Best anonymous chat apps for Android and iPhone chatting with strangers

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We like free anonymous chat with each other on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Messenger a long time ago. We accept that there are no messaging apps that can compete strongly with those two applications, but some applications allow you to talk easily anonymously with strangers as Facebook / WhatsApp Messaging does. The main objective of social media is to connect two people from various parts of the world. And that’s why you have to give every chatting application fair chances. Although other chat apps are not so good when compared to Facebook and WhatsApp, users still use these apps for chatting with their friends and families because of certain merits.

So we will list some of the top 10 weird chat applications you can download from your Android or iPhone to chat with your friends or strangers to get you through with different kinds of chatting applications. And just because you believe these applications are not right for you because of privacy concerns, please drop this thought out because all the applications we are listing below are personally reviewed so run by us. There is therefore a great chance that your privacy can require some difficulty due to these applications. Simply browse the entire list and download your favorite foreign chat app:

Wakie Voice Chat

This is another really good chat for iPhone and Android with foreigners. Unlike Omegle, both iOS and Android Smartphones are capable of downloading Wakie. The download link above for Android users is included in the title and for iOS users, download from here this great Wakie for iOS.

This talk with strangers applications for Android and iPhone helps you to speak with strangers and you have complete confidentiality control. You can easily do this under the Settings option if you wish to hide your last sight. In addition, you have to confirm your identity to start this program, as with other chat applications. This is why Wakie is the second favorite pick in this list.



This chat app with strangers is very popular with the users and we hope you learned about this app before. This application is created by the skilled developers of the Reddit organization who concentrate on one subject. This is why groups produced for this application concentrate on a specific topic. In just one tap you can share all the news, photos, videos and more. You can download this program from here if you are an iOS user. We strongly recommend using this best chat app with strangers if you want a healthy discussion on a particular subject.



This is another really good Facebook and WhatsApp rival for talking with strangers. The main focus of this chat framework is on the concept of privacy for its users. This is why many people use this chat program to hold private conversations and other things. Like other messaging apps, each user needs to confirm his or her identity within the app and, after having verified his or her identity, you can easily use this genius anonymous chat application to speak with your adult friends.



This application is specifically designed for individuals who want to date someone who is also looking for a partner. Originally an anonymous chat site, but the website’s developers decided to launch the application in the Google Play Store following the success of the launch. This program can also be downloaded from here for iOS users.

After you register for this application, all those who wanted to start a conversation with you can browse. You may ask them for a date or perhaps an official visit. The overall ratings of this app also indicate very well how good the MeetMe application is.



Unlike the above-mentioned programs, this program does not support any adult conversations or anything like this. This app is known instead for having a very safe chat environment where your private secrets and identity are kept secure. While this application is available only to Android users, it is one of the best foreign chat app that no authentication is needed in the list.



This talk to foreign users app is available for Android and iOS users alike. This messaging program can be downloaded from here by iOS users. It is one of the innovative chatting apps that allows you to communicate with people with common hobbies and interests. You can play games and chat for free with them. If you really want to start a discussion with them, you can also enter chat rooms. In addition, every chat is encrypted and kept secure on the server. This is certainly another great way to communicate with strangers free anonymously instead of Facebook or WhatsApp.



This chat app is really a perfect way to talk to anonymous people who have the same views and thoughts. You can enter multiple chat rooms to start a discussion with strangers. There are also thematic chat rooms, which can be found in the search tab. That is why Chatous is one of Facebook and Messenger’s most successful rivals. To continue with this form, you may confirm your email address.



This is another dating program based on the theme Tinder. Many profiles are available before you. You just have to check them and if you want to talk to a person, you need to right-wipe that person’s profile. You will be able to talk with that person after you swipe right. Isn’t it amazing? Therefore, we suggest that you avoid using WhatsApp and Facebook because they are based on an obsolete theme. Users, particularly young people, need a special type of international chat app to meet and talk with strangers. So Holla is definitely a very good choice.



This is our last pick from this list and basically, we may claim that it is also of interest to you because of its features. Rave is not an exclusive chat program in theory. Instead, you should link to your unknown friend to watch Netflix together. You need to access a chat room if you want to watch a web series or film with foreigners. This is really an interesting concept that young people really like. That’s why Rave’s our last pick of this list and we hope you enjoy this submission.



This awesome list of anonymous Android and iPhone chat apps ends here. As we see it, Reddit, Holla and Rooit are our top three choices from this list. In the discussions below, you will share your top 3 chat apps with strangers. There are many other unusual messaging applications in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. You can search them and share your experience with us in the following comment sections.

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