Ways by Which Chatbots Increase E-Commerce Sales!


The business world is being revolutionized by the newly emerged AI-based e-commerce chatbots that provide much better and faster customer service experience rather than human beings. Business organizations and brands efficiently use chatbots to communicate with clients and resolve numerous issues within their online store. Over time, chatbots have become a strong backbone of businesses in the e-commerce industry.

However, one of the severe evolving chatbot security issues is that they might get exploited by hackers. Cybercriminals use chatbots to compromise sensitive information and trick the targeted victims into following malicious links. Such malicious bots appear normal but their primary purpose is to steal personal data as well as corporate data.

It is similar to a phishing attack. Attackers can take control of these symptoms and impersonate official brand employees to seize the sensitive data. Also, hackers can easily leverage the stolen data gained by a security breach.

As hackers are adopting new ways to fool users, malicious bots are becoming difficult to spot. It opens doors to social engineering attacks along with other malicious activities.

Internet users can protect themselves from malicious bots and sites by filtering their network traffic and going towards the use of CleanWeb to prevent any nasty activity. Moreover, the security products like using a VPN, a cloud security suite, or a DNS firewall will automatically block the IP addresses and malicious links that you come across.

How Chatbots Are Bringing Wonders?

Chatbots assists e-commerce stores in engaging a large number of audiences, offering them quick, relevant, and data-driven solutions for the issues faced by the clients. These chatbots enable the business to provide continuous 24/7 support, generating better sales through a guided e-commerce shopping experience. With continuous integration of the e-commerce platforms, CMS, CRM software, and the ERP solutions, the AI-powered e-commerce chatbots can provide amplified and unprecedented customer experiences by quick data-driven replies to customer’s worries.

Chatbots are now regarded as the future of marketing. These marketing tools have witnessed significant growth over the last few years. Because of this, the chatbot market is expected to pass by $4.5 billion by 2021.

It is also revealed that 85% of the customer interactions will be managed without human counterparts by 2021. It shows that chatbots have evolved from being just a marketing tool to a valuable asset for a successful e-commerce business. In this post, we’ll be discussing different ways chatbots can boost e-commerce sales.  Let’s read one.

1.   Eye-Catching Deliver and Shipping Messages

Buyers on the e-stores come up with numerous questions regarding the delivery and shipment of their products, both before and after the purchase. Concerns that come up before a sale includes topics like delivery time, shipping costs, packaging quality, and scheduling options. The failure of not getting answers to all these queries might discourage a buyer from spending money on that particular site.

In the same way, customers who have purchased products do look for tracking information of the shipment and requests for the periodic updates on their location and the projected delivery day.

A chatbot allows the online store to give its potential and existing customers with the details and updates about delivery and shipment. The FAQs regarding shipping can be fed into the script and the instant answers can be provided to the customers who need the information.

2.   Personalize the Customer Experience

The openness of chatbots allows them to get engaged with the customers on different levels. They act as a resource to the client by providing sales information, technical support, and other types of replies.

The chatbots are also programmed on various technical and friendly levels to keep the customers engaged with their brand. Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools in online marketing to boost revenue from sales. The one-to-one conversation by chatbots makes an easy path to push customers into the conversion funnel and make more sales from the repeated customers. By tracking the buying history and recent browsing behavior, the chatbot provides recommendations from new items or services by setting matches between the products. These offers can also be done based on specific conversations between a chatbot and the customer.

An e-commerce chatbot is capable of using the same data to upsell specific products with some enhanced recommendations. The same data lets them cross-sell related products and increase the entire cart value by encouraging the customers’ purchasing intentions positively.

3.   Bolstering Customer Service

At times customers need solutions to their issues outside the business hours. They look for answers even when the customer service staff members are not available. The clients can have conversations with chatbots at any time as they are available 24/7. Chatbots have removed complaints about the customer service process by interactive voice response (IVR) systems at the time of phone calls.

Moreover, AI-based bots can effectively attend many customers in a different situation without human assistance. The e-commerce firms should stop investing money in customer support because chatbots provide advanced support.

Chatbot integration improves the scaling of the customer service department. They can combine both IVR and the text models to handle customer support from all levels. With all-in-one integration with the existing ERP and CRM software, AI chatbots can offer quick replies to data-intensive queries from customers. When customers feel completely satisfied by the customer service, they choose to purchase from the same e-store every time hence increasing sales.

4.   Encourage Customers to Share Data

Without any doubt, chatbots are one of the great ways to influence customers to reveal their preferences and contact details to make their shopping experience better. It is the point where chatbots come with a broad spectrum of channels to ensure the efficiency of the company’s marketing efforts.

Like for example, by collecting customers’ phone numbers by chatbots, you can engage them with text message marketing and suggest them special offers, mobile coupons, SMS gift cards, system notifications like delivery approvals, and much more.

Some individuals might not find it comfortable to share their contact details but are interested in sharing their social media accounts, which are yet another way to keep the clients in the know about exclusive offers. This also results in more sales.

5.   Helps Clients With the Information They Value

Chatbots are a significant valuable asset if you’re trying to explore personalization as a tool to get connected with the clients. They provide customers with the content that is relevant to their needs, based on the data they usually collect.

It is mainly for those e-commerce platforms that operate within a specific industry or niche. The customers will always be eager to stay informed on new products that hit the market.

Providing regular reviews on the latest products in the particular niche will not only engage them with your brand and establish trust, but it will also make you a thought leader within the industry whose opinion is essential as well.

6.   Chatbot Provides Product Guides

Chatbots can be excellent product guides. Interestingly, they can learn from different products within a short time and never get bored with their job. At times, customers are confused about where they should look for detailed information about the product they want to purchase. They give you the chance to have a conversation with them when they need any help. It is a way of driving sales.

It is found that more than 83% of the online buyers need help while completing their orders, and more than 70% of these look for help within a minute. If the people don’t get the assistance, they move to some other sites.

By providing the chatbot guide, even if it is describing it, highlighting the benefits, or answering any other concerns, you can deliver the clients the insight they require quickly. It is bound to guarantee high sales, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Parting Words

Chatbots are revolutionizing e-commerce marketing efforts. They are now regarded as a vital element of any business that’s looking to improve and increase its results. But, chatbot security is also an integral part because it is used to transfer personal data and financial information too. If the security issues are resolved, then chatbots can bring numerous wonders for a wide range of users.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.