Online Gambling Industry in Ireland: How Does it Work?

Casino Games has done a study that has revealed that Ireland is one of the countries with the biggest contribution in the world’s gambling market. Ireland is one of the countries that has experienced an increase in popularity of online casinos. This popularity is as a result of many people spending time at home due the ongoing global pandemic.

With a net worth of $465.76, the international bookmaking market is at the highest level it has ever been. The Irish post reported about Ireland’s gambling per capita; it’s currently ranked in third position in the world. Ireland is only ranked behind countries like Singapore and Australia.

Types of Gambling and Bonuses

The Irish law breaks down gambling into three main categories that include: lotteries, gaming and betting. Commercial gambling is made up of horse betting, number games (like Keno and Lotto), lotteries and electronic gaming machines. Other options include card games like poker, bingo, sports betting, instant lotteries and casino table games.

There are many bonuses that you should expect from an Irish casino. These bonuses are meant to reward loyal customers and to attract new players.  Some of the bonuses include: loyalty bonuses, high roller rewards, welcome bonuses and referral bonuses. Other bonus options include: free spin bonuses, deposit bonuses, reward multipliers and no deposit bonuses.

How Legal is an Online Casino?

It is legal to use an online casino in Ireland as long as you’re within the legal age. Gamblers are expected to be at least 18 years old across the board. In 1931, the country passed a Betting Act that declared it a crime to work with any Irish bookmaker who is under the age of 18. For instance, it is illegal to make a bet or buy a Lotto ticket if you’re younger than 18. Originally, the Irish government had set a minimum age of 16, before changing it to 18. The 1931 Betting Act was the first major law passed to govern the online betting industry in Ireland. This law was amended in 2015 to include updated rules.

There is a possibility that online slots Ireland laws will be changed in the near future. The current coalition hasn’t taken any serious steps towards changing the gambling laws. The coalition is made up of parties like Green Party and Fine Gael. However, Fianna Fail has previously said that they are planning on reforming gambling in Ireland. Nonetheless, gambling is unlikely to be banned in Ireland because the industry provides funds to the country’s economy.

The authorities are also likely to impose new gambling laws because the country needs to raise funds. Ireland’s national economy has suffered from the effects of the pandemic and it’s therefore possible that the government will introduce new taxes in the gambling world.

Irish authorities legalized gambling over ten years ago. Both offshore and local operators are expected to acquire licenses to run gambling websites. Irish gamblers are exposed to many good casino options. Over the past decade, Ireland has become a popular destination for many operators.

Operators are required to have a license in order to run betting sites in Ireland. The main regulatory body is the UK Gambling Commission. It’s possible that Ireland will build a fresh regulatory body if the 2013 Gambling Control Bill is approved. The Supervisor of the National Lottery is responsible for controlling the lotteries. Remote betting intermediaries and remote bookmakers will pay an initial license fee of €10,000. Most operators will find this fee relatively affordable.

Rules and Regulations You Need to Know

For now, Ireland is a gambling paradise for any gambler who is looking for huge winnings without significant surveillance from authorities. Players have nothing to stress about and the best part is that they don’t have to pay taxes. Unlike other places, gamblers in Ireland don’t have to think of any secret rules imposed by authorities. However, we advise you to remain informed on all the latest news related to new regulations.

The main rules involve account verification, wagering requirements, withdrawals and playthrough requirements. These factors affect your withdrawals, bonuses and gaming. Breaching these terms can result in termination of accounts or losing bonuses. Read all the terms carefully before accepting them.

You Must be Able to Stop Playing in Time

It’s important to understand that gambling is meant to be a recreational activity. Gambling can be addictive if it is done excessively. Casino operators provide guidance to players so that they can maintain responsible gambling. The support team will help you gamble only when you can afford it. You will also learn how to set limits to the amount you’re willing to spend. This help will ensure gambling doesn’t hinder how you relate to your loved ones. Don’t gamble when you’re under the influence of alcohol and remember to take frequent breaks between your gambling sessions. It’s also wrong to view gambling as a job. In addition to this, gambling shouldn’t be used as an escape. Learn the best time to place a wager in order to increase your chances of making big winnings.


Irish gamblers have been in the forefront of growing some of the most popular online casinos. Ireland has emerged as a haven for gambling companies because the country’s gambling industry is managed by some lax (easy-going) laws. Economists have predicted that the gambling industry will continue enjoying an upward trend. The pandemic saw an increase in the gaming community because many women began gambling. We hope that this Irish online casino review has helped you.

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