Top 5 Shocking Security Features to Look for in a Web Host in 2022

Internet security

The world has stepped into the digital era. Every new business means a new website on the internet. Hence, the number of websites is increasing rapidly. And so the cyber threat.

With so many websites present on the internet, hackers have found a place where they can fully use their hacking skills to still other online data. Even with high cybersecurity, there are some who still manage to breach then stilling precious data from the internet.

It can be anyone’s website. Even yours. But you must be thinking right now that you have already taken a web hosting that providing the security of your website online content. But are you sure that your website has all the shocking security features that are needed to safeguard your website?

To ensure that your website is secure from any kind of external threat, you must have a Webhosting that provides you with the necessary security features. As time passes and your website starts getting more traffic. You might change to an expensive web hosting that provides a higher level of security features.

But, as your website grows, there is a high probability that your website is prone to hacking. So, now the final question arises, what security features to look for in a web host?

Top security features of a web hosting plan

The new website owners hardly have ant basic idea of what to look for in a web host that keeps their site away from harm’s reach. There are many companies providing web hosting services. But choosing the right web hosting for your site can be a hassle. So, here I am to help you all with what security plan you must go to safeguard your site from any external threats.

  1. Raid

Most of the people out there may not know what RAID is. Then let me clarify this to you. When your system crashes, your website gets prone to an external threat. But with the RAID, your website is secure even if the server is down. So, when there is a web host that has pre-installed RAID. That means that that web hosting platform has excellent security features.

However, these features are quite expensive. So might find that this feature is not available for most of the shared hosting out there in the market. And even if this feature is available for the shared hosting, you might have to pay some extra charges.

  1. Secure data center

It is very important to keep in mind that a crisis can happen anytime. There may happen that your web hosting provider may face an electricity shortage that can lead to server problems. So, you must look for a web hosting plat that has plans to fight these kinds of untold crises.

There are companies that main diesel-powered generators in times of crisis. So that they can keep their services on. You can do deep-level research to find things like this to finalize your web hosting platforms.

  1. Uptime

Uptimes mean that for how long your website can be operated by your client with facing any kind of problems. I know this might be the first time you are hearing something like this. But yes, this is true. There are platforms that boast about giving 100% uptime, where on the other hand there are others as well that are unable to do so.

However, you must know that there is only one type of hosting that can give you 100%uptime is cloud hosting. But then again, cloud hosting has a bad reputation of not having the necessary security. So, what can be done in these kinds of circumstances? It is very simple you can just look for a platform that gives 99.99% or more uptime, that is, close to 100%.

  1. Back up

back up is the feature that you must have. It is the only way to safeguard all online data from being lost. There are many companies that run their hosting business around this feature. This feature comes with different types. You can choose real-time backup, daily backup, weekly backup, and monthly backups.

However, there is also manual backup that I personally like. As you are allowed to do a data back up after updating data.

As good as it seems, back up is not unlimited. Every web host has its limits. Some may provide you 10GB data backup and some even more. so, go through their details before buying a web hosting for your site.

  1. Manual reboot

A manual reboot is the premium services that you can get only in the dedicated and VPS servers. This feature allows you to have your own control panel, which you can use to restart your dedicated and VPS server. This feature really works like a charm when you are updating new content to your website.

You can always reboot the server as per your needs. There will hardly be any problem with that. Ven if you face any problems with the reboot, you are always welcome by the customer services of the web hosting platform. And you don’t have to worry, as all the good companies have 24×7 customer services.

Final tip

Before wrapping it up, I would like you to give some final tips that can add something more to your website’s security. First of all, before choosing a web host you must read everything about them. All the features they provide and terms and conditions as well. You can also look for the forum to get insight and testimonial of the fellow users. This will also help you to get an idea of how the web hosting services are.

And secondly, you can also look at how many clients are there on the server. If the number is big that means you getting assurance of the people who are using this web hosting platform. However, there are other companies that provide their services to fewer clients so that the servers run smoothly. So before choosing the right web host do deep-level research.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Cybers Guards. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its Cyber Security Practice and Cyber Security Operations Center, which provided managed security services.