RTP and RNG Slots Explained


In case you’ve been considering playing internet slot games, and even if you have been enjoying them for a while now but you’re still not completely sure of how they work, this article might come in handy for you. There are some terms that relate to slots from new online slot sites that can be really useful to understand, and we’ll do our best to explain them so you can work out whether you need to know more, or you can keep playing as you always have done.

RTPs On Slot Games

RTP stands for ‘return to player’, and it’s a good way of figuring out what the likelihood of winning is on any kind of specific game; basically, what the odds of a return to player (ie, getting the money back that you’ve paid in) really are. The higher the percentage of the RTP, the more chance there is of getting that money back again. It’s not guaranteed, though; it’s really just an indication of which games are more likely to pay than others. 

A game which has an RTP of ninety five percent, for instance, implies that you are going to see a return of ninety five percent of your money on average. The casino therefore has a five percent advantage. 

The majority of the casinos online will publish their RTPs which will assist you in deciding which video games you’re going to play – but the end result will still be down to chance. In case you cannot see the RTP of a game it is better to steer clear. You just won’t know what you’re getting into. 

RNG Slot Games

RNG stands for ‘random number generator’. The RNG is really a microchip which allows the slot machine to – as the title indicates – spin randomly. These chips are examined and verified by various companies to make sure they’re good and they genuinely are random so you can be sure the slots aren’t geared towards favouring the casino or website they’re on. 

The idea behind using RNG technology is to make it fair all round. Neither the player nor the casino can predict when a win is coming, so it really is down to luck. Of course, there are more losing combinations than winning ones, but this is to be expected; it’s what slots are all about. 

The Best Way To Play Now

Getting the info to hand is helpful, but just how could it be used to make your game playing much more positive? First off, we need to concentrate on RTP. Understanding the RTP of any game implies that you can be certain of the chances before you begin playing – you will understand what your odds are, which will help you to choose which games are better to play and which should be avoided altogether. 

Nevertheless, it is interesting to be aware that some players will purposefully elect to participate in slots with a low RTP. The reason is, although the game doesn’t pay out very often, those prizes tend to be bigger, and for these players, it is worth the chance.

Mark Funk
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