Outlook Is Down, Users facing Issues with Configured Emails

Outlook email

Microsoft 365 customers experience worldwide problems, with users experiencing login failures and repeated credentials when attempting to connect to their Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive accounts.

“We are investigating an issue that some users might not access Outlook and OneNote,” says a message from a Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account. “Further information can be found at the OC186848 and OL186847 admin center or http://status.office.com.”

User reports are also being published on Twitter during the last hour, with many of them saying that the error “MSPError=-805308370” has been logged off from their accounts with a request for sign-up using the correct URL.

Outlook sign-in error

Outlook sign-in error (Image: Lydia Titterington)

The official Microsoft 365 Health Status page also states that users “cannot access services or features on Outlook and OneDrive,” with the problem of customers “a degraded portion of network infrastructure.”

Outage map

Outage map (Image: DownDetector)

The Microsoft 365 team is working to resolve the Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive problems by ” rerouting traffic to mitigate the impact.

Update 18:11 EDT: The Microsoft 365 Service health status now says that:

We’ve rerouted traffic and our telemetry indicates that the service has largely recovered; however, some users may still be impacted. We’re performing targeted component restarts to fully remediate the issue. 

Update 18:53 EDT: The Microsoft 365 health status page and the Microsoft 365 status Twitter account state the following issues have been mitigated: Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive:

Outlook issues mitigated

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