Oracle Data Guard/Disaster Recovery Software for Oracle SE

Oracle Data GuardDisaster Recovery Software for Oracle SE
Oracle Data GuardDisaster Recovery Software for Oracle SE

Disaster recovery software is essential in Oracle SE for the protection of the database to avoid loss in case of failures or data corruption. There are unlimited options of disaster recovery software for Oracle SE, including Data Guard, Goldengate, and Dbvisit. The software offers simple to advanced solutions for your data protection.

Let’s head into the article to see what Oracle Data Guard offers.

Oracle Data Guard

Oracle Data Guard is a disaster recovery software for Oracle SE that ensures high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery of the database in Oracle. It protects the database from failures, disasters, data corruption, and even human errors. The software provides the management, monitoring, and automation software to keep single or multiple copies of the database in case of a disaster.

Configurations in Oracle Data Guard

Primary Database

The primary standby in Oracle Data Guard functions in the primary role also referred to as the production database. The database is primarily accessible by most of the applications.

Standby Databases

A standby database in the Data Guard is a transactionally consistent copy of the primary database. The Oracle Data Guard maintains each standby database by transmitting the redo data from the primary database and then applying it to the standby database.

The standby database can be either physical standby or logical standby database. In the Oracle Data Guard physical standby, the data guard replicates the exact physical content across the Oracle Net network layer. The physical standby database in the standby database uses the “Redo Apply” technology and has the same DBID identifiers as their primary equivalents.

At the same time, the logical standby database converts the redo generated from the physical database into data and SQL. Then it reapplies the SQL transactions on the logical standby.

Benefits of Data Guard

Simple, Secure, and Fast One-Way Replication

The Oracle Data Guard is one of the simplest disaster recovery software, which is very simple to use and works in a simple fashion by maintaining the secure and exact physical copy/replica of the database remotely. It also handles most workloads at the default configuration with very little administrative overhead.

No Restrictions

Unlike other disaster recovery software, Oracle Data Guard has no restrictions for any data type, including XML and BLOB. It replicates and supports all data types, PL/SQL packages, and DDL without special considerations.

Transparency of backups

The Data Guard keeps the backup of data in the primary database and standby that are exact copies of each other. In Oracle Data Guard, the RMAN backups are also interchangeable.

High Availability of Data

Oracle Data Guard provides the highest level of data protection without compromising the availability of the primary database. It works to perform active-passive data replication for the increased availability of data.

The Oracle Data Guard is one of the best disaster protection software known for its simplicity, data availability, best data protection, and high performance. As a result, it passes for the simplest and the fastest one-way replication of a complete Oracle database.

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