Advice about the SSL Checker!


If you don’t know about the complexities of the SSL checker tool, then you are in the right place because we are today going to discuss the SSL and how it is important in web surfing for the web site owner and the user both! Now for those of you who have zero clues about the use of the SSL checker, they must know that SSL is the security door to a web site.

It is a very obvious fact that you won’t leave the door of your home open for thieves and burglars. In the same way, the door to the house of your website is the SSL of that website. Some of you still must be confused about what actually the SSL is? The SSL is actually the HTTP or HTTPS part of the web address that shows whether your site is secure to use or not.

If you want a user to visit your website, then it is very much important for you to make sure that he feels safe and secure while visiting your site. And the best way to do this is by setting security over your website and make the site environment user-friendly and secure to use for all the surfers.

What Does an SSL Do?

This is a very valid and important question when it comes to discussing the use of SSL. The SSL is actually the authentication of the web site’s identity, and its main purpose is to signal the customers about the originality of your website. The SSL of the website promises the users that they have landed themselves in a safe place and their data is safe and is encrypted.

More importantly, this is not to just ensure and satisfy users about your security but also to stay on the web you also have to assure Google that your site is secure enough for business. Google has now started the prioritization of websites in ranking on the basis of the security of the website. The security of the website can also be checked through the SSL checker!

You can find many SSL checkers online!

How Could The SSL Checker Help Us?

To explain how the SSL checker can help us and how it can be used, first of all, we need to know how the SSL checker works. The SSL checker actually checkers the lock and key system of the SSL. The SSL is actually the digital version of lock and key for the website owners and the users.

The SSL certificates work using the signing request on your server. In this system, both keys are generated, one for the public and one for the private users.

Keys and Their Importance!

The public key is what secures the sensitive data of the customer to reach the owner of the website, and without this key, you cannot rank or launch your website on the web. Sensitive data of the customer is very much important to secure and for that purpose, the public key is available with the SSL system.

The private key is responsible for unlocking data from the site owner to the users of the website. It ensures the safe transfer of your data to your server. The problems with the SSL certificate can be a safe transfer of data between the keys.

The biggest problem and the highest security threat is on the websites which offer product purchasing and form filling.

Can We Check The SSL Certificate Online?

Yes! You can check the CCL checker by suing the SSL checker online tools. You can easily check SSL certificate online by using different tools available on the web, and one of the most famous ones is SmallSEOTools.Com The small SEO tools can easily help you find the certification and security position of a website and how safe it is for visiting and doing business.

Since last year, Google has started posting red flags and warnings on websites which have a less secure certification so that users can take the responsibility of the visit on themselves.

Here we would like to clear a misconception, even if you don’t consider and cater any payments or data on your website you still need the SSL certificate for your site!

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.