How to Choose a Gaming Platform: Key Factors to Consider

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The debate between console and PC enthusiasts is still active and ongoing. It is a conversation that will likely not end anytime soon, as both sides of it have compelling reasoning and advantages over the other. With the industry’s popularity rising despite the peaks it has already reached, many might be considering starting their own journeys and joining the fun.

Typically the more committed of gamers will have both platforms at their disposal, utilizing the advantages of both, yet many do not want to make the same choice. A good PC alone may cost anywhere between two to three thousand dollars, and alongside the mouse, keyboard, headset and all of other equipment, the price only goes up.

Most people would rather make an informed choice based on their preferences and tastes, as well as how seriously they want to take gaming, and hopefully the information bellow will help with that decision.


Without wasting too much time, gaming PC is simply going to cost significantly more than even the newest versions of Play Station and X-box consoles. As mentioned, the rough price range for and average, moderately powerful PC is around two to three thousand dollars. That price only includes the hardware though, like the graphics card, CPU, Hard Drive etc. Therefore, you could add roughly 500 extra dollars for a mouse and keyboard, and a monitor.

The newest consoles cost significantly less, with both X-box Series X and Play Station 5 being 500 dollars. Other equipment is optional, like the headset or the mouse and keyboard instead of a controller, as well as a monitor if your TV is unavailable. So, while the console is definitely cheaper, there is a reason as to why that is the case, as we will find out right now.


With the cost-related concerns out of the way, there are still things that deserve to be mentioned. One of the advantages of a console system is its versatility when traveling, and how easy it is to transport when moving places. While a PC will be glued in one place, you are welcome to carry around a console wherever you go, as long as you have access to a monitor.

There’s a possible concern regarding the most popular multiplayer gaming genres, Battle royale/Shooter games. There is myriad of reasons as to why these genres are so popular. Perhaps, it is an almost intrinsic appeal towards the RNG systems that have been already successfully implemented in other places of society, like casinos for example. Games like innovative live dealer baccarat share similarities with modern video games and their complex risk-reward systems. They operate using sophisticated algorithms, which generate randomized and multi-faceted rewards.

To fulfill the skill demand of such games, since the genre is so popular, it may be important to note that most people find mouse and keyboard a lot more suitable for shooters due to aiming being much easier. Controllers do utilize the aim assist system, but for many that is not enough.


Having a wider and more expensive hardware, it should be of no surprise that a proper PC is going to outperform a console any day of the week whether it is graphically, detail wise, or frame rate wise. It is also going to have faster load times, and a greater variety of customization options.

Regardless though, the thing that most people highlight as the biggest plus when it comes to performance is definitely the frame rate, and you definitely feel that difference from console to PC. Though, it is important to mention that both X-box series x and the PS5 support 120 frames per second, which is more than smooth enough for most people.

That is exactly why people will recommend others to properly assess how dedicated they plans to be when it comes to playing. 120 FPS is already incredible considering how old gen consoles just 3-4 years ago used to run games at 30 FPS, yet 240 FPS that a PC offers is still noticeably superior to the modern console competitors.

Game Catalogue

This is another incredibly important category to consider. For starters, Sony Play Station always prided themselves on having incredible exclusives, which is definitely something you cannot take away from them. That is precisely why if one is torn between purchasing an X-box Series X or a PS5, most people would recommend a Play Station.

However, it is also worth noting that older Legendary Exclusives like The Last of Us, as well as God of War 2018, which were for a long time only present on the Sony platform, have gained the PC port and are now playable there as well. What this means is, after a certain period of time, the PS exclusives stop being exclusive, and is transported on other platforms as well. This may not be that important to many people, seeing how the transfer happens after several years after the release of an exclusive, but it is still worth noting.

Regardless of that, PC also has a major advantage in this category, and that is the price, as well as access to old titles that are simply unavailable on new gen consoles. For starters, games on PC are generally cheaper, due to the many online digital markets like Steam, or Epic Games, which give away free games every week.

In addition, with a PC you have access to almost any game that has ever been made, something that a console cannot promise. If one wants to revisit a legendary game, or perhaps play it after missing out, the PC will give you the chance to do so.

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