7 Cybersecurity Tools That Every Company Must-Have to Avoid Problems

Cyber security

Small companies generally overlook the important aspect of securing their business from cyberattacks and different data privacy risks that could threaten their setup. That causes these types of companies to be the most targeted by hackers and cybercriminals.

All companies need to secure their business from these types of attacks. There are tools that they can use for this purpose. Some of them work proactively to prevent attacks from happening while others work on remedying the situation when things go awry.

Here are the best 7 cybersecurity tools that every company must have to avoid a cyber-attack.

Avast Endpoint Protection

Avast Endpoint Protection is an all-round cybersecurity tool that caters to businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide variety of protective features that secure the system used by the user from the latest sophisticated attacks.

The tool scans each and every program before installing, opening or running it. When it finds a suspicious file, it ensures that is safe by performing a comprehensive assessment and analysis in the Threat Lab.

Above that, this robust tool also scans the network traffic, filtering it by blocking any unwanted or suspicious connections. Emails can also be the prime channel to target business and is relatively vulnerable.

Avast Endpoint Protection scans all incoming and outgoing emails to ensure that they are completely safe. That does not only secure the user but also makes customers feel more secure when dealing with the business.

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Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security focuses on securing the endpoints of the system used by the business. That includes desktop computers, remote laptops, and devices as well as servers.

The tool ensures that these endpoints are secure by continuously assessing them, identifying potential threats and remediating any weaknesses. It uses cutting edge technology. They call it next-gen protection that assesses threats using machine learning.

That enables users to continue using their work devices without any disturbances or having them slow down. The protection extends to securing network weaknesses. Any attacks aimed at gaining access to the system are quarantined and blocked.

The attacks include brute-force, network exploits, and weaknesses that might make passwords fall into the wrong hands. The use of AI and Machine Learning in this tool makes it state of the art and more sophisticated by most similar tools out there.


Malwarebytes for business offers a wide variety of protection to businesses and uses the proactive approach but also is reactive. It boasts with features that can take a business from attack to recovery in a very short space of time.

Any virus, like the recent coronavirus themed malware, will be assessed, quarantined and disinfected in no time allowing the company to go back in business. The systems it has, are simplified but take care of very complex and intricate processes.

It has incident response features that isolate the problem while remediating it and that translates to no downtime of the entire system. Other features include securing the endpoints of the system used by the business.We’re also giving you a review of the Malwarebytes, along with the features that come with it, the pros and cons users have encountered in using it, and software compatibility and uses.

When using this tool, you will also receive a report of the current and forecasted threats that the business might encounter. That analysis is conducted by industry-specific information and the latest cybersecurity trends.


NordVPN is an internet security tool that has robust features that one could expect from a VPN and more. It helps you to secure the internet access ton your devices in many different ways. But the prominent one is by masking your IP address.

If hackers gain access to your IP address, there are a lot of attacks they can pull and infiltrate the system you are using. For example, they can do IP Address Spoofing and a host of other latest sophisticated attacks.

When one of your employees connects to a public wi-fi network with a company device, it might be vulnerable to attacks.

NordVPN saves the day by ensuring that it is safe and secure from any cyberattacks. Other great features of this tool include blocking annoying ads that are all across the internet. Also, no one will have access to the websites you visit or files being shared and downloaded using company devices.

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Akamai DDoS mitigation

Akamai DDoS mitigation helps with dealing with Distributed Denial of Service attacks aimed at your business website or web-based application. Attackers design dDoS attacks with the intention of bringing a website or web-based application down.

When that website is down, the company won’t be able to make any revenue and hinders the productivity of the business. Not to mention the reputation of the business that will be tarnished and losing user loyalty.

Hackers can conduct this hack by hijacking a lot of unprotected computers and then target your website, overflowing it with traffic. The website will then be unavailable to legitimate users except for these hijacked computers.

The products Akamai has, absorb the traffic with the many servers they use and the site remains in business without any downtime. There are other mechanisms they use to secure the site from this kind of attack to mitigate and block it from creating any problems.


Atera is a remote monitoring tool that allows business owners and IT professionals to monitor the company system at any location.

That allows round the clock protection because they do not have to be at the office to detect a threat and attempt to resolve it. The tool has and RMM module that allows businesses to spot issues proactively and then resolve them easily.

Atera also analyses the root cause of all attacks and conducts patch-management and a lot more features. Essentially, the tool is an all-round MSP toolbox that has features of monitoring the cybersecurity state.

Since it allows remote access from anywhere at any time, technicians do not have to travel to the company premises to fix issues.


ComodoHackerProof also has robust features and protection methodologies attributed to it. Some of its features include visibility in the security system you use which strengthens the customer’s loyalty. It comes with a Trustmark logo making your website visibly secure. That might lead to more conversions with less cart abandonment.

The most important feature it offers is it scans the site for vulnerabilities every day with PCI scanning tools included. The analysis will help you make more informed decisions about the cybersecurity of your site.

Since there is also a visual indicator that the customer’s data is safe, they will feel more at ease using the site. It proves that you are really making an effort towards cybersecurity. That will increase your revenue in the long run.

The bottom line

These 7 cybersecurity tools that carry out different tasks that contribute towards your business’ safety are exactly what you need. Some are aimed at protecting the business from attacks you might incur online when using the internet, while others offer more comprehensive protection.

The money spent on security is significantly lower than the amount you will incur when there is a successful attack on your business. Also, by using cybersecurity systems, you will gain more favor in the eyes of customers. The reason behind this is that it shows that you care about their personal data and security.

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