3 Ways to Hide Your iPhone Text and iMessages


Data privacy for iPhone users is increasingly important, particularly for messages they send and receive. People don’t want to have their messages and data other than the sender and receiver in their pockets. Thankfully, iOS devices such as iPhone are secure, hiding your messages mechanisms. This reduces the chances that someone will invade your privacy. In this post, we will provide you with 3 main methods of hiding your messages on an iPhone.

How can iMessage Preview be hidden?

Sure, the iPhone text message preview function can be unbelievably convenient. However, it presents a challenge to those who attach great importance to data privacy. Fortunately, turning off the text message preview feature is an easy way to hide your iPhone messages. Follow the steps below to disable it.

  • Go to Settings and press Notifications and then scroll down your iPhone screen before notifications are identified.


  • Scroll down to Show Previews within the Messages section. It has already been selected as Always by default. You must never change that. This keeps the alert content hidden even when your telephone is locked. Just now, your message was hidden.


  • You can still receive a warning when a message arrives, but rather than showing the information inside, iMessage just shows you.

How do I lock your iPhone to keep your message from being accessed?

This is the second way you can conceal messages on your iPhone. The first step is to enable your iPhone’s passcode. By opening Settings, you can trigger it and then press Touch ID & Passcode and you will find the option “Shift Passcode.” To trigger your passcode, you need to click on it.


If you already allowed the passcode, but someone knows it, you must first change the passcode. The Change Passcode option is available under Touch ID & Passcode so that you can simply change your passcode.


Please reset your passcode wisely because although the suggestion made by Apple about Touch ID and Face ID authentication, your passcode is the only true protection for your iPhone. You can set a 6-digit passcode instead of 4. We therefore suggest that a 6-digit passcode be created, because it will not be easily broken. Your message content will not be revealed to anyone with a high security passcode.

5 ios best apps for hiding text messages

Shady Contacts


Shady Contacts is actually one of the popular message protection applications. It not only covers your calls, but also secures your call log and documents. If you don’t use the iPhone for a few minutes, the app locks it automatically. You can’t access it without drawing the right pattern. Shady Contacts has an easy-to-use interface. Its inefficiency in handling large data, however, is significantly limited.

Hide SMS


Hide SMS delivers what its name promises to you by setting a PIN you need to enter before accessing messages. Although it is not compatible with some Android devices, the efficiency provided by iPhone users can be enjoyed. Even if the app is free, Hide SMS has unlimited storage space.



Vault may be a small app with several apps. It can easily hide messages and calls and private contacts on your iPhone. Think of it as a true vault which can only be opened with a key. It’s just that the key is a password in this situation. Premium users can also lock those programs. An significant drawback is that due to the level of encryption it provides it can slow down the device.

Block SMS and Call

Blocking SMS and calling not only hides important messages, it also blocks not-important calls and texts. Six main modes are available in Block SMS and Call. Phone In Other Hand is one of these modes. Also calls that are blacklisted on your iPhone will be hidden if you disable this feature.

Private Message Box


Private Message Box is a popular iPhone app for many users to hide text messages. In addition to blocking calls, the incoming and outgoing messages on the iPhone are simultaneously hidden. It is easy to keep the conversation hidden. All your connections are completely secure and protected. It also provides an additional feature to send messages without charge between app users. You just have to sign in and then you are all set. An unlimited number of documents, images, media files and location information can be sent to another user using this device.


You should know how to hide messages on your iPhone if you are the type of person that values privacy. It reduces the likelihood of messages being read by other users on your iPhone. This protects your data against other elements of third parties. Have you got any ideas on how to cover your iPhone messages? Share in the comment section what you think about this topic.


Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.