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Mandiant is included in the “Now Tech: Cybersecurity Incident Response Services Q4 2021” analyst Report

MILPITAS, Calif., Dec. 02, 2021( Business WIRE_– Mandiant, Inc., the world leader in cyber defense and response, announced today its inclusion in Forrester’s new report “Now Tech”: Cybersecurity Incident Response Services, Quarter 4 2021. This report gives an overview of 36 vendors that provide cyber security incident response services. It is divided by their capabilities, size, vertical focus, and geographical footprint. This report was created to assist security leaders in better understanding the value that organizations can expect from vendors providing incident response services and making informed procurement decisions.

Mandiant has been at forefront of cyber security intelligence and cyber threat intelligence since 2004. This allows for a deep understanding of emerging and existing threat actors as well as their constantly changing tactics, techniques, and procedures. The company’s experience in responding to large-scale and well-publicized attacks, as well as its track record of handling large-scale incidents, uniquely qualifies it to help clients with all aspects related to incident management. Mandiant allows organizations to confidently investigate and resolve incidents more quickly and efficiently. This allows them to get back to what is most important–their business.

Jurgen Kutscher (Executive Vice President, Service Delivery), Mandiant, stated that “in today’s ever-evolving threats environment, it’s no question about whether an organization will be a target for a cyberattack but rather when.” To ensure business continuity, it is crucial to be able to quickly detect and fix any potential attacks. Mandiant services, combined with the cyber security SaaS platform Mandiant Advantage, enable early threat insights that allow our customers to quickly identify, respond and defend against cyber threats.

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About Mandiant, Inc.

Mandiant(r), has been a trusted partner for security-conscious organisations since 2004. The right mix of intelligence, expertise, and adaptive technology is the key to effective security. Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform combines decades of frontline experience with industry-leading threat intelligence to provide a wide range of cyber defense solutions. Mandiant’s approach to cyber security helps organizations create more efficient and effective programs. It also instills confidence that they are ready to respond to and defend against cyber threats.

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