9 must-know Apex Legends tips and tricks

Apex Legends tips and tricks

Apex Legend is a popular battle royal game in Titanfall Universe under the Titanfall franchise. Ever since its release, the game has received buckets of accolades due to its graphics, gameplay, and design. Many FPS gamers and fans prefer Apex Legends over other similar games in the genre like PUBG or Fortnite as it’s very user-friendly and thrilling. This free game has a season-by-season battle pass and the characters in it are called legends which contributes to its naming. If you’re new to this shooter game and can’t wait to conquer it, you need to follow some simple strategies. Here we’ve put together a list of 9 most essential tips and tricks for you to increase your gaming skills in Apex Legends.

  1. Teamplay: In Apex, every character is designed to work together to maximize your chances of success. So, stick with your team since the drop ship to all the way through. Splitting will make you more vulnerable and you’d be dead sooner than you expected. If you are picking last in the lineup, look at the gaps in the party and fill it with what’s needed. You can also respawn your dead teammate by carrying the crate card of your teammate and reaching the nearest spawn marker.
  2. Ammo: As your mate gets revived, they rejoin the battle without any weapons which makes him a liability. So, if you have two weapons in your inventory then throw one to your teammate. Since it’s a team game, your chances of surviving increase if all your squad has some sort of ammunition. You may as well want to attach your gun to your back while running to boost your speed. There is also a small screen in the gun showing the number of bullets that can be useful during the fight. Moreover, you can check out the enemy armors with color-coding which is game-changing. Regrading shields, there are two options: the normal shield helps you tackle enemy bullets at an extinct while the bold knockdown shield protects you when you are low on health. Using the latter, you can also revive yourself to full health, so ensure you’re always carrying one.
  3. Supplies: At the outset of the game, you’ll be assigned a Hot Zone with places marked in it where you can find loots. You will also notice the supply ship on it which holds the most loot on the whole map. But don’t be a loot hog while checking these places as you’ll need to ensure that your teammates are in good shape and your enemies aren’t close while looting.
  4. Ping: If you’re a long-time FPS fan, you know the significance of Pinging and on Apex, the system works great. You can tag places, loots, enemies, or anything that you think is important with it. Bu pining, you can direct your teammates more efficiently than speaking through your mics. All you need to do is the point at the thing and press the middle mouse button and the ping automatically detects and marks it for your teammates on their mini-maps.
  5. Red Balloons: There are some red balloons on the map with ropes attached to them which you can use to climb and glide to a larger distance. If you zipline up to the top of them it will activate your jetpack when you leave the dropship. This allows you to keep ahead of the circle of doom as it closes in around you.
  6. Safe Fall: Surprisingly, no matter how hard you fall off a cliff in Apex, you’ll end up having no damage! Since every legend carries a glider with them here, it helps you glide to the ground every time you jump without any team kill. The fastest way between two places is a straight line and if that straight line is off the edge of a building or cliff, you can now make the jump without a worry.
  7. Character: Choose your character cautiously as there will be only a single type of legend in the team. As you’re waiting at the character select screen and hovering your cursor over your favorite legend, your squadmates will be able to see that and consider your taste while choosing their characters.
  8. Playstyle: It’s a good idea to slide in Apex Legends for sliding is faster than running. While coming down a hill, sliding will take you to the ground faster than the player who is running down the hill.
  9. Bleeding: It may sound awful but letting an enemy bleed out instead of finishing them off can be hugely beneficial in this game. By keeping the downed player alive, you can appeal his teammates to his rescue and then finish them both together.

As long as you follow the above tactics and practice well, there is no stopping you to triumph in Apex Legends. Make sure you check this epic game if you haven’t yet and get lost in the elite world of warfare.

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