9 Useful Resources for Students That Want to Learn Crypto

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Cryptocurrencies are still one of the hot topics in the world of investment and technology. A lot of people are interested to learn more about it or start trading. But before you get deep into the game, it is important to learn the basics. Especially if you are new to this sphere.

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With a multitude of information, it can be hard for students to find a reliable source. So this ultimate list of helpful platforms is here to help.

Captain Bitcoin

This is a visual platform with a multitude of videos about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Students can learn and also have an opportunity to earn a bit. For watching videos, people get rewards in Bitcoin, which is a nice addition.

Here you can find all the basics, from how these currencies work and how to start trading. There are also helpful guides on making money with such investment.

Binance Academy

As you can guess from the name, this platform was created by Binance – the largest crypto exchange market. It is completely free, which is perfect for students that want to save some money while accessing relevant information.

There is plenty of content, and it is well-organized. There are five main categories, namely:

  • Blockchain;
  • Economics;
  • Security;
  • Videos;

Every article comes with an audio transcript, which is quite comfortable. It has a digital voice but is still very interesting to listen to. Overall, a good place to start.

Coinbase Learn

This is another educational resource hosted by the exchange platform, Coinbase. It has a lot of great articles on the blockchain, crypto and taxes, and various tokens and altcoins. There are basics, tips, and tutorials, as well as market updates.

It is available in several languages and has video content as well.


This is one of the oldest podcasts on the matter. The podcast form is very convenient as you can open your favorite app and listen to it whenever you have some time. This one started in 2013, so there is a lot of content to go through. However, you do not need to listen to all of that.

You can filter the episodes by name and topic and go to the ones you are interested in. And new episodes are released every Tuesday, so you get to keep up with the market. Epicenter also has a related blog. One of the main advantages is that there are hundreds of guests with expertise in crypto.

Some other interesting podcasts on this topic are:

  • Unchained;
  • Bankless;
  • Hash Power – three-part audio documentary on all things crypto.


You can also go to one of the most famous currencies and check its website. It is useful for learners, developers, and investors. It has a multitude of short yet very informative lessons and video tutorials on how to start a crypto investment.

There is a wide range of supporting information for developers and valuable tools. So if you are interested in the tech aspect of it, this is a perfect opportunity. You can work on developing blockchain projects or add advanced security features to them. There are educational resources for programmers available.

Digital Courses

If you are interested in a structured approach, it is reasonable to sign up for online courses or programs. They are well-designed, comprehensive, and often feature a lot of practice. It is good to go for the most credible apps and platforms for online education. Here are some of the amazing options.


Among interesting and high-quality courses here, students can join Blockchain and Deep Learning: Future of AI. It gives a good technical background to the topic and industries in which this technology can be used besides crypto. Another good course is Introduction To Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. It gives an economic perspective as well as opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

Also, check out Blockchain Theory 101 and The Complete Course on Understanding Blockchain Technology.


This is another great platform with several important programs. Students can start with Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Technologies – it is a great introduction to the topics with essentials on mechanics and storage of Bitcoins. Another good etch-focused course is The Introduction to Blockchain Technology by INSEAD.


EdX offers a lot of technology-related courses. Some of the best ones to check out are:

  • Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies (Berkeley University);
  • Introduction To Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies (Linux Foundation);
  • Blockchain for Business (Linux Foundation);
  • FinTech (University of Hong Kong).

Ivan on Tech

This is a great resource for those who already have some knowledge of the topic. It gives more advanced and specialized information. It is an online university for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. There are about 30 different courses here covering topics like technical analysis. DeFi, and algorithmic trading. There is also a YouTube channel with regular live streams and updates on the market.

Students can check it first and then join one of the courses. It is an outstanding opportunity for those who want to dig deep and learn as much as possible.

Coinbase Earn

Do not mistake it with Coinbase Learn covered above. It is a separate platform that offers education and an opportunity to earn at the same time. There are lots of short informative videos on many topics. And there are also quizzes one can take to check their knowledge. For every correct answer, you get a crypto award, which is great.

The main advantage of this resource is that it doesn’t focus on a particular currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. It covers all crypto projects on the market. The subjects vary from the basics to maximizing your investment portfolio.

Learn Crypto

This is a well-built platform where students can sign up for free. It covers all the fundamentals and important topics. You can filter the content by subject. It is quite convenient because it uses different types of content, including podcasts, tools, price charts, etc. Also, one can access books about crypto.

The platform offers continuous learning, a full glossary, and browser extension functionality.

In Summary

College is perfect for exploring new opportunities and developing new skills. If you are interested in crypto and all related topics, you can choose any of these platforms to start with. Some are free, others are not, and some even pay you for learning.

Photo by Kanchanara on Unsplash

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