What The Meme? Top Meme Generators To Help You Make That Perfect One!

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Before we get into the top meme generators to help you out, let us first understand what a meme is. Simply put, a meme is an image, text, or short video that is funny and gets shared on social media quickly over a short period. 

With work occupying your time and causing stress, sometimes you might want to unwind by looking up various funny memes. Memes have become so popular that you can even use them to comment emphatically on any post or social media update.

There are so many social media users that become popular and get followers or subscribers for their incredible memes that are relatable and funny. 

The first internet meme was created and shared way back in 1996 of a baby in a diaper dancing to some cha-cha music. Technology has come a long way from that video, and now you get so many software to create your memes.

Here are a few top meme generators like Invideo.io to help you start on your meme-making journey! 

Top Meme Generators for Serial Meme-ers


Canva is an online editing software you can use to create images, videos, blog banners, graphics, Instagram posts, and even Facebook Ads. You can also use Canva to create share-worthy viral memes. The process is so simple to use that even beginners can learn the process of meme creation. 

Canva has millions of free stock photos and templates already preloaded and available for your use. All the free images and effects can be used free of charge for personal and commercial use. Not only can you use it to make new memes, but you can also edit and recreate existing memes using the editing tools. IF you want even more images and advanced effects, you need to upgrade to the pro version. 


As the name suggests, Quickmeme is a meme generating tool to create memes quickly. The software is versatile and easy to use, which helps you make image-based memes efficiently. Font size, image setting, and writing captions – all these features are easily accessible to make great memes. 

One might have with the Quickmeme tool that there are no clear categories one can filter to find the required templates or images. Other than that, it is simple to use – Create a new meme with the Upload feature and edit an existing meme with the caption the meme option.


Imgur is one of the sources for free stock images. It is a hosting platform that holds thousands of images you can use to create memes. As Imgur is a hosting platform, it also allows you to upload your images to share with others.     

The process for meme creation is simple – choose one of the free images already on Imgur, or choose one of your uploaded pictures. Add the text you want to include in the meme. Choose the existing template or type in your text. 

Make A Meme

Make a meme is another free meme generating site. On make a meme, you can see all the more popular memes from all around the world like the Drake meme. You can check here. Clicking on one of the memes opens up a new interface. The interface asks if you want to edit the text on the memes at all levels – top, middle, and bottom. Once you have edited the meme to your satisfaction, click the ‘make a meme’ option, and your meme is ready to be published. 

The site allows you to upload your images for making memes. The process is the same – upload the picture you want, type in the text you want is to show, and click on the ‘make a meme’ option. The pros of making a meme are using your images, editing text, adding titles to the memes, and previewing them before finalizing. 

Filmora Free Meme Generator

Filmora is quite well-known for having one of the best video editing tools. The website also has its meme generating tool. The memes you create won’t have a watermark, so your memes would be your own. There is no need to register as a user or create an account with the Filmora meme tool. You can create memes with images, Gifs, or videos with the tool’s easy drag-and-drop feature. 

The Filmora tools allow you to select the background, text, text size and color, and position on the image. The Filmora tools support all video formats, including the popular jpg and png. 

Meme Center 

Meme center is another popular meme generating tool you can use to make viral memes. The app allows the user even to create their gifs. The app has a free and advanced version – you can choose which one you want to dabble in. The feature of meme center of creating gifs and the more advanced tools available make it, the more advanced meme generators in the market. 

The app features include making changes to the text in terms of color, font, positioning, size, and alignment. You can choose images already existing on the app or upload one of you on images to make memes. The app allows you to create an account with your email or with your existing Facebook account. 

Meme Generator

This is one of the most popular meme generation tools that is used to create memes. The reason it is so popular is that the process of creation is straightforward. There is a good categorization, which allows you to choose the needed meme or image easily. The tool has such a vast array of images and memes that it allows users to click up or down, which decides the popularity of memes. 

The only problem with this app is that it has a lot of ads. The ads make it hard to create memes without disturbance. Also, the app watermarks all memes with its website address in a large font. 


These 7 meme generation tools are a few of the better ones compared to the vast selection available online like InVideo. Choose the tools you feel comfortable and go ahead with all your meme generating glory!

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