Google Chrome’s working tab group is getting closer

Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome is closer to a working Tob Group implementation, which has the ability to add tabs for groups, headers for each group shown and groups saved between browser sessions in the latest Chrome Canary building.

For those who are not familiar with Tab Groups, a feature is developed for Chrome that allows you to add tabs to various groups. This allows you to organize open tabs on the basis of certain criteria and manage them as a single entity.

Google still works on this feature, but it got closer in the current Google Chrome build in Canary, where Google has implemented a feature that lets Tab Groups reopen after you restart the browser.

group1 and group2 headers

Tab Group Headers

Tab Groups currently lies behind a chrome:/flags entry called “Tab Groups,” and you will be able to play with the feature once enabled.

Chrome group Flag

Chrome Flag

Once activated, by clicking on a tab and selecting Add to new group you can add tabs to a group. Once a group is created, you can add the tab to an existing one by right-clicking on other tabs or create a new one.

add new group

Add to new group

As explained by, who noticed this first change, only groups will be saved between the restart of the browser if you continue to have the setting as shown in the screen below configured.

Chrome tab settings

Continue where you left off setting

Before the Tab Groups feature is ready for shipping with Chrome 77, there’s still plenty of work left, but Google definitely is making progress towards that goal.

Mark Funk
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