How to Set Up Your Girlfriend’s Apple AirPlay?

apple airplay

Apple’s AirPlay is a technology that lets you stream content from an iOS mobile device to an Apple TV video device, AirPort Express, or speakers with AirPlay. To start broadcasting via AirPlay, you need to connect your mobile device and device with AirPlay function to the same wireless network. And today we will talk about just that, we will talk about the process of setting up and troubleshooting AirPlay. 

How to set up Apple AirPlay?

Make sure your iOS mobile device supports AirPlay. 

These devices are iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 4 or later, iPod Touch 4G, or later. You can connect an iPad 2 or later, iPhone 4s or later, iPod Touch 5G or later to an Apple TV video device. 

Make sure the device that will play streaming content supports AirPlay. 

Such devices are Apple TV video devices, AirPort Express, and speakers with AirPlay function. 

Connect your iOS mobile device and AirPlay device to the same wireless network. wipe up on the screen of your mobile device.  

The Control Center will open. 

Tap “AirPlay.” 

A list of all AirPlay devices that are connected to your wireless network opens. 

Tap the device that will play streaming content. 

An icon will appear next to each device that indicates the type of content that the device plays. For example, a TV icon will appear next to the Apple TV – this means that you can broadcast videos on Apple TV. When you select a device, the AirPlay function will turn on. 

Browse to media files that will be streamed through AirPlay. 

Now click “Play.” Media playback starts on the device with the AirPlay function. 

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How to troubleshoot Apple AirPlay?

Update iOS and iTunes on devices with AirPlay.  

This will ensure that AirPlay works efficiently on these devices. 

Reboot the iOS device and the Apple TV video device if there is no “AirPlay” option in the Control Center. 

This will cause both devices to reconnect to the wireless network, which will help activate AirPlay. 

Turn on AirPlay in the settings of Apple TV, if there is no “AirPlay” option in the Control Center. 

As a rule, AirPlay is activated by default on a video device, but you may have disabled it on your Apple TV. 

Make sure that the device that will play streaming content is turned on and plugged into an electrical outlet. 

Do this if such a device is not in the Control Center. Perhaps the mobile iOS device cannot detect the device with AirPlay, because the latter is turned off or its battery is almost empty. 

Check the volume level on both devices if there is a picture, but there is no sound. 

If the volume is turned down or turned off altogether on one or both devices, AirPlay will not be able to broadcast sound quality. 

Connect the device to the Internet via an Ethernet cable if the content is broadcast with delays. 

This will ensure a more stable Internet connection and eliminate broadcast delays. 

Try to get rid of objects or devices that interfere with AirPlay. 

Microwaves, baby monitors, and metal objects interfere with the streaming of content by using AirPlay. 

 And that’s it, that’s how you set up and troubleshoot AirPlay. 

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.