Cybersecurity Degrees in New York

New York and cybersecurity

The cybersecurity opportunities in New York are outlined in this guide. In New York, there are various educational and professional programmes and options, and the state’s cybersecurity is growing.

Cybersecurity is an increasingly emerging area that, over the next few decades, may become one of the most important fields in the modern, digital-focused economy. As a result, young professionals seeking a lucrative and important career path will naturally gravitate toward cybersecurity, and they would be correct. It’s also well-known as a field where you can make a lot of money and where there are plenty of job openings.

New York is one of the world’s busiest and most sophisticated economic hubs, making it an ideal location for a cybersecurity education.

Cybersecurity development in New York

Cybersecurity is a huge deal in New York for a variety of reasons. For instance, New York is host to the world’s most critical stock exchange, necessitating a high level of cybersecurity right away.

Furthermore, the Big Apple is home to many of the world’s richest corporations, some of which have global political or economic clout. As a result, New York is a top employer for cybersecurity professionals, as they have a vested interest in ensuring the protection of their data.

Another event on 9/11 heightened the significance of cybersecurity around the board. Most New Yorkers and their educational institutions still remember the terrorist attacks of that day. As a result, New York has always been at the forefront of cybersecurity growth, and it appears that it will continue to do so in the foreseeable future, paving the way for many new cybersecurity developments and policies.

New York, on the other hand, is appealing because of its economic diversity. Its economy is one of the most strong in the world (and an economy that can dwarf the GDP of entire other nations). As a result, aspiring cybersecurity employees will choose from a wide range of digital-era jobs. Finance, healthcare, media and culture, recreation, and even shipping are examples of fields. To remain competitive, both of these industries will eventually require some kind of cybersecurity.

New York is home to 45 Fortune 500 firms and has a burgeoning startup community worth $1.2 billion. It also serves as the headquarters for a number of cybersecurity organizations and organizations, including Cyber NYC. The International Conference on Cybersecurity, organized by Fordham University and the FBI, is another potential advantage. It’s a perfect place to meet new people and learn more about cybersecurity.

The New York Metro Joint Cybersecurity Conference is a perfect place to network, and the New York Cybersecurity Conference brings together cybersecurity experts from all over the world. There’s also the exclusive New York Cybersecurity Summit for executives and other business leaders.

Simply put, New York has always been the place to be if you want to be in the thick of things. For cybersecurity, nothing has improved.

Cybersecurity education in New York

Since many New Yorkers have a business and national security mindset, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity education is well-developed in the state. In reality, due to the stock exchange and 9/11, New York was one of the first states to seriously consider cybersecurity. As a result, many of its higher education institutions offer cybersecurity programs or majors.

Eleven schools throughout the state have been designated as NSA/DHS Centers of Academic Excellence. These awards are significant for the school and its students because they identify the university as a place where potential cybersecurity experts can be found and recruited for government cybersecurity work. New York has the fourth-highest number of NSA CAE-certified schools in the world.

The New York Institute of Technology, which is currently constructing a new cybersecurity facility on Long Island, is an excellent illustration of current cybersecurity educational growth.

Furthermore, StartUP NY is a new government program that aims to create a tax-free zone for different cybersecurity companies that use the facility. Needless to say, this is a promising indication of potential cybersecurity growth and job opportunities.

In addition, the Army Cyber Institute is housed at the West Point Military Academy in New York. This Institute alone assists in the organizing of many cybersecurity conferences or organizations and serves as a strong recruiter of new cybersecurity talent in the state and nation. If you study cybersecurity in New York, you’ll have a great chance of catching the attention of the Army Cyber Institute.

Associate degrees

Campus-based cybersecurity associate’s degrees in New York

Associate degrees are an excellent place to start if you want to pursue a career in cybersecurity. They usually combine a large number of general education standards with a small number of specialized courses. However, they provide a strong base for cybersecurity principles and are often expected to go on to a bachelor’s degree.

In New York, there are three colleges that offer on-campus associate degrees in cybersecurity:

    • ASA College; their degree focuses more on network administration and security, but it is still related to cybersecurity in general
    • Onondaga Community College, which offers an Associate of Science in Computer Forensics
    • Rockland Community College, which does offer an associate degree in cybersecurity
SchoolCityProgram Website
ASA CollegeBrooklynAssociate of Occupational Studies in Network Administration and Security
Onondaga Community CollegeSyracuseComputer Forensics A.S.
St. John’s UniversityQueensCyber Security Systems, Associate of Science


Online associate degrees

Rockland Community College is one of the two colleges in New York that offers online cybersecurity degrees. Many cybersecurity professionals find Rockland to be an excellent starting point for taking both in-person and online courses toward the same degree.

