Tracking Hurricane Applications for iPhone and iPad

Hurricane Tracker Apps

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones occurring in the Atlantic Ocean and are common in the Americas and can cause huge destruction. Hurricane Katrina alone caused $125 billion in damage in 2005, killing around 1.836 people in the United States. It is therefore extremely important to know when to leave your home and evacuate your area before such a catastrophe. Thankfully, monitoring a hurricane is not as difficult today for the general mass as it was before. On our small iPhone, we now have plenty of hurricane tracker apps that provide all the information about an upcoming hurricane, as well as precautionary and reliable guides. We have packed some of the best in this article for your convenience.

Best iOS software to track an iPhone

Most iPhone apps will help you track a hurricane, provide vital information and help you to prepare an evacuation in a general manner. We mention some of the best iPhone hurricane tracker applications to try.

NOAA Weather Radar


As with most hurricane systems, NOAA Weather Radar monitors the path of a hurricane. For information on hurricanes coming to you in real time, this program is a must for hurricane preparedness. You can monitor a hurricane on heat, radar, and so on. It gives you more detail about what’s happening in the storm.

This app has another unique offline feature. If you do not currently have an Internet connection, you can still use the app to check the details you downloaded most recently on this hurricane tracker website.

Therefore NOAA Weather Radar will connect people you know on the weather map to see whether or not they are in a hurricane. All iOS and Android are available for the app. The app provides a 7-day free trial, but is a subscription-based service.

Storm Rader


Storm Rader is an iPhone app from The Weather Channel that monitors hurricanes effectively. This packs up a lot of information on different levels and makes forecasting where this hurricane goes next, the potential impact points, etc simple. Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can use the The Weather Channel web application to access the resources of this app online.
Most information is exposed in combination with a number of map overlays. A useful feature, weather animation, is available; it visualizes the storm possibilities to help you do what you need.

You can customize the application with three map styles; you can also display any specific weather conditions at any location by tapping and keeping it on the chart in the application.

The app works with advertisements, but with a one-dollar-per-month fee you can disable advertising. The program is available on the webiOS, Android and Mac.

Hurricane By American Red Cross


If a hurricane threatens the lives of the people you care for, you have to know whether they are healthy first and foremost; and this, in essence, is what American Red Cross Hurricanes empower you to do.

The American Red Cross disaster monitors hurricanes. The app provides daily guidance to help you plan for the storm. Nevertheless, this feature is not only to monitor hazardous storms; it also tells you if someone is in danger due to a storm in your touch.

You can add people from your contact list to the related locations on the map provided by the app to see if someone from your contact list is at risk for hurricanes. The app tracks hurricanes in real time. When the hurricane passes, you can see who could be in danger of being close to the storm in your contact list. The “I’m sure” feature allows your family and loved ones to know that in the event of a hurricane you are free.

Even without an Internet connection, this app will prepare you for a hurricane because it contains offline hurricane information. It also has specific forecasts of where the storm is headed. It supports Spanish as well. The app is free on both the iOS and Android platforms.


It is best to have a useful hurricane tracker app on your iPhone to check your phone if it impacts your house. Some software to track hurricanes can warn when the hurricane heads to any place you choose, and you can see point-by-point monitoring when the hurricane hits.

You can find a number of other hurricane monitoring software on your iPhone or iPad. And be mindful that the majority can also be exposed to winds, snow and other conditions, not only to hurricanes.

These are the best trackers for your iPhone for hurricanes. Such apps are available both on iOS and Android devices and some can be used from an internet browser. Install one now to learn when a tropical storm is approaching early. Welcome to put your comment down if you have any questions.






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