Best Applications to Enhance your iPhone Videos

Brighten & Enhance Videos

Apparently iPhone videos are dull? Are you a social butterfly who frequently posts videos? Do you want videos from your iPhone to be famous on social media sites such as FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat and others?

Then you need software to improve iPhone videos. We have chosen the best ones to boost your videos before sharing them on social media. It could only be a random video, a celebratory video or any video of your precious moments. Each of them needs an extra impact to make them even more desirable and beautiful.

Here are seven video enhancement programs, each with some important features to help make your iPhone videos stand out.



InShot software is one of the most growing video editing applications for ordinary people and even iPhone professionals. The software not only features some awesome filters (some also buy in-app), but also allows you to push, mirror, pixelate, and essentially distort your images.

Import your video into this iPhone app and open in a margin-filled square. Tap Canvas, and drag the slider to expand or decrease your photo, if you want to change the size first. Choose your aspect ratio from the bottom of the screen and light up your videos with filters quickly.



You can only use the filter options offered when uploading a video into the schedule or in Instagram stories using Instagram. Change your settings to use it on other social media platforms to save the video to your camera location.

Okay, note that Instagram will certainly will content to filter your videos regardless of whether you have iPhones or other apps.

Here’s how to incorporate Instagram and Instagram Stories ‘ photo filters:

Instagram Feed

After you pick your video, there are a number of filters to play with. You may know this but you may not know that, but you can change the filter strength by taping a filter twice.

Instagram articles

After you record a video or import a video from your camera roll, swipe left and right from various filters.

Click the Save button to save the video to your camera roll after choosing the filter you need. To leave Instagram Stories without even sharing it, press the X on the top left of the screen if you do not want to.



Videoleap is similar to the Enlight software for photo editing. This app is a comprehensive iPhone video editing app with a variety of fantastic tools (some bill, but most do not). The software also contains a small filter set to improve video and you can edit it with the integrated devices.

The ability to filter or edit those parts of your video is one of the best features of the app. The pixel can be shifted to show the censored region throughout the entire video. This feature is very helpful when you want to post a video, but there are sensitive information or face pixels.

A Color Story App


Originally, the iPhone A Color Story app was introduced as a photo editing tool. It has now also linked to edit videos. With many filters to choose from, you can edit your video using various enhancement software such as luminosity adjustment and many more.

It’s one of the best and easiest software for enhancing your iPhone photos. You also get the crop video feature, which lets you easily create your videos.

The only downside now is that you can only edit the video for up to one minute.



The Ultralight user interface may seem very frustrating, but it’s super smart. The offered filters and editing tools are also very simple and effective to light up your iPhone images. The Selfie filter is one of the best filters in the app.

Just tap the video you want to edit and use any of the options below to lighten and enhance your video. The slider can also be used to change as needed.

Chromic App


The Chromic software is popular for its wide range of iPhone filters and editing tools. Although the app costs $4.99 for most filters.

The app helps you give a film-like look to your images, and the filters are a great solution. You also have the individual editing tools to manually enhance the visual quality of your iPhone images.

Tap the video you want to edit and use the filter to illuminate your video. You can even pick the filter strength by swiping the button. The app helps you create a professional and polished video for sharing with a set of editing tools.



Would you like to add a filter even if you record a video? The Infltr app is great for this and allows you to quickly improve your iPhone footage.

Filters can still be added to images on your iPhone. But this app also helps you to aim and process it simultaneously.

Only press the circle icon in the lower right corner of the infltr script. Click the tiny arrow at the bottom of the screen. And press on the circle button, finally. Now you can access a fun filter scrolling screen.



Here are our top seven applications to improve your iPhone videos that you can use without any trouble. Such applications have different editing tools and are exclusive to themselves.

The consistency of the production can vary with the app you use, but nearly everyone seems nice to edit on the go. Such applications save you much time because you don’t have to edit videos every time using heavy tools such as Premier Pro and others.

All these apps can be downloaded free of charge through iTunes. You can purchase the additional features in each to make things much more effective and professional. Get your favorite application downloaded and start editing your awesome videos to make it even better!

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.