Top 10 Best Free Proxy Sites

Best Free Proxy Sites

Are you looking for a Free Proxy Site? Don’t think about it! I’ve got your back in there. In this post, you will get the new edition of Best Proxy Sites 2020. In this post, I’m going to share the Free Proxy Server List, which is one of the best lists of websites to be anonymous. Proxy servers are used to access blocked and anonymous web browsing pages. So here you’re going to get the Top 10 Best Free Proxy Sites Anonymous Proxy Server List 2020 that you can use to unblock school/college sites.

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy is a representative or agent working on behalf of another. The term Proxy is used in every area of life. Throughout the world of the Internet, the World Wide Web, etc. Proxy Server is a computer network service that helps clients to make indirect network connections to other network services. Many websites provide proxy services to users free of charge, which makes it possible to use anonymous web browsing. Currently, there are hundreds of sites dedicated to giving proxy access. Let’s look at the top 10 proxy websites in 2020

Top 10 Best Free Proxy Sites | Anonymous Proxy Server List 2020

So here I’m sharing the 10 best proxy servers list of sites that also provides the proxy server IP address, and if you’re searching for a fast proxy server address for free in India and the US, then you’re in the right spot. About How Tech Hack provides you with a 100% working Free Proxy Sites list. As you know, the list is very broad, so all Free Proxy Sites can not be published here. But don’t worry that I share the pdf list of Proxy Server, you can also download it from below.

This is one of the best proxy websites you’ll find in almost all of the top proxy pages. The UI of this website is clear and easy to understand. They have too many England proxy, US skull proxy, and European servers for us to use. Okay, because if one doesn’t work, one of the others will certainly work. The advertisements are regular, nothing over the top, and there are no pop-ups either. They also offer us the ability to modify the user agent and manage cookies.

The ease of use of this website is just incredible. Ads are limited, and there are no pop-up windows. We offer some information about how their website functions on the homepage, in addition to the regular URL box. We can choose whether cookies and JavaScript should be allowed and whether the connection should be encrypted. When we enter the prohibited website in the URL box and press the surf button, the website will open in another browser tab.

This website is different from the majority of proxy websites. It has a directory of free proxy servers around the world, which is updated every 10 minutes. The dashboard has extensive details on everything connected to the proxy. The proxy server collection is in the sidebar scroll-down. They’ve even got a VPN list for us. The positive thing is that the ads are limited, not on the upper half of the site, but the lower half. This and the vast list of proxy servers make this website a must-have site.

This website was created in 2003 and is a paid service. If you want a fully qualified proxy server service, this website is the right one to pay for. We have the best proxy server program and other anonymous tools for hiding IP addresses. There’s always a free trial of 3 days. There are two types of services provided:

    • Proxify Pro, for 1 or more commercial users, is for rs.17,000 per month.
    • SwitchProxy, for automated use of computer systems; it’s $150 a month. In both of these plans, you will appear from 1,510 locations around the world.

This proxy website is free for basic use and charges $5 a month for premium services. The design of the homepage is effortless, but it does a good job. We get a URL box and a list of a few European and US IP addresses to choose from; with that, they also list the page load speed of that IP address up to your connection. There are 6 plans in the paying category, which have anonymous private proxies. The prices range from $5 to $850. You may also use the extension of this website to Firefox.

The UI of this website is the most basic and transparent, only a URL box, and it is possible to either allow cookies, artifacts, scripts, encrypt the URL and page, etc. much of the homepage remains blank, with hardly any advertising on the show. Then there’s also a unique YouTube unblock page. This site is a must-visit for all of us.

This website is similar to, as this site also has a proxy server directory. The homepage is big, where they have given information about themselves and the benefits of using them. Then there’s a fast connection to unblock some of the famous sites, a URL box, and an option to turn SSL on or off. From the list or auto-pick, you can select a web server from 4 choices and an IP location. Page pages, scripts, cookies, encryption, etc. can be removed.

It is another good website for free proxy. While there are more ads in it, it’s a good speed. If you use this proxy site, it is suggested to enable ad blockers as some redirect ads are also available. In addition to the URL box and the ads, there are tabs with details, censorship, privacy, and a link to the more free proxy.

This proxy website was launched in 1997. The first page lets you pick the language, and then the main webpage gives you a brief overview of their paid services, called VIP membership, and a way to use the free service. The free service page is quick, just enter your website address and click the surf button anonymously. The length of membership payment is 1 month, 6 months, or a year. You can pay via PayPal in some of the world’s big currencies. One not-so-nice thing about this platform is that it doesn’t include SSL in its free plans. Otherwise, it’s a really fast and stable proxy server.

This fantastic proxy site has both free and paid plans. The homepage is ad-free, which is a good thing to do. The free browsing URL box helps us to choose from 10 server choices. I also have their plugins that are available in the Chrome Web Store and Firefox add-ons. If you can’t use them, they will have a kproxy browser; just download, unzip, and surf. Current paid plans are three. Free package for ten days, Premium for 30 days, and VIP for 180 days. They also have a free setup guide.

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The use of proxy sites has now become a standard, with a growing amount of restrictions on the Internet in many countries. These proxy websites have been a godsend to users in these countries, as well as to regular users—a very secure way to conceal your identity online and stay safe from criminals. Proxy sites are here to stay.

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I hope you’ve made use of our Free Proxy Sites List, haven’t you?

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