GamCare Partnered with Gamban

GamCare Partnered with Gamban

The remote gambling industry has shown significant growth in the UK over the past few years and with the rise of this field, the gambling-related harms have also increased. Despite the stricter regulation implemented by the UK Gambling Commission, rising public awareness of problem gambling is crucial.

And apart from applying effective initiatives and measures to reduce the gambling problems as well as to promote responsible gambling, self-exclusion schemes were also launched to prevent gambling addiction. When it comes to self-prohibition programs, GamStop, GamCare, and Gamban are the renowned names. These non-profit organizations have extended their collaborations and it is the case of GamCare which has inked cooperation with Gamban to offer a self-exclusion solution free of charge to the UK-based gamblers.

Details of the Partnership

The charity organism GamCare and the Gamban program have joined forces to help people suffering from gambling-related harm by providing a self-exclusion tool for free. Under the name of the self-exclusion scheme to the British people, this new program born from the collaboration of these two organisms allows the vulnerable gamblers to ban themselves from the gambling platforms.

In fact, the Gamban self-exclusion program aims to support gamblers who want to stop betting by voluntarily prohibiting themselves from the gambling sites without charge. Previously, a monthly subscription was charged to people using Gamban but now the service is totally free to UK residents who need assistance.

This cooperation is not only limited to self-exclusion from those gambling sites, but it also offers its services to banks by allowing the bank customers to use the program for free. Actually, Gamban partnered with Lloyds Banking Group, the powerful company that is the owner of the banks Halifax, Lloyds, and Bank of Scotland in the goal to allow the customers of the Lloyds Banking Group to use the Gamban app.

About Gamban

Gamban is an available and easy to use scheme that can be installed on all mobile devices and computers. Created by the UK charity GambleAware, Gamban is software that blocks all gambling websites and applications on all devices to protect those suffering from gambling problems. Very easy to use, the application can be installed on all devices and at an affordable price because it only costs an annual subscription of 24.9 books including 14 days of free trial for one user.

The application has been proven to be quite reliable as it only blocks gambling sites and therefore does not affect other websites in any way. The application can also be used anywhere in the world and once installed; it cannot be uninstalled from the device.

Gamban is an important and at the same time very effective means to help people suffering from gambling problems or those at risk of suffering from them. Many sports betting sites, not on Gamban in the UK are already adopting this program in order to protect their players. GambleAware is a reference for helping people with gambling problems and has proven to be 99% effective in its application.

About GamCare

GamCare is a charitable organization founded in 1997 that works to help people with gambling problems. This organism offers free solutions to vulnerable people through its call service, the National Gambling HelpLine, as well as through its website where the online chat is available. These services are offered free of charge throughout the UK.

In addition to this, the organism also offers orientation sessions in which people can learn about problem gambling and identify risk subjects. What’s more, GamCare offers various programs to educate young people about the issue. This year has been a very productive year for the GamCare organization as it has been able to expand its activities through various partnerships that increase support for problem gamblers along with improved UKGC regulations. Indeed, the charity organization offers its services to various sectors such as banks, financial institutions, operators as well as game developers. All of this was done in order to better monitor and better protect struggling players.

Guides and an available online tool have been set up within these sectors to enable staff to detect people at risk. GamCare also offers a self-exclusion program for people suffering from gambling problems. It provides support and advice to those people who voluntarily wish to exclude themselves from gambling sites.

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