Reasons Network Operations Managers Use Dashboards

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If your business manages multiple networks, you are surely well aware of the challenges your managers face when monitoring them all at the same time. But hopefully, you realize how important their job is as well. If your networks are not up and running with delays, your data and customers’ data can be compromised.

Unless you’re ready to hire an in-house team that can work with all network management levels, it would be a good idea to consider an outsourced team.

Working with a NOC (Network Operations Center), you have people who are responsible for your infrastructure:

    • health;
    • security;
    • capacity;

In general, this constant care can keep your business fast and efficient, which is necessary to stand out among other companies these days. It can be compared to different services that are always here for students. Whenever you need research paper help or some kind of other academic assistance, you can always submit your request.

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Advantages of having a NOC at a company

Now, when you know what a NOC is, it is time to find out how your business can benefit from it.

It backups data that is stored on network devices

Of course, if you need to hold and store your company’s and your clients’ data, you can use many networks at every taste. But what should you do if this data is corrupted? Something could happen to a network device storing data as well. But you can sleep safely if you’re using a NOC because it was developed exactly to back up the network files. Even if something disastrous happens, your storage is safe and accessible.

It provides you with patch management

You surely know that all types of business software are continually being updated and changed by developers. If you don’t keep your network up-to-date, this process becomes challenging for your managers. The good news is that NOCs have patch management features that keep all your programs updated. You don’t have to go through all the latest patches individually. Sounds just amazing, right?

It monitors and manages security software

There is no need to explain that security is vitally important in the modern world. Having a NOC, you have incredible software that will increase the network security tools and manager firewalls.

It develops performance reports

You simply can’t stay aboard if you don’t have a way of keeping up with your network’s optimization. Network operations managers can provide you with different types of reports that help you visualize how healthy your network is and what areas require some kind of development to boost the overall performance.

Now, when you know the common benefits of having a NOC in your company, you may question how they work? What kind of software do they use to keep abreast? The answer is pretty simple: they work with the operations dashboard.

What are NOC dashboards?

A dashboard is an analytical tool that can be used across all industries to visualize and analyze big data.

Speaking about companies that provide online assignment help, they may have dashboards as well. For example, their managers need to know the general amount of new and repeated customers, types of their orders, the satisfaction rate, etc. They need to know whether a specific research paper helper can deliver the necessary result. It is a good business, but you’ll never get big results if you don’t have the whole picture. And manual reporting may take you a lot of time, so it is better to invest in modern automatized dashboards.

Speaking about NOC, dashboards are used to provide operations management metrics information and critical reporting. Some examples will help you to understand their necessity.

Incident Management Dashboard

This NOC dashboard is used to get information about current incidents. Your managers can easily determine where an SLA has been violated and which incidents have already been breached. It also provides your team with insights into open incidents, unassigned ones, etc. Knowing your problems, you’ll easily find out what NOC best practices may come in handy in your case.

SLA compliance Dashboard

If any Service-Level Agreements have been violated, your NOC team finds it at once. Your managers also have access to:

    • uptime;
    • availability;
    • response time;
    • other SLA compliance factors.

Port-Mortem Dashboard

Using this type of NOC dashboard, your team can analyze the incident: to find out its root causes and develop ways to prevent the repetition of this incident in the future. Setting up the postmortem dashboard, it is necessary to include:

    • relevant details about the case;
    • root cause analysis;
    • incident actions;
    • incident timeline.

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MTTR and MTTA Dasboard

MTTR stands for Mean Time to Resolution, and MTTA stands for Mean Time to Acknowledge. This type of dashboard is necessary to find out how much time NOC managers need to put things together if there was a system failure. They also need to know how long it takes to respond to this accident. If you understand that these metrics are sagging over time, you can change your approaches to optimize them.

Service-Level Dashboard

If you want to track various service levels, the best solution is to create this kind of dashboard. It allows your team to set goals and to view its progress. This approach can be applied to both the group and individuals.

Besides, this dashboard lets you compare and contrast several metrics, working on developing new ways to meet Service-Level Agreement requirements.

Business Dashboard

Running a business, it is necessary to keep a lot of things in your mind. How nice it would be if you have a tool with insights into the costs of all incidents your company faces. Wait a minute. The dashboard with business and executive metrics is used for this very purpose.

When your NOC managers know for sure how incidents damage your enterprise, they do their best to work them through.

There can also be other NOC dashboards that are intended to make your everyday life easier. It doesn’t mean, though, that you should implement all of them at once. Start with evaluating your purposes and examine what data your NOC team needs. Begin with a few tools and track the progress. As your needs grow, leverage new dashboards. And if they are not delivering the expected results, you can modify or subtract them. Use this modern tool to work smarter and to make your NOC as efficient as possible!

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