Reasons Why Your Growing Business Needs a Colocation Solution

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Successful businesses understand that scalable solutions must be implemented to facilitate growth. Part of the problem for growing businesses is managing their computer hardware so there is no disruption for employees and customers alike.

That’s why a lot of businesses are opting for outsourcing the job of looking after your computer infrastructure to companies that offer colocation services. You’ll still own the hardware, but they will be stored, cooled and maintained at a different location. There are several benefits to this approach, so keep on reading to find out how this solution can help you grow your business. Example: It gives you more freedom to work on other things that will grow your business. You can find premium colocation and North Sydney Data Centre provider with Macquarie Data Centres.

Uptime reliability

Websites that have downtime for even a few hours can experience a significant loss of sales. If it happens regularly, then your brand reputation will take a hit and customers will go elsewhere to buy their products.

Managing your hardware to ensure an uptime of 99.99% is a tricky business. You need to invest in competent professionals that have an excellent track record. Also, the cooling solutions must work around the clock. It’s a lot of pressure for a business – especially if they have limited technical expertise.

Businesses can use colocation services to have better uptime reliability. Their professionalism and setup quality have a proven track record that you can depend on. It gives you more freedom to work on other things that will grow your business.


The space and cooling infrastructure required to house computer hardware could be low during the first few years of operation. However, as the business grows your building might not have enough space to cater to the required hardware. Business growth will be stunted as you struggle to find the room for employee offices and hardware under one roof.

On the other hand, colocation solutions offer a setup where you don’t have to worry about hardware space requirements. Your IT infrastructure can grow without limits as most colocation services have the capacity to handle massive storage requirements.

It’s perfect if you don’t want to deal with the complexity that comes when the business scales to new heights. You only have to worry about buying more servers and other equipment that will facilitate business growth.

Enhanced security

list-of-hosting-companiesData security is becoming an increasingly more important aspect of running a business. The rise of hacking events means that companies are prone to data leaks and system shutdowns. Therefore, you need to invest in the best data security technologies to safeguard your digital assets.

Choosing to take on this important task on your own is not optimal. Do you have the expertise to figure out the latest digital security protocols? Most probably not, but colocation professionals do.

They implement state-of-the-art systems that give the most talented hackers a hard time. It will give you peace of mind that your digital assets are adequately protected against potential hacking events.

Interconnectivity options

The transition to a colocation service means businesses will have access to better connectivity options. It includes key add-ons such as cloud platforms, networks services and internet service providers. Colocation companies provide an abundance of options that would not be available if you were to build a network within your commercial building.

Business growth is facilitated by increasing the number of connections to beneficial services. It can help solve specific business problems and improve client satisfaction. The benefit is the freedom to choose a digital infrastructure that meets the demands of the modern digital landscape.

Better resource allocation

Resource allocation is a vital daily task that ensures the digital infrastructure is running smoothly. Training IT professionals to optimize your resource allocation can be an uphill battle. If they fail to execute correctly, ultimately the responsibility falls back on the business.

Colocation services take care of resource allocation, which is another task taken off your plate. They have the experience and capacity to manage your hardware so that it’s optimally utilized. They can do this whether your business is small or has grown to be one of the market leaders in your industry.

Final thoughts

Setting up your business for future success is important to promote growth. Investing in scalable solutions prepares you for unexpected periods of fast growth that may otherwise bring other businesses to a halt. It’s important to choose a colocation solution that can meet the specific needs of your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Start looking into the colocation solutions available for your business to get an edge on the competition. It could be one of the most important decisions you make for the longevity of your business.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Cybers Guards. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its Cyber Security Practice and Cyber Security Operations Center, which provided managed security services.