Google updates the options of the right – click menu in Gmail

The right-click menu will be much more useful for managing your inbox soon. Google has announced Gmail changes that the right-click menu will be revised. On Monday, the tech giant said the changes focus on right-click menu options.

Nothing as radical as the recent overhaul of Gmail’s inbox design, the update aims to improve the management of inboxes. Users are currently presented with “Move to tab,” “Archive,” “Mark as read” and “Delete.” However, these options will include search options, reply / forward, snooze, mark as unread, movement options, labeling and the option to open an email in a new tab.

To take advantage of the new features, users need nothing. The update has already begun to roll out to Rapid Release domains, with feature visibility up to 15 days from the beginning of February 11.

Everyone else can expect a full roll-out from 22 February, with a visibility of 1-3 days. Google recently launched Google Docs API in related news, which is now available for developers to programmatically read and write documents and integrate data from different sources.


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