How do I Enable Remote Access in Windows 10?


How do I Enable Remote Access in Windows 10?-  It’s really simple to enable remote desktop connection in Windows 10. Here are some options for enabling remote access in Windows 10.

Remote Desktop can be enabled in Windows 10 to allow remote access to the device using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Using the contemporary “Remote Desktop” or older “Remote Desktop Connection” programme, you may usually offer support or control a computer or server without being physically present at the site.

Allowing external access to a device has been possible for a long time, but it was a function that had to be configured through the Control Panel. On Windows 10, however, the settings for enabling remote access have been moved to the Settings app.

How to Connect to a Remote Desktop in Windows 10

Remote Access – Windows Remote Desktop Connection or RDC – Since the release of Windows XP Pro, Windows Remote Desktop Connection or RDC has been a popular Microsoft feature. This tool enables connecting a local device to a remote computer from a remote place simple. However, by default, this feature is turned off. Follow these steps to enable remote desktop windows 10 (RDC):

  • Click Start,
  • Type remote settings into the Cortana search box, and then click
  • Allow remote pc access to this computer.
  • From the System Properties, click the Remote tab, and then
  • Select Allow remote connections to this computer.
  • Make sure the box beside Network Level Authentication is ticked. You will enjoy a more secure remote access experience as a result of this.

How to enable Remote Desktop on Windows 10 using Control Panel

Although the Settings app make it easy to allow remote access to your computer, it’s still possible\s\sto enable RDP using Control Panel.

Follow these steps to activate Remote Desktop with Control Panel:

After you complete the steps, you can connect to your device remotely using one of the available clients from another computer. It’s worth noting that when you enable the feature via Control Panel, the option to require Network Level Authentication is also selected by default, which is an option you should have enabled anyway.

While you can configure Remote Desktop using Control Panel on Windows 10 and prior versions, such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, the ability to switch it on via the Settings app is only accessible with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and subsequent versions.

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