10 Ways How Students Can Cheat on a Test Using Phone

A test score indicates the level of their knowledge. Doubtlessly, high grades benefit students. Vise versa, a bad college score decreases chances to get a high-paying job after graduation.

Therefore, all students want to get A+ for their tests. Some learners spend all their free time studying hard to cover all the questions on a further test. Others decide to cheat on a test to get a high score with no hassle. Keep on reading the post to discover the top ten ways to cheat on a test.

Use a Calculator

This way is the most obvious. All modern smartphones have an inbuilt calculator. Do not hesitate to use it to resolve math problems or equations with ease. Moreover, if a default calculator app doesn’t have enough functionality, feel free to download math apps from third-party developers.

Don’t forget to put your smartphone into a silent mode and decrease its brightness not to get caught.

Ask a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants become smarter every day. They simplify our lives by surfing the Internet, building routes, setting up a timer, playing music when we ask for it.

Students like using virtual assistants to cheat on a test because they deliver straightforward answers. As a result, there is no need to waste time exploring a search query. For instance, you can ask Siri, or Google Assistant, “How old is Spain?” on a history test, and simultaneously receive the correct answer.

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Send Messages

One of the most popular ways to cheat on a test is by using a messenger app. Learners use their cell phones to send text messages with questions to their friends and receive answers.

Records Answers

It is one of the most creative ways to cheat on a test. A student needs to record all the answers on a smartphone and organize them into a media library. In case you want to use this method, do not hesitate to rename all the records in your smartphone to find a required answer quickly.

For sure, it’s hard to listen to an answer during a test without headphones. Therefore, try using headphones covertly. Fortunately, there are many wireless headphones on the market that help listen to pre-recorded answers discreetly.

Use the Internet

Wireless access to the Internet brings the ability to find an answer to almost any question in a few minutes. Therefore, every student who has a smartphone can reach a cheap essay writing service during a test and order urgent help online.

Snap Answers

Almost any smartphone has a rear camera that allows making shots in less than a second. Students often use the ability to snap a list with questions and send it to a friend.

Also, learners can get college papers help by reaching online assignment writing services and sending a photo with questions.

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Use Mobile Applications for Students

There a lot of mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices that help students get high grades.

For instance, the Chegg app brings access to textbooks solutions on-the-go. The Socratic app from Google can find an answer to any question lightning fast by using the power of artificial intelligence.

Hide Cheat Notes under a Phone’s Case

Some students prefer using paper cheat notes. Well, a smartphone can help to bring them into a class. A learner can put his cheat-sheets between a smartphone and a covering case to hide them. Using a transparent phone case, students can take a look at cheat-papers by turning over a smartphone that lies on a desk.

Schedule Notifications with Answers

Modern smartphones foresee the opportunity to schedule notifications with a message. It is a great way to cheat on a test when students are allowed to bring cell-phones into a class.

Learners use this functionality to get short messages with answers automatically. Consequently, they put their phones on a desk and follow the notifications with the correct answers that appear automatically.

Set a Snap of Cheat Notes as a Lockscreen Wallpaper

Learners grab their smartphones and snap cheat-notes. Further, they set the shot as a lock screen wallpaper and use the answers to cheat on a test.

This method allows students to check the notes quickly by pressing the power button on their smartphones. Another click on the power button turns-off a phone’s screen to hide the snap with cheat-notes.

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Also, when one lock-screen cannot provide enough space to put all the notes, learners use a smartphone’s home screen. They set another shot of their cheat-sheets as a home page wallpaper and create an empty page so that app icons don’t cover the answers.

How to Hide a Smartphone?

Since students know a lot of creative ways to cheat by using a phone, it’s forbidden to use smartphones during an exam in most cases. Let’s check the most popular methods of how learners bring smartphones into a class secretly.

Some colleges require students to wear ID badges on campus. If a phone has a small screen size, it is easy to hide it into the badge. Students also use tape to attach a smartphone to a hand. However, in this case, learners need to wear a shirt with long sleeves.

The most creative students upgrade their clothes with hidden pockets to bring a cell-phone into a classroom surreptitiously.

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