SUNY Westchester Community College is the other online university, offering an associate’s degree in cybersecurity completely online.

Bachelor’s Degrees

Campus cybersecurity bachelor’s degrees in New York

Bachelor’s degrees are where one’s expertise in the subject really shines through, and students may choose a focus or specialization in the cybersecurity area that goes much deeper. Bachelor’s degrees are often the minimum requirements for employment in the cybersecurity industry or at a business.

As previously mentioned, there are numerous universities in New York that offer bachelor’s degrees in cybersecurity or a related field. Syracuse University is one of the best of these campuses, and it was named the best school for cybersecurity in 2014. West Point, as previously described, is a well-known university that provides bachelor’s degrees in cybersecurity as well as a variety of career and post-graduate options.

SchoolCityProgram Website
Iona CollegeNew RochelleBachelor of Science in Computer Science with Concentration in Cyber Security
Pace University-New YorkNew YorkBachelor of Science in Information Technology – Security and Information Assurance Concentration
Rochester Institute of TechnologyRochesterBS Computing Security
Rochester Institute of TechnologyRochesterBS/MS in Computing Security
St. Bonaventure UniversitySt. BonaventureBachelor of Science in Cybersecurity
St. John’s UniversityQueensCyber Security Systems, Bachelor of Science
SUNY at AlbanyAlbanyB.S. in Digital Forensics
SUNY at AlbanyAlbanyMajor in Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity
SUNY at AlbanyAlbanyMinor in Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity
SUNY CantonCantonCybersecurity B.S.
SUNY Polytechnic InstituteUticaBachelor of Science (BS) degree in Network and Computer Security
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseB.S. in Information Management & Technology – Information security management concentration
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseB.S. in Systems and Information Science with Security Management Technical Sequence and Information Assurance & Security (IAS) Focus Area
United States Military AcademyWest PointBachelor of Science in Electronic and Information Technology Systems (EITS) – Information Assurance


Online bachelor’s degrees

New York also has a large number of online bachelor’s degree options; in reality, on-campus options outnumber online options by just a few. Excelsior College is well-known for its online cybersecurity services, owing to the fact that the curriculum allows students to specialize in a variety of areas. This is beneficial because it will train you to work in a particular cybersecurity area or company role. If you want to improve your employability or work for the US government, it also provides dual degree options.

Berkeley College is another excellent option, and it offers a specialized national security program that can assist students in landing a government job through the University. iPace University offers a cybersecurity degree with a computer forensics focus, which may be ideal for students who want to merge criminal justice with their keyboard skills.

Master’s Degrees

Campus-based cybersecurity master’s degrees in New York

When it comes to cybersecurity, master’s degrees are always the last stop for higher education. These degrees enable students to specialize even more or transition into a research-based role.

As with bachelor’s degrees, aspiring cybersecurity practitioners in New York have a variety of on-campus options. Rochester Institute of Technology is a good choice since it offers a variety of master’s degrees in computer science and cybersecurity. The aforementioned New York Institute of Technology could be a better option, particularly since they’re building a business center on their Long Island campus.

SchoolCityProgram Website
CUNY John Jay College of Criminal JusticeNew YorkMaster of Science in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity
New York Institute of TechnologyOld WestburyMaster of Science in Information, Network, and Computer Security
Pace University-New YorkNew YorkMaster of Science in Computer Science – Web Security Concentration
Pace University-New YorkNew YorkMaster of Science in Information Systems – Security and Information Assurance Concentration
Rochester Institute of TechnologyRochesterBS/MS in Computing Security
Rochester Institute of TechnologyRochesterMS Computing Security
Rochester Institute of TechnologyRochesterMS in Computer Science – Security Cluster
St. Bonaventure UniversitySt. BonaventureEarly Assurance BS/MS Cybersecurity
SUNY Polytechnic InstituteUticaMaster of Science program in Network and Computer Security
Yeshiva UniversityNew YorkMaster of Science in Cybersecurity


Online master’s degrees

There are many opportunities for earning an online master’s degree in cybersecurity. Fordham University is an ideal part-time option since it offers weekend classes as well as online lectures, allowing students to complete their education while working.

New York University, like Syracuse University, offers students the opportunity to specialize in cybersecurity. Finally, Utica College offers a number of MBA programs that enable students to specialize in cybersecurity even if they do not have a background in computer science. If you’re looking for a management role, this might be a good fit.

