5 Best Textsheet Alternatives


What’s textsheet for those that don’t know? And why is that so popular? And why? Let me give you a brief overview of what the booklet is? And why are people now looking for alternatives to the text sheet?

Textsheet is an online educational website where every student can get free support for their homework and tasks. Many premium sites have the same functionality as text sheets, but they are all paid for. Because textbooks are completely free to use, many students love textbooks and use them on a daily basis with their educational requirements.

Textsheet has become popular with all the students and receive millions and millions of traffic, helping millions of students with their jobs and homework. You may wonder, if millions of people use the text file, then what is the justification for wiping the whole platform off the Internet? Your question is pretty sensitive and the answer is here.

Textsheet answers most of the questions of the student by taking answers from other sites such as Chegg. This uses a Chegg API to locate and create a website from all the answers to the student query. But users of the text booklet don’t know how they get the answers for their problems or where they get the answers. A few months ago the website was blown out due to copyright infringement on the website of Chegg.

Why Textsheet Shutdown?

There is no other choice than to shut down the whole platform after this text sheet so they did the same. Students must therefore find a new platform that will assist with their homework as a text file, and this is not an easy task. Most of the pages perceived to be an alternative to the text sheet are commercial websites not open to every user.

But we’re here to help you out, don’t worry. In this article we give you the best text sheet solutions that address all your questions without paying any money. Indeed, several places still exist. Let us actually jump into the list of textsheet alternatives without wasting more time.

5 Best Textsheet Alternatives



A class hero is an online platform that lets you know all the courses from. You will quickly find the answers to all your questions by checking the search box for your question. It also has a method to filter the request based on the name of the course, the topic name and many other choices. According to the course hero, over 25 million courses are offered to students, which is a huge number of them. When you ask what with the class hero is the best thing, they’re completely free to use. So why are they waiting? Just head over to the course hero and get answers to all of your questions.

COURSE HERO –  https://www.coursehero.com/



In fact, the best alternative to the next text sheet is the slader one. I mention it as the best textheet alternative because it has a similar UI and text sheet functionality. All queries you have, and the response you used to get on the text file, can be addressed quickly. They also have both the free and paid version of their website. The only difference between the paid version and the free version is that there are advertisements on every page and the paid version has no ads. If you are searching for a great substitute text file, send slader a shot you will not be disappointed.

SLADER – https://www.slader.com/


study lib

Study Lib–Study lib is, as the name suggests, really a library for all your homework and tasks. The best part of the Lib analysis is the variety of issues for which they react. You will take topics like scientific, arithmetic, English, politics and anything else? They provide you with the exact solution you are looking for. If you have no specific questions and what to learn more about them, different sections will be provided, from which you can explore the various issues of your choice. If you are really strong in a particular subject, you can also contribute to the web. Study Lib is definitely a community that helps students solve their homework, tasks and research papers. Regardless of the norm you are researching, Research Lib has shielded you. Don’t check them out, then.

STUDY LIB –  https://studylib.net/



Looks like a cool place by the name Isn’t it? Crazy for Research is a platform that has an extensive range of responses for high school and university graduates. We claim that they have over 50 million tools from which each student can receive a description of the answer they need. Isn’t it a fool’s number fifty million? If you’re finished and want to talk more about your homework? Then you do not have to switch to any other places because they give you a lot of free online classes about this topic. So, Crazy for Research is a free place to learn more about a specific subject.

CRAZY FOR STUDY –  https://www.crazyforstudy.com/



Chegg has a lot to offer at a fraction of the cost in any library. Do you offer book hire, online courses, review of courses, 24/7 support and what not? I forget to add one of the key features of the Math Solver website. This provides you an overview of almost any question step by step. Therefore, if you find any problems while doing your homework, Chegg has covered you.

CHEGG FOR STUDY: https://www.chegg.com/


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