenditure for maintaining data centers, hardware installation and upgrades, and the cost of networking and operations.

AWS tools like AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Trusted Advisor help track costs and tag resources. You can purchase spare computing capacity at just 10 percent of the costs that traditional services charge. 

Staff Productivity: Workers Perform Efficiently And Securely In The Remote Working Paradigm

In traditional data centers, much time is wasted setting up and maintaining physical servers, and workers become distracted from their core business activities.

In the cloud ecosystem, workers spend quality time focusing on strategic work like developing new applications and, improving app performance, delivering a better user experience.

AWS Consulting Companies configure you for multi-tasking through better integration and continuous deployment. The microservices architecture and automated testing perfect the coding more efficiently before moving to production.

Operational Resilience: Digital Transformation Enables You To Outperform The Competition 

The cost of an IT disruption is very high. Companies lose millions of dollars due to hardware failure, network breaches, software glitches, and human error. AWS equips organizations to become resilient with the help of superior IT infrastructure, efficient operations, improved security, and scalable resources. 

Network outages are virtually eliminated by connecting each AWS Zone of availability to many Tier-1 network providers. Servers and utilities are connected to two or more independent power sources with separate UPS and backup generator power. Implementing complex power backup solutions in on-premise data centers is impractical and expensive. 

AWS CloudFormation and AWS Service Catalog help organizations automate work-intensive and repetitive tasks and reduce the complexity of operations while running the business smoothly. 

Business Agility: Responding Faster To Evolving Markets And Changing Consumer Preferences

The growing business needs to innovate to develop new applications or services. Enough resources must be on hand to maintain the growth trajectory. When a company uses on-premises infrastructure and the product fails, the company has no option but to continue using the hardware.

When you migrate to the cloud developers, requisition the resources and begin coding, and there is no need to wait for the full infrastructure stack to be readied. Companies can shut down operations that are no longer needed. 

So, an AWS-assisted business moves faster, gets infrastructure support for innovations, rolls out products quicker, gets an edge over the competition, and takes full advantage of new opportunities. 

How AWS Contributes To Galvanizing Business Operations

A food chain’s home delivery platform can scale thousands of orders every minute with low latency using a microservices architecture.

A healthcare major runs simulations of surgical procedures 98 percent faster, bypassing costly clinical trials and quickly addressing patient concerns. 

A software app developer can launch new projects 75 percent faster and with reduced cost.

An expanding company seeking to establish a presence in new territories can use AWS to deploy infrastructure within days instead of months. 


Our discussion of the AWS cloud highlighted the significance of delivering benefits across four key dimensions of cloud value. We recommend best practices that have helped scores of enterprises migrate to new efficiencies, unlocking new capabilities. 

Perform due diligence to restructure company operations and trim unwanted fat (obsolescence) before the migration.

Involve stakeholders from budgetary finance, IT business operations teams, and end-users in policy implementation and product rollouts. 

Assign value and closely monitor the growth parameters impacting the company’s agility and ability to penetrate markets.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.