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Version: 5th September 2019 update


5th September 2019




(5th September 2019 update)

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Name: Pokemon Outlaw
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English
Creator: Crizzle


Outlaw Pokemon is not here like the rest of hacks. With another 10-year-old kid setting out to explore the world, this is not a tale about a brand new climate. (Do any of you guys think it’s too early to go out alone on a world full of dangerous super-powered beings at 10 years old?) It’s not a tale of the strong grunt of some superhero squad.

This is the story of a deprived girl who lives in the slums at the age of 15. It’s about Pokemon’s rise to prominence in the region. Many of you in this game should be acquainted with the setting. It is the land of Kanto, the setting of Pokemon FireRed. There are some significant differences between the maps (new places and buildings), but it is definitely the Kanto of FireRed.



  • Different starter Pokemon
  • Tons of funny new dialogue
  • Slums in many of Kanto’s major cities
  • No crappy Mt.Moon or boring Viridian Forest
  • Major twist in Pokemon League that’s totally awesome
  • A romantic relationship
  • Take on the Government, the Police, Team Rocket, and more




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