iTube Studio – One Click Download 4 K & Full HD Video

iTube Studio

The iTube Studio optimizes the smartphone, laptop and desktop installation processes. You can record videos at high speed from countless video sites.

It supports fro HTTP / RTMR / RTMPS / RTMPT protocols and helps you to download the 4k & Full HD performance of Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, XP.

You can download the iTube Studio from here and add iTube Extension to the Browser to access the videos directly after installation.

The videos can be downloaded directly via browser extension, URL click and the built-in app. You can upload multiple videos simultaneously using the software.


The iTube Studio was designed to have a private mode that allows you to set a password and also a few additional settings, for example “Do not display private video thumbnails,” “Save private videos as secret.”

iTube Studio–How the Recording Machine Works.

You can start capturing high-quality video from sites that you can not download videos like Hulu, BBC iPlayer Live, Netflix, Metacafe and others with two straight forward steps, so you can also save your skype meetings.


You can also adjust the capture area or move the window, or you can go to a full screen video recording when all is set, just press the “REC” button.

Video Converter

Once you have recorded or downloaded the video, you can convert popular formats compatible with all devices between 153 media.


You can convert videos to MP4, Mpeg, WMV, AVI and other formats, convert videos to audio formats, device-only videos, Apple software videos, and web-based videos.

Videos Transfer

Move your downloaded videos with a click of a button to the iOS and Android devices, simply to connect the phone via USB cable to the machine and view the device that is attached.


Only click on the video transfer button to transfer one by one or just transfer all of your images.

Incorporated App

The built-in app helps you to view and install your favorite video links within the iTube Studio itself.


Once you start the video buffer, you will be able to download your favorite video with the download button.


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