SchoolCityProgram Website
Columbia University in the City of New YorkNew YorkMaster of Science in Technology Management – Cybersecurity Focus
Columbia University in the City of New YorkNew YorkOnline Master of Science in Computer Science – Computer Security Track
Excelsior CollegeAlbanyBachelor of Science in Information Technology with dual degree option for MS (Cybersecurity)
Excelsior CollegeAlbanyBachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology with dual degree option for MBA (Cybersecurity)
Excelsior CollegeAlbanyMaster of Science in Cybersecurity
Fordham UniversityBronxMaster of Science in Cybersecurity
Mercy CollegeDobbs FerryMaster of Science in Cybersecurity
New York UniversityNew YorkMaster of Science in Cybersecurity
New York UniversityNew YorkMaster of Science in Cybersecurity Risk and Strategy
Pace University-New YorkNew YorkMaster of Science in Internet Technology – Cybersecurity
Pace University-New YorkNew YorkOnline Master of Science in Internet Technology – Cybersecurity
St. Bonaventure UniversitySt. BonaventureMaster of Science in Cybersecurity
Utica CollegeUiticaOnline Master of Science in Cybersecurity



Campus-based cybersecurity certificate programs in New York

There are two types of cybersecurity certificates: those that give you a taste of the subject and teach you a few cool skills to add to your resume, and those that allow you to specialize your cybersecurity knowledge. Both can be found in New York.

While these are graduate-level certificates intended for current cybersecurity graduates and practitioners, Pace University is a great option for students who want to seek certificates on campus.

SchoolCityProgram Website
Mohawk Valley Community CollegeUticaCybersecurity Certificate
Pace University-New YorkNew YorkAdvanced Certificate in Secure Software and Information Engineering
Pace University-New YorkNew YorkAdvanced Certificate in Security and Information Assurance
Rochester Institute of TechnologyRochesterAdvanced Certificate in Cybersecurity
SUNY at AlbanyAlbanyCertificate of Graduate Study in Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity
University at BuffaloBuffaloAdvanced (Graduate) Certificate Program in Information Assurance


Online Certificate Programs

Both of the above credential forms are available to students at Excelsior College, as are many of the community colleges in the greater New York region. Another choice is the Rochester Institute of Technology, which offers a number of advanced certificates in information assurance and related subjects as well as more basic certificates that teach the more technical aspects of cybersecurity.

SchoolCityProgram Website
Keller Graduate School of ManagementNew YorkGraduate Certificate in Information Security
Long Island University-Riverhead CampusRiverheadAdvanced Certificate in Cyber Security Policy
Rochester Institute of TechnologyRochesterOnline Advanced Certificate In Cybersecurity
St. Bonaventure UniversitySt. BonaventureGraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity
SUNY Westchester Community CollegeValhallaCybersecurity Certificate
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseCertificate of Advanced Study in Information Security Management


Cybersecurity jobs in New York

To say the least, cybersecurity positions in New York are abundant. According to CyberSeek, there are 24,952 available cybersecurity positions in New York alone, with 61,502 cybersecurity professionals currently working. This places the state’s supply-to-demand ratio for cybersecurity staff at 2.5, slightly higher than the national average of 2.0. To put it another way, New York may have a large number of cybersecurity staff, but it also needs more to fill both government and private sector vacancies.

These roles range from cybersecurity developers and analysts to full-fledged network engineers and architects, as well as cybersecurity managers and administrators. Given the state’s comprehensive research and business growth, it’s not surprising that the state needs so many new cybersecurity practitioners.

But what about wages in the field of cybersecurity in New York? The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has a variety of data to look at. The average hourly salary for cybersecurity staff is $58.65, according to this resource. The average annual salary in cybersecurity is about $122,000, which is higher than the average annual wage in other states across the country.

However, you must factor in the cost of living in New York. Naturally, if you live in New York City, your high salary would extend less than if you live somewhere upstate. The actual cost of living in New York is 187.2 on a scale of 100, with 100 being the national average. Simply put, living in New York is costly, so a high salary is not only welcome but also required.

New York and cybersecurity

Overall, New York is an excellent place to work as a young cybersecurity professional and to further cybersecurity education. Not only do you have a plethora of excellent colleges to choose from (ensuring that your cybersecurity education is top-tier and competitive), but you also have a plethora of government and private job opportunities to explore after you graduate. Going to New York to learn about cybersecurity would almost certainly be a wise decision.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Cybers Guards. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its Cyber Security Practice and Cyber Security Operations Center, which provided managed security services.