4 Must Have Apps for Your Phone


Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. These devices quite literally contain most of human knowledge and there are so many applications, or apps, that you can download.

With millions of apps on both the App Store and the Google Play Store, it can be very easy to forget what apps are worth getting. Apps that we download take up a lot of our time so putting thought into this can help bring down your screen time by only downloading apps that are worth your time.


Having a map app is absolutely a must have. Google Maps is free on both Android and Apple phones and the app runs very smoothly. It allows you to plan out your journeys, giving you the shortest or fastest route, updating you on traffic and estimating your arrival time.

If in any situation you are lost, then Google Maps will obviously help massively but that is not the main reason that you should have one. Another way to think of Google Maps is an intelligent and interactive digital map that knows where you are. There is no possible reason to not want to have one.

navigation map


Listening to music can make any task entertaining and livens up the most boring journeys and moments. It is such an essential part of the human identity that a music app on your phone is an absolute necessity.

Spotify should be your go-to app to fill this position. It is massively popular for good reason: it is very user friendly, the free version is decent, it has a huge library and playlists and recommendations are highly personalised.

Spotify has been the most used app on my phone ever since I became a Spotify Premium member, and it has helped shape my music taste.


Smartphones are also great ways to escape your everyday life. One of the best ways to do this is through the casino. Online casinos have developed apps that make gambling very easy and enjoyable, with many live options available on the go too.

Most major gambling companies have an app available to download and they often run promotions that are not available to non mobile app users. Coral, Ladbrokes and Sky are currently doing such a promotion so there are many reasons that you should have a casino app on your phone.

Social Media

Social media has slowly taken almost everyone’s life. It is nowadays very rare to find people with no social media accounts at all, and despite the negative impact of social media, the reason behind its popularity is painfully simple: it is fun to scroll through.

To know which social media to download, you need to evaluate what you want to do on social media. If you mostly want to keep up with friends, then Facebook and Instagram are probably the best choices.

If you would like to discuss current events and have conversations with anyone, then Twitter will be for you.

Reddit is a social media that is anonymous and describes itself as the front page of the internet. For content on virtually any subject, then Reddit is the app for you.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.