How to Fix “Unfortunately”?

How to Fix Unfortunately

They’re a lot of problems you can experience using an Android phone. Especially if you have a lot of apps on your phone. Some common problems with Android include stopping, error happening whenever you launch the Facebook Messenger app. You also need to talk about, the GoSMS Pro package name.

Another prevalent error message most people found on Android is the error message that causes your phone to crash most of the moment from the Facebook app manager. In my own condition, when I noticed the problem of the Facebook app manager, the com.facebook.appmanager automatically restarts my Android phone countless times an hour.

So, the essence of the error message that says has stopped, unfortunately, is not a new thing and there is obviously a valid way to fix the problem.

Unfortunately, has stopped

The first thing you need to know about has stopped the error message on your Android phone is that it doesn’t occur because you’ve been attacked by a virus, malware, trojan or anything else.

So, don’t be panic and hurry to format your phone all in your name trying to fix the that has stopped, unfortunately. All you have to do is relax and take a glass of water.

This post will get you covered and will provide the fastest way to fix the issue very rapidly without consulting an expert or going to a repair shop.

Unfortunately, has stopped

Here are the few techniques to resolve your Android phone’s error message telling you that the phone has stopped when not under a virus attack.

Step by Step procedure to fix Unfortunately issue

Clear phone caches

Clear phone caches initiate most of the issues caused on Android devices. Clearing your phone’s caches can often save you from a lot of headache. It can save your day’s ruin.

If the problem is not created by other apps due to a virus attack or a loophole created in an installed app, clearing phone caches and deleting phone data can help to fix the most known and unknown issues.

Therefore, when this happens, the first step to take is to clear your mobile caches to fix it. This technique works for most Android devices. If you don’t run a custom ROM, this should work for you.

  • Go to App Settings Tap Apps or Apps Manager
  • Click the drop menu and select all Apps
  • Tap the more option besides the equipment settings Tap “Reset App Preferences”
  • Tap Reset Apps Once the error message is completed; it will disappear from your phone.

Note: When you select reset app preferences, a notification will appear about what the option will do on your phone.

Just don’t worry, it won’t affect your phone and it won’t delete any of your information. The essence is to help fix issues that have stopped such as,, com.facebook.appmanager, and the rest.

Clear SIM Tool Kit

Although, it also works for this purpose but as an option generated by the SIM toolkit, it also increases the probability that things will be fixed in no time by clearing their own caches separately after the general approach.

Go to Settings > > Apps > > SIM Tool Kit Tap Storage Click Clear Caches

If you don’t have much data to lose, even tap Clear Data. Note that this easy data option will clear the personal information you enter in the app, not the information you have pre-installed about it.

Fix with Custom Recovery Option

As I said earlier, if you are using a custom recovery you may run into, the error message has stopped. That’s why knowing, what you’re doing is a good advice before you flash a custom ROM on your phone.

However, when this occurs, what you need to fix the error message is an tool such as the AROMA file manager. Similar to SIM Tool Kits, the AROMA file manager works to clear smartphone caches or remove a temporary folder on your desktop.

Here you can download the latest AROMA file manager and use it to fix the development of temporary folders or error caches on your Android phone.

Here is how to use the AROMA File Manager…

Personally, I’m not suggesting this to format your phone. This should be your last option and should only be if none of the above steps work. Otherwise, you may discover that the above steps function and format your phone.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.