Instagram Story Games Ideas To Increase Reach & Engagement

Instagram Story Games
Instagram Story Games

What Is a Far Better Alternative to Instagram? – How will we be able to live? Aside from Netflix, I can’t think of a better way to waste my time than scrolling through the full feed, reading the stories, researching hashtags and trending articles, or following the latest weird/beautiful/famous men and women.

Instagram games are a terrific way to increase engagement and foster a sense of community on your Instagram account.

This implies they’re an important part of social media marketing because they assist account owners in achieving their aims of growing their following and using Instagram to grow their business.

But what are Instagram games exactly, and how can they be exploited to their full potential? We’ll go over all of this and 9 Instagram game ideas to get you started.

What Are Instagram Games and How Do They Work?

Instagram games are (you guessed it!) games or challenges that you can publish to increase audience interaction. If you’re running out of content ideas, this is a terrific way to mix things up in your feed and add some variety to your posts.

Instagram games come in a number of shapes and sizes, ranging from photo contests to multi-person challenges that allow followers to join in and then pass the game on to their friends.

Why Are They Beneficial?

You can urge your followers to tag their friends, fill in the blanks, and so on when you post Instagram games or challenges on your account. Followers will be more likely to engage with your material and share your profile with others if you do this.

Each of them is an efficient method of social media marketing since it increases the number of people that visit your page. So, if you’re thinking about changing up your marketing strategy, organizing a game on Instagram might be a good idea.

On Instagram, how do you play games?

There are a plethora of methods to play games on Instagram, and we’re going to give you nine of them below.

  1. Getting It Ready
  2. Going to ‘Stories’ and scrolling to the right where it says ‘Browse Effects’ is one way to play Instagram games.
  3. ‘Effect Gallery’ is located at the top of the screen.
  4. You can scroll through other effect settings right below that. ‘Games’ can be found all the way to the right of this list.

This category has a large number of games that you can share on your Stories. You may encourage followers to comment to your Instagram games for Story by sharing their thoughts on the post or by publishing their own version of the game. When you want to do something fun with your followers, or even if you’re bored, these are wonderful to play!

Let’s get started!

There are a plethora of Instagram story games to choose from. ‘Song Association’ is a game that can be a lot of fun to play and share as encouragement for others to play.

This game will give the player a prompt, and they must then come up with a song that fits the prompt. The player must come up with a song that includes the term “hero” in the example below.

This game is fun to play alone, but if you’re playing with someone else, you may put them on the screen as well and compete to see who can come up with a song first.

This friendly rivalry would be a pleasant variation on the game that would likely encourage more people to participate.

‘Make Ur Own Meme’ is another enjoyable game that is really simple to grasp (and hence accessible to all followers).

This game functions as a filter, displaying a caption above the player’s head. The player must then produce a face that matches the caption’s description.

This game has a lot of diversity, and it can be a lot of fun for a group of people. You can publish a video of yourself playing this Instagram game for Story and invite your followers to play as well to encourage new people to join. However, after they submit their video, urge them to tag some people in the Story so that a chain of players can form.

Another Instagram Game Option

Going to ‘Stories’ and picking the ‘Aa’ that reads ‘Create’ on the left-hand side is another option to get some templates for Instagram games and challenges. Then scroll down to ‘Templates’ three times. Select the button that says ‘See All’ at the top of the screen. You’ll also find a plethora of templates in this site that you can use!

Let’s look at some examples of Instagram games you may use on your account now that you know some of the techniques to make them!

9 Unique Instagram Story Game Concepts

There are virtually unlimited possibilities for games and challenges you may hold for your Instagram followers, but here are nine to get you started.

1. Three Facts and a Falsehood

Three Truths and a Lie is a simple but entertaining game that many people are familiar with.

Simply upload four posts to your Story, each with a fact about yourself or your business, to play this Instagram game for Story. Then, using the Poll Sticker, create a new post in which followers can vote on whether of the facts is false.

This Instagram game is simple to play for all of your followers, and it allows them to learn more about you or your brand.

2. Quick Draw Competition

Try challenging your followers to a Quick Draw challenge if you’re searching for something more interactive. This template can be obtained by following the second set of instructions in the preceding section.

You can also use this Instagram game for Story to assist your followers get to know you better by challenging them to draw the best Quick Draw of your pet or a product your company sells.

You can convert this challenge into a giveaway if you want to take it a step further. For instance, whomever can draw the best representation of a specific product from your company will receive a free sample of that product.

