Live Casino VS Traditional Casinos

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Traditional casinos have been around for centuries. The first casinos appeared in Italy in the 17th Century and a casino known as the Ridotto is thought to be the earliest evidence of a proper casino establishment. It was opened in Venice in 1638 and provided a controlled gambling environment. This experiment proved to be a huge hit with the Italian public and spawned further casino developments around the world. By the 19th century casinos started to appear throughout Europe. 

It is not surprising that casinos date back this far, as evidence of forms of gambling have been discovered throughout history. The Ancient Greeks, Romans and other societies all featured gambling games as forms of entertainment in their societies – play live casino. Whether they were legal or illegal, these games would not disappear from historical archives. 

Modern Times 

Now, so-called traditional casinos have become well established across the globe where gambling is legal and they have flourished for many years. There are a couple of hot spots that have become world famous as gambling venues and these casino resorts have helped boost the economy in cities such as Las Vegas and Macau. 

Traditional casinos offer a night out with friends and they are also part of social gambling. However, for those casinos that haven’t moved with the times, they can also still be seen as exclusive clubs where only high rollers are welcome. This is a problem traditional casinos are addressing as they try to halt the decline in the numbers of visitors coming through the doors. Methods that are being used include modernizing casino interiors, offering more non-gambling entertainment, catering for all budgets and appealing to a younger crowd. 

Live Casino Rival 

Traditional casinos are not only facing competition from online casinos, they also have to face losing customers to Live Casinos that are included in almost all online casino platforms. At these Live Casino virtual venues, punters can experience land-based casino offerings in the comfort of their own homes. Live Casinos offer a wide range of all the popular in-house casino table games and customers can interact with live dealers in glorious high definition. Furthermore, this suits those players who are not clued up on in-house casino etiquette, as this virtual experience means that you do not have to tip dealers. Welcome bonus offers are easier to apply to online player’s accounts and these usually consist of a deposit match up on your first deposit. Many Live Casinos also offer regular promotions that again are very practical for online punters. 

Final Thoughts 

Although traditional casinos are fighting back, they still face losing ground to the practicality of Live Casinos. These virtual venues are also available 24/7 and offer a wider range of games. They cater for all budgets and do not just focus on high rollers. Traditional casinos are now trying to pull in a younger crowd courtesy of bars, music and other secondary entertainment, but it all may be too little, too late because online casinos have become so numerous and popular, that they will not be going anywhere soon.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.