U.S launches cyber-attack targeting Iranian missile and rocket systems

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After President Trump supported the use of conventional guns to attack Iran, the attack took place last week.

The US reacted to a latest increase in Iranian cyber activity and last week’s shooting of an unarmed drone by launching cyber attacks on Iran’s military IT systems.

U.S. Cyber Command with the immediate consent of U.S. President Donald Trump reported on Sunday, quoting two indoor sources and confirming this report by a third official in the Pentagon.

The U.S. Cyber Command targeted the computer systems used by the Iran military to control some of the rocket and missile launchers in the country.

The facilities are managed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran (IRGC), a branch of the Armed Forces of Iran that was designated last year by the US presidency as a terrorist organization.


The AP revealed that the U.S. cyber-attacks were the second go-to-measure after President Trump rejected a military strike against Iranian bases on Thursday last week.

The White House initially planned to strike Iran by means of a military film force after Iran shot a costly US surveillance drone (RQ-4A Global Hawk) with a Surface-to-Air missile late last week. The US stated the drone had broken into its air space in international waters, while Iran claimed it had broken.

First of all, the American cyber attack was reported by Yahoo News soon after President Trump canceled the military strike and on Sunday, the AP revealed the goals of this attack.

The cyber attack also came after the news that Iranian hackers have increased attempts over the last few months to target critical US infrastructure following increasing political tensions between the two countries.

Over the weekend, the Homeland Security Cyber Security Agency (CISA) advised US companies to take protective action against Iranian hackers ‘ go-to strategies, such as using data wiping malware, credential stuffing assaults, password spraying, and spear-phishing.

The cyber-attack directed at Iran last week is not the first time the cyber armies of the US have struck the nation of the Middle East. By sabotaging uranium enrichment infrastructure, the US and Israel implemented the Stuxnet worm against Iranian nuclear installations in 2010, effectively delaying the country’s nuclear weapons program.

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