How To Kill Sand Worm With Ruin On Pc In Darksiders Warmaster edtion?



Sand worms are one of the most feared creatures in the game Dark Souls. They’re large, imposing creatures that can quickly shred your health bar if you’re not careful. While they may be tough to fight, there is a way to kill them without much fuss: by using ruin. If you’re unfamiliar with this spell, ruin is a powerful magic that can instantly kill most enemies. In this article, we will teach you how to use it to successfully kill sand worms in Dark Souls.

What is a sand worm?

Sand worms are a type of invertebrate that can be found in the Darksiders Warmaster Edition DLC. They are small creatures that live in sandy environments, and can often be found burrowing underground.

When Sand Worms spots players, they will begin to make their way out of the sand, and towards the player. The creature is harmless if left alone, but will attack when approached or provoked.

To kill a Sand Worm, first find it hiding underground. Once you have located it, use Ruin to deal damage to its core. This will kill the worm instantly.

How to kill a sand worm on PC in Darksiders Warmaster Edition?

Sand worms can be found in many areas throughout Darksiders Warmaster Edition, but they are particularly common in the Ruins level. These creatures are easily killed with a melee weapon or a piece of ruin, but it is important to take care not to become overwhelmed.

How to Kill a Sand Worm: Basic Steps?

  1. In Warmaster Edition, go to your map and select the “Ruin” level
  2. Equip the Ruin weapon and kill the sand worms as they come out of their burrows
  3. Be ready to dodge their attacks as they will lash out with their claws
  4. Keep up the attack until all of the sand worms are dead
  5. Enjoy your cleanup!

How to Kill a Sand Worm with Ruin on PC: Tips and Tricks?

If you’re looking to take down a sand worm in Warmaster Edition, here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed.

First and foremost, make sure you have Ruin equipped. This powerful spell will do massive damage to the worm, and can easily take it out in one hit. If you’re having trouble taking it down fast enough with just Ruin, consider using other spells to help supplement your attack. Fireball or Ice Storm can both seriously injure the worm, and often result in its death instantly.

Another important factor is positioning. The sand worm loves to burrow under the ground, so be sure to stay on its surface as much as possible. Avoid getting too close to its mouth – that’s where most of its attacks come from – and use ranged attacks if possible.

And finally, don’t forget about yourself! Stay alive for as long as possible so you can rack up the point totals needed for victory. There’s no shame in making a quick getaway once the worm is dead – it was likely easy enough after all!

What if the sand worm eats my character?

If a sand worm eats your character in Darksiders Warmaster Edition, there are a few ways to kill it. The first is to use Ruin on it. This will cause the sand worm to vomit up the player and their horse, which can then be killed with a normal attack. Another way is to use the Soul Plucker spell, which will suck out the sand worm’s soul and kill it.

Tips for successful combat

  1. The first step is to identify the sand worm. The easiest way to do this is by destroying any other creatures in the area and observing the Sand Worm’s health bar. If it begins to go down, you have found your prey.
  2. When you have identified the sand worm, you will need to prepare for battle. Load up your Ruin spell and cast it at the Sand Worm as soon as possible. Aim carefully so that the spell hits all of its body parts; a well-placed Ruin spell can easily kill a Sand Worm.
  3. If you are able to kill the Sand Worm quickly, then you will be able to reap some rewards for your efforts: First, its gold reserves will be depleted, which means that you will be able to loot more treasure from around the area; secondly, its body parts can be used in alchemy recipes to create powerful new weapons and armor.

Tips for killing sand worms

  1. The first step in killing sand worms is to find them. They like to dwell in sandy areas and they are often difficult to spot, especially if they have already burrowed beneath the surface. If you can’t see them, use a detection tool such as the Dark Sider’s Ruin to detect their presence.
  2. Once you know where they are, the next step is to prepare yourself for battle by equipping yourself with the best gear possible. Weapons that deal significant damage to sand worms include swords, maces and spears. It’s also important to wear armour that will provide protection against their attacks.
  3. Once you’re ready, it’s time to start attacking! Approach the sand worms from behind while using your weapon of choice to strike at their vulnerable spots. Stay calm and avoid getting overwhelmed by the hordes of creatures overwhelming you; take your time and eventually they’ll be dead!


If you’re looking to kill sand worms in Warmaster Edition for PC, there are a few things you need to know. First, use Ruin on them to deal major damage. Second, make sure that your weapons have a sufficient amount of elemental damage so that you can stun or kill the worm easily. And finally, always try to avoid getting surrounded by sand worms — they’ll quickly drain your health if left unchecked!

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