The Advantages of Using an ITSM Ticketing System

What Is a Ticketing System

The Advantages of Using an ITSM Ticketing System- An ITSM ticketing system is not applicable in a small business setting, one reason being that anyone can walk up to their IT department for direct help.

IT Ticketing System

A user who is experiencing a technical issue or has a concern submits a ticket to their IT department. This is received by the service desk, which classifies it and forwards it to someone else for resolution. The ticket contains information on the problem, its current state, and potential solutions. This is a ticketing system for ITSM.

An ITSM ticketing system is ineffective in a small business setting for several reasons, one of which is that anyone may go up to their IT department for immediate assistance. This is not the case for large corporations or businesses.

Small businesses can benefit from an email system for technological issues because IT staff can respond to questions quickly. However, if your company grows, you will need to adopt an IT ticketing system sooner or later. It will be capable of dealing with a significant volume of requests or issues.

There are a variety of ITSM ticketing tools available to assist your company. A service desk feature is included in most ITSM software packages. ITarian does so, as well as providing cloud-based solutions.

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Different Types of Tickets

A ticket is the heart of an ITSM ticketing system. The issue or concern in question is listed on the ticket. Listed below are the various types of tickets available:


These are tickets that keep track of what’s going on in your IT environment. Outages, releases, and maintenance activities are examples of events.


These tickets keep you up to date on what’s going on in your IT environment. These are generated by the system and are automated through the use of monitoring and error handling.


This sort of ticket is for service interruptions. They can also indicate a drop in the quality of IT support. Outages, performance difficulties, and errors are examples of incidents.


These tickets include requests for password resets, application installations, and software updates, among other things.

Tickets are also available from three main sources

  • System

These are tickets that were generated by the system as a result of particular criteria or events.

  • User

This is the most popular method of obtaining tickets. To obtain technical support, users generate tickets using a self-service online form.

  • Agent

These tickets are created by a variety of people, including helpdesk agents, operations personnel, and

  • IT specialists

All of these sorts of tickets can be managed and handled by an ITSM ticketing system.

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What Are ITSM Ticketing Tools?

ITSM ticketing tools are software applications that handle and manage tickets based on their severity level. The following are some of the most prevalent features of an ITSM ticketing system:

  • A ticketing system for ITSM is a central repository for requests and issues.
  • It sends an email to a predefined alias to generate a ticket.
  • It also provides web forms for people who want to make their own tickets.
  • An ITSM ticketing system sends out automated responses to requesters, informing them of the ticket’s existence.
  • It keeps records of how support agents and requesters communicate.
  • Reporting and analytics are features of an ITSM ticketing system.

ITSM Ticketing System Advantages

An ITSM ticketing system aids in the faster resolution of IT issues. Using an IT ticketing system has numerous advantages. Here are a few examples:

An ITSM ticketing system gives you access anytime and anywhere.ITarian’s cloud-based solutions help you in collecting tickets from various sources. This includes web portal, email, phone, and endpoint monitors.

You can also access account tickets through a mobile application.

An ITSM ticketing system ensures effective communications.ITarian guarantees that your clients will get the information they need during the resolution process. This also includes the following:

  1. Customized greetings.
  2. Automated emails and updates.
  3. Scripted responses.
An ITSM ticketing system creates efficient workflows.ITarian helps you in handling, prioritizing, and escalating requests in an effective way via the following:

  1. Configurable ticket categories.
  2. Automatic ticket routing.
  3. SLA tracking.
  4. Escalation procedures.
An ITSM ticketing system has visibility and reporting features.ITarian has an easy-to-use dashboard. It offers comprehensive tracking and reporting features to give you a picture of the service requests.
An ITSM ticketing system has a shared knowledge database.ITarian helps your tech team in collecting information and documenting it. Issues and their corresponding resolutions are accessible in a central place.

This helps in troubleshooting issues and avoids recurring problems, which saves you time, money, and effort.

An ITSM ticketing system provides a good user experience.A branded customer portal creates consistency and confidence in the support process.

ITarian’s simplicity, ease of use, and effectiveness will give you a memorable computing experience.


You now have a thorough understanding of the ITSM ticketing system, including the many types of tickets and their key sources. You also discovered the benefits of utilising an IT ticketing system. ITarian is a fantastic tool with a lot of useful features. It’s a low-cost option that satisfies your company’s requirements.


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