How to Monitor Phone Location with Mobile Tracker Apps?

Mobile Tracking

How often did you track a cab arriving at your location to pick you up? How often did you ask your friend when you’re waiting for them to share their live location on WhatsApp? The world has actually gotten smarter and it is now possible to track a moving object from busy Manhattan to the most remote locations in the Sahara Desert anywhere in the world. Thanks to a small device known as a mobile tracker, all of that is achieved.

Mobile trackers play a very important role in today’s world, from helping large logistics operators keep track of their fleet to providing food supply companies offering you live location of their delivery agents. It’s all thanks to this technology that you can book a cab on an app, or order food online.

What is a mobile tracker?

A mobile phone tracker is a simple app that can offer you localization updates on an enabled device in real time. These apps have long been used to track moving fleets on high-seas roads and vessels. On a physical or satellite map, a mobile phone tracking app displays live information about a physical object. While you may have heard of these apps being used commercially, their use has grown over the last few years for individual needs and wants. Today mobile trackers are used for parental control, to keep track of employees ‘ field activities and in a number of other ways. Tracking has become easy, with a wide selection of apps available for both Android and iOS platforms.

How Does A Cell Phone Tracker App Work?

Mobile phone trackers identify where an enabled device is located using GPS or Global Positioning System. It is the most advanced navigation system in the world that utilizes a satellite network to locate any device. This satellite system is capable of providing an accurate location of any device up to a few meters. The satellites send signals in the smartphones and other devices to the earth and the GPS receivers send those signals back to the satellites that are then relayed to a tracking device. The satellite system compares the time and distance to offer the exact location of the object while relaying the signals.

This allows the receiver’s system to efficiently and with a high amount of accuracy obtain real-time data about the objects. Modern applications go beyond offering the object’s location, and can also be used to extract real-time images, videos, text messages, and other phone information.

Top 11 Mobile Phone Tracking Apps


MSpy is a must-have tool for parents wishing to stay at the top of their children’s smartphone activities, avoiding online hazards and unwanted exposure. To satisfy all the demands of our customers, we have over 5 years of in-depth expertise and practical experience in security matters.

Features & Benefits

    • Manage Calls
    • Track Text Messages
    • Read Messaging Apps
    • Track GPS Location
    • Control Apps and Programs
    • View Multimedia Files
    • Monitor Internet Activity
    • Access Contacts and Calendar


One of the world’s most widely used mobile phone tracking apps, it is used for parental control and other tracking needs. This app’s ease of use coupled with a dashboard that provides access to various kinds of information, such as voice calls log and text messages. It is separated from other mobile trackers by its web-based dashboard which can only be used on mobile devices.

Features & Benefits

    • Web-based monitoring
    • Fully customizable mode 30 + tracking features
    • Call log analysis feature


Cocospy –This is a parent-focused mobile phone tracking app. It allows them to maintain discreet track of their teenage children. Besides the regular location tracking features, the app also allows monitoring of call logs, messages, and contacts. It allows parents to create a geo-fence where alerts are sent in real-time each time the fence is transgressed.

Features & Benefits

    • Geo-fence marking monitoring
    • Phones and tablets feature 100 percent stealth surveillance mode
    • Track contacts & call logs


Hoverwatch–This is a free phone tracking system available for Android devices. This can help track text messages, call history, location details, WhatsApp, audio, camera, and social media platform activity like Facebook, Skype, and Instagram, etc. The phone tracker operates discreetly and is extremely user friendly.

Features & Benefits

    • Calls and message tracker
    • Social media activity tracker
    • Call recording feature


TheTruthSpy telephone internet history tracker–Want to track your friends and family this is the app for you. The ease of use is what makes that app special. It lets you keep track of your loved ones ‘ location remotely. Besides the location of the loved ones all this can also keep track of Internet activities and comes with live call recording feature.

Features & Benefits

    • Reliable software
    • Ease of use
    • Live call recording

Google Maps

Google Maps internet monitoring activities–one of the oldest mobile phone trackers is certainly one of the top apps used.

This is the most widely used app mainly used for tracking. It makes up for its ease of use in terms of location tracking and navigation what it lacks in terms of tracking phone call activity, social media activity etc. It provides the most accurate location information, and has high uptime.

Features & Benefits

    • Ease of use Guide to Local amenities
    • Offline map feature that works without internet

Life 360

Life 360–The tagline says the app brings families closer to each other and the app certainly does. You would be able to keep track of all your loved ones in your family and among your friends with this app. The intelligent features in this app allow users to track their loved ones and protect them. This app offers a range of functions from creating private circles to sharing locations.

Features & Benefits

Custom group creation Location sharing


Be-on-Road smart notification–this is one all mobile tracker for people who like to hit the road. The app is unique in that it offers GPS navigation features offline. The app has a clean interface that puts it apart from the crowd. It provides information on a sharp curve, velocity camera and speed limits ahead of making it one of the most popular driving apps.

Features & Benefits

    • Offline GPS navigation feature
    • Multi-language voice navigation
    • 3D maps for better navigation


Glympse–A typical business-oriented mobile tracking app that makes life easier for logistics companies, food suppliers and similar service providers. The app utilized GPS location features to bridge the last mile delivery gap between companies and their customers.

Features & Benefits

    • Track accurate delivery time
    • Track the location of 100 per cent customizable


SpyBubble friends–this is powerful mobile tracking software based on cloud. It is compatible with various operating systems, and helps track the location of the device concerned along with various activities on it. It is advanced tracking software that keeps a watch on all activities on the phone, from recording phone calls to taking screenshots in real-time. Also, it can read discreet text messages and social media messages.

Features & Benefits

    • Social Media activity tracker
    • Live call recording 100 percent stealth mode


Read text messages remotely from XNSPY–This is a non-intrusive employee and parental monitoring app that keeps track of all device activities. From extracting the history of call logs to tracking live phone calls and text messages, it can provide a whole host of user information.

Features & Benefits

    • Text and Instant Message Tracker
    • Call logs and instant alerts recorded 24/7
    • This sums up our list of top 10 mobile phone tracking apps.

These apps are hugely popular and are used commercially as well as individually. Most of these apps are undergoing constant evolution to offer users smarter features.

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