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If you follow it, you know how big football or soccer is in Europe. It’s one of the most popular sports in the world, with thousands of players and several leading leagues and teams. Nevertheless, you can find your favorite team can play at an odd hour due to the time differentials depending on where the game is played.

What if you’re in the process of working or home and the match is at its worst? There’s no way you would like to miss all the fun. Luckily, you can keep up with your handy phone anytime and anywhere. There is no news, even a small device because your telephone provides an amazing image quality and can also double as a mobile TV. Today with the aid of your mobile phone, you can’t do much, and this also comes handy to watch and keep up with your favorite game!

Luckily, there are several dedicated software and other devices to display your favorite soccer game high quality. You won’t have to try to catch a stream that may be of lower quality with these devices. You can watch with these apps every move players make and every pass and goal they score! Let us take a look at some of the best apps for streaming these matches without further ado.


This is one of the most famous European football applications and it is for a good reason. This facilitates the streaming of some of the most successful and leading leagues like the MLS, Premier League and others. In reality, you also have the choice of any other league you wish to see by submitting an application to them. In addition, this app provides you with a lot of useful features, which you’ll never miss when you turn on the notification for the app, which alerts you when a game starts.

The weekly schedule for games is also shown so you can prepare your week as needed. It also offers feedback, statistics and other exciting features for the squad as well as the individual players! The user interface is quick and clean, allowing you to monitor your match without problems. It is easy to use, has several interesting features and is going to be your favorite during the day of the game.



You’ll have to download this program if you live in North America and are a European football fan. The ESPN application provides all the standard features of such a submission. This app gives you the latest news, insights into the game, players and other opinions.

The ESPN+ provides streaming services in almost all sports but most notably European football matches. This application is your budget-friendly choice if you want to watch MLS on your computer. Although their coverage could be greater, they are the most reliable on the market. If you want to keep up with the latest news, you can find a better app, but it is also very good. This software is for American football fans; if you are a European fan looking for an application to watch matches, this would be no first on the suggestion list if you do not want a match app for American football. This app is more for American football fans.


This is an RSS submission. You will be able to keep up with a variety of forums, YouTube channels, websites and other media through this program. Therefore, with the aid of your favorite blogs and websites, you can keep up with everything around football. This program is user-friendly and has a clean design.

It changes its feeds to your tastes and monitors everything you have and have not read. The software also updates itself on other computers like your Iphone. It may take some work to enjoy this app when you start, such as searching for various blogs and YouTube channels. When your preferences have been changed with this app, however, it will change feed according to your preferences and dislikes, and show you the latest news!

Forza Football

This is another great app with the sponsorship of many leagues to catch up to European football. You will hold up to 400 leagues with this program. It will update you on your favorite ligaments with news, scores, match lineups, weekly schedules and more. This application provides excellent detail. While it may be less convenient or less user-friendly, it can certainly help you stay up-to-date and only gather information from reliable sources. The app is fully free and there are no transactions in-app. Nonetheless, this program does include some advertising to make it free for users.



Another good program to keep your Android phone up with European football. The program has provisions for all major leagues as well as for most other leagues. You will get all the usual details with this app, such as the match line-up, weekly schedules and, if any, substitutions for the number of goals or the number of cards and statistical information for the players. The UI has a material style and is clean and user-friendly.

You will also get push notifications with this program if you change your match and it will provide you with high quality details about the match and players. The only drawback is that the software still seems to have some bugs, shown by the fact that some users report that their push notifications have not been issued. However, it’s generally a great app and it’s highly recommended if you watch European football.


You may want to check out this application if you’re an American football fan but interested in the world of international football. The software supports many leagues around the globe but is not limited to European football enthusiasts, and it can also be used to track what takes place in the European soccer community. It provides you with live scoring updates, matching highlights and weekly schedules. This app is more fitting for american audiences who like to watch American football; but, it also provides you with the latest news on European football because it supports many ligas around the world. One major disadvantage is that the application may slow down sometimes in other leagues. Overall, however, this is a pretty good device.


Although not technically a football app, there is a football fan group that does the job for you. With Reddit, you can upgrade the latest developments of nay match as well as any player on this site, most players or ligae have their own subredits where discussions on the ongoing match, the latest news and many more are available. This app is great if you want to communicate with other soccer fans worldwide. This program has no mess with a clean design. If you want to be able to enjoy some additional features and disable advertisements, you should subscribe to this app. But this application’s free version is also nothing to laugh at.



This application is intended primarily for North American fans and is perfect for coordinating a wide range of information. It is not just a European football app, but a sports app that provides information on various sports activities, such as cycling, baseball, basketball, European football, etc. With this program, you can refresh the game in real time and keep up with the latest news. This app is highly recommended and although it’s great for US fans, it won’t trick you. It helps to arrange information quickly so that you can get as much information as you want about the leagues.


It is difficult to use this application most of the time, and when using this application, you need to be on your guard at all times. Nonetheless, if you want live updates on your game and are interested in connecting with other European football fans, Twitter is a good app. By following fan accounts in the League and more, you can check your scores live and also keep up with the latest news. Everything you need to know about your liga and match is posted in one page so that you can keep track of what is going on.


Would you like to concentrate more on news and updates about your favorite league or tournament? Why not check the official football apps? Many ligas and tournaments have their own applications that users can download from Google Play to keep up with the latest European football developments.

Most of the applications that are official and dedicated to a single player are free, and although they have a few commercials, they are the best if you want only a certain part of the game to be updated instead of all. Obviously, if you help a number of leagues, you may not want to get stuck with various applications. Nonetheless, these applications are perfect for those looking to get major updates instead of getting very little product alerts. If you like only a couple of sports, then this program is perfect for you to focus instead of everything on other aspects of the match.




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