What’s the Best Alternative To Cable TV in the USA?

What is the Best Alternative To Cable TV in the USA
What is the Best Alternative To Cable TV in the USA

The improvement of technology does not seem to stop at any point. A decade ago we would have never thought that the cord-cutters would increase at such a high rate. Now people are constantly looking for alternatives to cable TV so that they can cut out on this expense.

We cannot rule out the role of the internet in this shift. Excellent internet service providers and their top-notch customer service are what convinced the users that the shift is a reasonable choice for them to make. Like Xfinity, users can reach out to customer services through the Xfinity phone number without any difficulty. When there is so much reliability, of course, the customer gets through with the changes at ease.

So, if you are making up your mind to finally let go of that cord, or are close to this then let’s dive into the best alternatives to cable TV in the USA.

Digital Antenna

Digital Antenna can be your simplest solution to the cord-cutting concern. Since there is no billing for it every month and is only a small upfront fee to purchase the antenna; it makes it one of the most affordable alternatives to cable TV. You only have to pay for the antenna for the purchase, and then you can watch as many local stations as you like. You can receive every local channel plus several additional you didn’t know existed for roughly $20, and they all have amazing visual quality.

Local networks and airings such as NBC, CBS, ABC, broadcast channels, MLB, and others may be available via a digital antenna.


Netflix is undoubtedly the most infamous alternatives to a cable TV connection because it allows you to watch movies as well as TV series and shows. Netflix makes it simple to cut the cord on cable or satellite because it is an ad-free experience. Netflix has been one of the favorite alternatives to cable TV on this list, and it’s what we’ve been watching most of the time. It’s arguably the most effective television service. That’s because Netflix contains a number of our favorite television shows that we could watch over and over.

The premium plan costs $15.99 per month and that allows up to four different screens.


When it comes to streaming packages, Hulu is most similar to Netflix. However, it has certain unique features that you won’t find on other streaming services. Hulu’s basic $5.99 per month plan offers you access to the entire Hulu collection of movies. You may also view full episodes of a variety of popular television shows.

One disadvantage of Hulu’s $5.99 package is that you’ll have to watch your episodes with advertisements, and you can only stream to one device at a time.

If you’re ready to spend $11.99 per month, though, you can watch TV shows without commercials. Current TV shows, classic favorites, kids’ shows, Hulu Originals, and more are included in the smaller package.

Direct To The Source Online

Some cable and network channels allow you to go directly to their website and view their TV programs for free. So, all you’ll need is access to the internet to complete this task! You may only be able to see the most current episodes or those that are a little older, depending on the station.


Philo has a straightforward pricing structure that allows you access to over 60 channels for on-demand and live television as well as unlimited recording and a Philo application to watch on any device. It also includes prominent channels such as TLC, AMC, Food Network, and others. It costs only $20 per month. They also have no commitments and unlimited DVR.

It comes with a 7-day trial duration, during which you will not be required to input any billing credentials for the first 48 hours.

YouTube TV

With YouTube TV, YouTube has entered the streaming sector as well. However, YouTube TV is more expensive than some of the other streaming options available. It costs $64.99 per month to get started. However, this is still less expensive than many cable and satellite packages. YouTube TV has approximately 85 channels available for streaming, including popular networks such as CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and ESPN. You may also buy add-ons for movie networks like HBO. However, unlike traditional and cable television, YouTube TV does not charge for box rentals, DVR rentals, or other related services.

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned are the alternatives to cable TV if you want to view your favorite TV episodes or movies without having a cable TV package. The majority of them offer a free trial period ranging from seven to thirty days. Many of them don’t even require you to sign a contract. You can pause or resume the service whenever you like.

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