Smart Solutions to Screen Mirroring iPad to Samsung TV

Samsung TV

Because of the excellent screen quality it offers, many people enjoy watching videos on their iPad.

But due to the small screen size, it is still difficult to get the majority of elaborate information many times, particularly when several movements take place within the movie.

Therefore, you may need to stream your iOS gadget to a larger screen, luckily, there are several ways in your hands to receive them on your TV.

Display Mirroring Samsung TV with iPad

Linking devices isn’t a big issue for people who have an Apple TV. But attaching the system can be very problematic for individuals who own Samsung TV or alternative smart TVs such as LG Smart TV.

This guide will disclose numerous working procedures to resolve all your questions about Screen Mirroring iPad to Samsung TV in order to fix this issue.

3 Ways of Screen Mirroring iPad to Samsung TV


Video & TV Cast would be quite a great choice for you to not need to use wires. This software is used to screen videos played on Samsung Smart TV and Blu-Ray players on your mobile devices.

With the aid of this, you will be able to download offline and online movies without any time constraints. In order to do a Screen Mirroring iPad for Samsung TV, here are some measures you want to learn.

    • On your iOS device and Samsung Smart TV, download and set up Video & TV Cast. Start the app on both devices once you’re done.
    • On your iPad, in the upper right corner of your window, press the Cast button.
    • A new pop-up window containing an IP address will appear when you click on the icon. Only use your remote controller to set the IP address on your TV.
    • Hunt for the movie that you would like to see and then play it when the devices are connected.

Tip: Click the Okay button on your remote controller to be able to view the full show.

You would have the opportunity to display videos that are played on Samsung TV on your own iOS with this app. But Video & TV Cast has its own disadvantages.

There may be an incident where you need to throw your computer many times over. That is because only after a variety of connexion attempts, a few videos work.


Using software called Mirror for Samsung TV is one of the most common methods that we can use to project the display action of our iPhone on a regular smart TV.

You’ll be able to cast any iOS device on a TV with this tool without having another gadget or purchasing a luxurious Apple TV.

This tool enables you to start streaming your movies, gameplay, movies, etc. from your convenience with a larger monitor. Your computer, however, must be compliant with this unique app so that you can use it successfully.

Here is the manual you’ll need to review to use this tool.


    • Get this iPad casting software from iTunes or even the AppStore in the first place and install it on your iPad.
    • After that, from the Control Centre, you can start activating your iOS 11 display recording feature. But if it doesn’t seem to be in the control center, you want to trigger it on your own from the Settings section.
    • The next move is to open the Samsung TV mirror and it will scan for your smart TV instantly.
    • Simply tap it to start connecting your iPad to your TV if your “smart TV” is detected.
    • The alerts need to be activated, so you’ll know if your TV is working.
    • Now swipe up until you find the control center and tap the Screen Recording button for 5 seconds to begin mirroring.
    • Another window will appear afterward, pick “Mirror Samsung TV” from here if you have a Samsung Smart TV to view your iPad activities directly on your TV.


    • The following approach for mirroring an iPhone to a Samsung TV without an Apple TV is to use an AllCast program.
    • This tool provides display casting on a wider display like a TV from a specific cellular unit.
    • Navigating on a larger screen through the gallery of your captured images from the computer brings pleasure and comfort, which makes this application a must-try application.
    • From the AppStore, download and set up AllCast. The next thing is to launch a smart TV.
    • Open this app and let it access the images or songs that appear in the window to unlock them.

Now you can start mirroring your computer by hitting the cast icon at the bottom of the window. You can begin searching for the name of your TV from here and tap it to create a link.

The application will then guide you to your saved videos and images automatically. Just tap a picture or movie to start streaming and it will look right on your TV.

The top ways to mirror the iPad to Samsung TV without Apple TV are above. If everyone had an Apple TV, mirroring wouldn’t be a problem, but many smart TVs don’t have an integrated role like this.

Therefore, adhering to the aforementioned methods is the smartest thing you can do. If you have other ways of mirroring your iPad screen to the Samsung TV without Apple TV, please share them in the comments box. Tons of thanks!

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