Philips Roku TV Remote Not Working

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When your Philips Roku TV Remote Isn’t Working, this could be due to several causes; one being that its batteries may have died out.

Your remote may have an internal issue that needs repairing or replacing, while interference from light sources or electronic signal transmitters could also play a part in its malfunction.

Check the Batteries

One common cause of Philips Roku remote not functioning correctly is dead batteries, so switch these out for new ones and test the remote again. Also make sure it’s not close to any objects or electronic devices which may obstruct its signal and interrupt with its functioning.

Make sure that the batteries’ contacts are clean. Over time, corrosion can build up in these contacts, preventing proper connections from being made with each cell in your battery pack. Use cotton swabs or toothbrushes to get into each cell’s contact points and apply a small amount of 99.9% isopropyl alcohol before wiping with an alcohol wipe for best results.

If batteries still do not work, you may need to reset your remote. You can do so by holding down both power and mute buttons at once until it resets; once done, your remote should begin functioning as intended; otherwise you should contact the company for further assistance; they may send out a new remote.

Check the Remote’s Signal

Interference can disrupt the infrared signal from your remote to your TV, but you can avoid this situation by clearing a path between these devices. Do this by unplugging any electronic devices close to your television as well as clearing away objects which could block out this IR signal from reaching its destination.

Resetting the remote’s software can also help resolve Philips Roku Tv Remote Not Working issues by clearing away temporary glitches and returning it back to its default settings. To do this, locate and press both power and mute buttons simultaneously on the remote control.

Once completed, this step should result in an orange blinking light on your device. If it does not, there may be an issue with its functionality and should contact Philips customer support to address it.

Check Your Wireless Connection

If all other troubleshooting techniques fail and still can’t get your remote to work, it could be your wireless connection. Roku doesn’t require internet access in order to connect to TV; however, a functional local network must exist for it to function effectively. If you have a WiFi extender, move it closer to your router in order to increase signal strength.

Clean your batteries and contacts on a regular basis as dirt and dust may collect over time, using either a cloth to wipe down each battery individually, or adding a few drops of 99.9% isopropyl alcohol to them to see if that helps remove built-up gunk and restore functionality in your remote control device. Changing batteries if necessary; otherwise it could be an issue with software related to either TV or remote controls.

Check the Remote’s Software

After prolonged use, your Philips Roku remote may experience minor software issues which cause it to malfunction. To rectify this situation, the remote needs to be reset; you can do this by taking steps such as taking out batteries and holding down power button for 10 seconds; forcefully mashing buttons while also slapping it against palm can also help reset it.

Drain any residual battery power and clear away any dirt accumulated over time. Make sure the remote’s IR emitter can be seen without being blocked by soda, water, sweat, hand lotion, dust or even drool from children; check it with digital camera or some smartphone models – this process should usually restore functionality – but if problems remain contact Philips directly as this step may need further work to fix.

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