Apple just released the first beta for iOS and iPadOS 13


This is your opportunity to get a glimpse of the future of iOS — and iPadOS. Apple recently released its first 13 public beta and iPadOS 13, the next major version of iPhone and iPad operating systems. In contrast to developer betas, everyone can download betas without a $99 developer account. But don’t forget that this is a beta.

This fall (normally September) the Company still plans to release the final version of iOS and iPadOS 13.0. But Apple releases betas every few weeks throughout the summer. This is a good way to fix as many bugs as possible and collect data from a wide range of users.

As always, the public betas of Apple closely follow the developer beta release cycle. And Apple released the second iOS and iPadOS 13 beta developer just last week. So it sounds like the first public beta is more or less the same construction as the second developer.

But remember, you should not have iOS beta installed on your main iPhone or iPad. The problem is not just bugs— some applications and features will not work. Beta software can also brick your device and make it unusable in some rare cases. Continue with extreme care.

I used the iOS beta developer and it’s still pretty buggy. Some websites are not working, some applications have been broken.

But if you don’t need an iPad or iPhone, here’s how to download it. Download the settings profile and go to Apple’s beta website. This is a small file that tells your iPhone or iPad to upgrade to public betas just like a normal software update.

Either you can download Safari’s settings profile directly from your iOS device or transfer it to your device, for example, with AirDrop. Reboot your device, then go to the app Settings. In September, you should update your device automatically to the final version of iOS and iPadOS 13 and you can remove the configuration profile.

Here’s a quick overview of the new features in iOS 13. In addition to dark mode this year, it feels that each app has been improved with some high-quality updates. A brand new view of the gallery features the Photos app with live pictures and videos, intelligent curation and a more immersive design.

This version also emphasizes privacy thanks to the new “Sign in with Apple” registration option and a bunch of Bluetooth and WiFi access privacy supports, background location tracking. An impressive Google Street View feature is now available in Apple Maps, named Look Around. It’s only available in a few towns, but I recommend… looking around as it’s all in 3D.

Many applications have been updated, including new version records,profile shared messages with your contacts, better text formatting e-mail, mensestry cycle tracking health, desktop-like files, Safari with a new website settings menu, etc. Apps have already been updated. Read more in my separate preview on iOS 13.

On the iPad front, Apple is calling iOS for the iPad for the first time under a new name — iPadOS. Multitasking has improved, the Apple Pencil should feel more snappy, Safari is just as powerful on macOS as Safari and more.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.