Best iOS apps for free iPhone / iPad music streaming

Music Download Apps for iPhone

Our favorite iPhone and iPad are great music players with outstanding hardware and software features that improve the overall listening experience. Nonetheless, you can only play online tracks, and unlike their Android equivalent, it is not an easy task to stream music for free on iPhone. Luckily, with some cool iOS devices, you can overcome this problem by downloading music on iPhone or iPad. We list the best free music download applications for iPhone and iPad in this post.

Best free software for iPhone and iPad music download


Spotify must be listed when it comes to best free music streaming applications for iPhone. It helps you to share millions of songs from around the world free of charge and to save offline tracks. It also offers a large selection of podcasts. You can easily search your favorite songs, artist or album with a user-friendly interface and build a big music collection. This app offers personal recommendations and ready-to-use playlists to suit your taste. If you want to enjoy more apps, you should upgrade to Premium.


Amazon Prime Music

If you are a prime Amazon user, you have free access to Prime Music. It has an excellent music streaming feature that allows users to listen on the iPhone and iPad to any music they want. Music can be accessed by musicians, styles, playlists and so on. If the internet is not open, users can also save music offline.


Google Play Music

The official Google Music app is one of the best apps to listen to music, not only because of its great music but also because of its amazing characteristics. It allows users to save up to 50,000 songs online free of charge.
And you can access these songs through the iOS app. Users can either stream or save these songs on iPhone or iPad offline.
With all of these free features, the Google Play Music app is one of the best free iPhone music streaming applications.

The benefit of this app is that it’s Google’s official app, so you don’t need to worry about its security feature.


Evermusic – Offline Music

Evermusic is one of the best apps for iPhone and iPad downloading music. This iOS music player app offers great features for playing music and organizing songs. But it is not only incorporated into a range of cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive etc., it allows users to store their music in the cloud, either offline or download songs from those cloud-based services. The app can be downloaded and used free of charge on iPhone and iPad.



Mazika is an outstandingiOS music app. It provides a wonderful selection of music and the ability of users to search it via albums, artists or genres. You can build your own playlists, too. It also provides offline save mode to listen to iPhone music offline. It can be downloaded and used free of charge.


Free iTunes Single of the Week

Apple also offers free music through its iTunes store. Those songs are only available for one day as a free music download. Therefore, if you want to redeem Apple’s bid, just download a “FREE SONG NOTIFIER FOR ITUNES” app
As soon as an album is released in the iTunes store, the app will inform you as part of the free single of the week by apple. And then you can start downloading this song so add it to your music library for life. This app is available free of charge to all iPhone users.



The Free Music Archive (FMA) is not a popular music software service. It is a website with a curated collection of free music worldwide. This free music compilation is entirely legal, so you don’t have to think about it and everything. The iOS music app helps users to access the music library in accordance with their moods and needs and also to download the tracks on their iPhone or iPad via a very user-friendly interface.
It also has the right to browse the genre-based music set.


Additional ways to stream iPhone and iPad free songs

You can use any of the cloud storage services to store and then download the MP3 songs on your PC with their dedicated apps. Besides these above-noted apps you can use Documents by Readdle to save songs on iOS devices, if you know of some sites that allow you to download free music.

It is an iOS file manager with a built-in browser that can access mp3 files from iPhone music websites. You can arrange and enjoy them with the built-in music player of the app. Nevertheless, be mindful that the music you access from such websites is legal if you want to do more than listen to it. Do not engage in illegal activity.

Download YouTube Video

YouTube is a broad website offering a wide range of content like music videos. Music lovers should sign up for their online music channels. Yet music can not be appreciated by watching MV. In this case, you can convert the downloaded music video to MP3 to listen to loved songs anytime, anywhere.

Final thoughts

You should try downloading all the best music software on your iPhone / iPad. Everyone is very easy to use. Both bugs are patched in regular updates. If you have any other ideas for the music app that can be used on the iPhone, please inform us in the comments section. We are happy to hear from you.

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