How to Mirror Android Screen to TV with Simple Steps


This generation is crazy to get bigger screens. Android phones are growing bigger, with the most recent Dernier screen coverage being 100 percent. Take a break and wonder, what’s your house’s biggest screen? Left! Right! The Web. TV. How cool if you can watch a favorite movie on your TV with your family and friends as you sit comfortably on your sofa. We’re going to tell you how to do it. Continue reading this blog to learn how your Android computer is broadcast to television.

For your convenience, apply the latest technology

Imagine it’s Sunday afternoon, and your family looks forward to watching a film. You’ve downloaded the perfect film from your computer, but too many people can’t watch a movie from a 6′′ screen. Why do you compromise to a smaller screen when you have a giant TV screen that can project your favorite movie?

Should you hang out with friends? You can play Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, YouTube and HBO, whatever you want once you learn how to connect Android Phone to TV wirelessly. You only have to attach your Android to the TV and you are ready to go!

Were you having trouble linking a projector at an important meeting? Time is precious, so cast your presentation on a big LED screen with backup from your Android smartphone without wasting a moment. You can search images, view files, do any operation on your computer, and it is projected seamlessly on the TV.

What does Screen-Mirror mean?

Screen mirror or screen-cast is a unique benefit in Android mobile apps that allows you to project the smartphone monitor to the same degree on your TV set. Apple iPhone users can only use this feature if Apple TV is enabled. But, Android users with Android version 4 (Jellybean) and above can do this easily. This works just like a projector does for a computer. But it’s even better because you get a HDTV on your smart TV. Nowadays, most new-generation TVs come with a convenient HDMI port. You are all set if you have a smart TV that you can connect to WiFi.

The Android app can be connected to TV in two ways:

  • Using HDMI wire to link the TV to Android mobile device.
  • The wireless mechanism for streaming Android to TV via WiFi.

Such two main ideas have different applications. You can choose any method that you can control and execute simultaneously. We addressed them in depth in the following sections.

How to HDMI Port Mirror Android TV screen?

It’s a very easy way. If your TV is under 10 years old, the HDMI port must be accessible. HDMI or high-definition multimedia interface means the wired connection to play HD video and audio fully. You have to attach the wider side of the USB to your TV and your Android device at the other end. Now configure HDMI port in your TV input mode, and you’re good to go!


How to wirelessly connect Android Phone to TV?

There is more to connect Android phones to TV without HDMI cables. However, you must have an active WiFi connection in every system.


Miracast is a wireless protocol which connects your TV set-top box to Android. If your set-top box supports Miracast, connecting them is a matter of no time. Apparently, most of the latest set-top box manufacturers have Miracast plants. Firstly, you can stream Youtube, Netflix with Miracast, and secondly, no other hardware is needed. Many Android devices with Android version 4.2 and above support the “Screen Mirror” feature, which means that Miracast can be performed on your computer.


Samsung Allcast Share Hub

This is another technology which responds to your question about how you can connect Android phone to TV without HDMI. You will need to buy this device from the Samsung store or any other software market when you are using a Samsung smartphone or laptop. However, you don’t need this device if you own a Samsung Smart TV which connects to WiFi. Allcast share can make your smartphone shine with distinct video quality on your screen.


Google Chromecast

Chromecast steals most of the methods we can use to stream Android phone to TV without HDMI. It is a small dungeon that is easily portable and accessible at a very reasonable price. Typically Android devices with Android versions above 4.4 are Chromecast compliant. You need to plug the dongle into the HDMI port of your television and you can watch some action on your mobile phone. Chromecast is available in another Chromecast Ultra model.


Take care of these considerations with the gadget:

  • Turn off your mobile’s power saving mode or stop it if it has a high level of energy.
  • Enable the Microphone option in the Google Play Services app.
  • Link Chromecast to the same WiFi network where your Android smartphone is attached.
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