3: Nominate Your Friends

You’ve undoubtedly come across a lot of these challenges on Instagram. It’s a simple game to organize and a great method to engage a large number of followers and friends in the challenge.

You also have a lot of creative freedom in this game; you can make the challenge into whatever you want it to be. Followers who want to play must follow the game’s instructions and then challenge their friends to join in.

Using the challenge sticker, which is available on Instagram Stories, is a simple method to distribute your challenge across Instagram. When users are nominated for challenges, this feature makes it simple for them to participate. The following is how it works:

Use the challenge sticker to mark a task after you’ve finished it by shooting a video or taking a photo. This can be in the form of a specific hashtag or just the challenge’s name.

Followers can then click on the sticker while viewing your Story to go to their own Stories, where they can produce their own contribution to the challenge and have it tagged in the same way.

Using this sticker will make it easier for people to notice and join your challenge, which will help it grow in popularity.

Participants can tag friends, who will be able to quickly join in the “Baby Face Challenge” by clicking the sticker in the Story post, as demonstrated in this example.

4. Take the GIF Challenge

The idea of organizing a GIF challenge is another entertaining Instagram game for Story that has recently gained popularity.

The host of these challenges will construct a template that fits a specific theme, such as a holiday or a major event like March Madness or Halloween. Blank squares would be labeled in a variety of ways in the template.

The challenge required participants to take a snapshot of the template and re-post it, filling in each square with a GIF of their choice. They would then re-post the blank template so that any of their followers may join in.

GIF challenges do not necessarily have to suit a specific theme, as this example shows. As illustrated above, they can simply be a way for people to introduce themselves.

5. Hashtag Competition

Hashtag challenges are another excellent technique to raise brand exposure on Instagram. And, when it comes to hosting the challenge, they’re yet another very simple alternative!

To run a hashtag contest, simply allow your followers to participate by producing a post for their feed or Story that includes a brand-specific hashtag.

As your followers post to enter the challenge, their followers will see the posts and, as a result, your hashtag will be visible. As a result of the ripple effect among Instagram users, you will be able to grow your reach and engagement.

6. Quiz Game

Quiz games are a terrific method for you and your followers to get to know each other, which is ideal if you want to foster a sense of community on your page.

Quiz games, like GIF challenges, are frequently utilized as Instagram Story games and are based on a template that the presenter posts beforehand.

These games also provide a lot of creative freedom in terms of how they’ll look. The questions, for example, might be themed in any way, and the format can also vary. The quiz templates can resemble bingo cards at times, while they can simply display a list of questions with room for the participants’ replies at other times.

When organizing a quiz challenge, inviting players to challenge their friends and followers to participate is a terrific idea.

7. Music Competition

Another great method to foster community in your online area and help people get to know one another is to host music challenges.

Participants are invited to share the music they’ve been listening to recently or their favorite music in general in these Instagram games, which are frequently featured on Stories. And, like with any challenge, everybody who takes part should invite their friends!

30-day song challenges, such as the one pictured above, have recently become increasingly popular, and they allow participants to share music every day for 30 days based on a number of prompts.

This effectively creates a month of exchanging music with followers, allowing everyone to learn more about one another and interact with other community members.

8. This Or That

The This or That challenge is a fun Instagram game for Stories that encourages a lot of people to interact with your account.

Everyone appears to like repeating these game templates and expressing their thoughts with other people, as well as seeing how others feel about controversial themes.

To hold one of these challenges, all you have to do is find or create a template, post it to your Story, and let your followers handle the rest!

9: Get to Know Your Followers

Many of the Instagram games we’ve discussed are excellent for getting to know your followers. You can, however, host a challenge with the express purpose of “getting to know you.”

To host a Get to Know Your Followers challenge, share a template with your followers and challenge them to fill it out and tag your account so you may repost it and share their responses with your audience.

The template can be anything you want it to be: a list of favourite items, hobbies, vocations, and so on. These challenges will help you obtain a better grasp of who your audience is, in addition to helping you become more familiar with your followers and develop a sense of community.

You may fine-tune your feed and customise your postings to the individuals who are seeing them by better understanding your audience, so increasing the effectiveness of your online community.

It’s Time To Begin

You’re basically an Instagram game expert now that you’ve read our greatest guide to Instagram games, right?

And there’s no better time than now to host a challenge, whether on your Story or in a post. So, what do you have to lose? Today, challenge your Instagram followers to a game!

Please let us know how our suggestions helped you if you use them. We’d love to hear about your experience hosting an Instagram game or challenge!

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